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БАСКЕТБОЛИСТ против Бойца Без Правил !!! Лучший Бой !!!!

БАСКЕТБОЛИСТ против Бойца Без Правил !!! Лучший Бой !!!!

We have Shabit in the blue corner. He’s got red shirt, red shorts and red gloves. His opponent is Artem – a guy with a mohawk Blue shirt, blue gloves, red corner No, it’s the black gloves, black shorts, blue shirt Guys will be fighting in a stand I’ve already said it. Move away so the doctor can come here fast. Only contenders stand here Also a doctor and camera man So guys… We have a knockout, it’s been a long time Applause for our wonderful doctors. You’re real professionals who work fast. The fight is over We have a winner Shamil is the winner Congratulations Applause! It was a tough fight I didn’t expect a knockout like this

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