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Бокс: юниор против взрослого с комментариями тренера (English subs)

Бокс: юниор против взрослого с комментариями тренера (English subs)

You have to catch him, you have to hit him. And you tried to out-maneuver him. That is his task to out-maneuver you. You need to punch and run. Your task is to provoke, step back, throw one-two. That is your mission. – Do I have to be more covered and stationed? Of course! You are bigger and slower. Let the youngster run around, ok? Do you understand? You need to throw your front hand. One punch, two pucnhes. Do you get it? No pause, especially with the first movement. Provoke. Provoke with the jab and step back, provoke and step back. Provoke and throw one-two. Repeat the attack. It is all your footwork. Do not take low stance. Your right hand is positioned well. Extend your front hand a bit. Let’s go. Last round, guys on heave bags too! Time, box! Do not try to brawl, Rashid. Make him loose the balance. He is hitting you, make him loose the balance with your footwork. Why did not you punch? Male him loose the balance. Well done but do not bend. Put you feet narrower. Stop. He is hitting you. You are being hit. Why do you try to brawl? You are already under fire, you are already late. Move out with your footwork. He will stop sooner or later. Do you understand. He will loose his balance at some point. He will stop he won’t run 10 meters to catch you. But put your feet narrower, your feet are too wide it makes moving diificult, you loose your stance. Let’s go. Get out! And now – one-two! He lost his balance, one-two. Ouch! What did I say? You are trying to to throw punches when you are already being hit. Escape. Calm down. Hit easier, Sanya. It is Ok. Do not punch! Do not punch while escaping! Do you get me? Cover up and escape. That is what you need. You exchange fire when you are being hit. Make him loose the balance. One more time. Go on. Ok, ok, wel done. Again. And one-two at once! Good. Move to the right and to the left. Put your feet narrower. good boy, change direction. Go to the back and to the left, not to the right all the time. Concentration, 30 seconds. Rashid, keep you feet narrower. Yes, smart boy. Stand higher on the toes! Fifteen seconds, continue. What has happened? That is his problem. To the other side. Time. – Well done, guys. You had couple of good moments. The main thing… Say “thank you” to the big boxer. Yes it is difficult not to respond when you are being hit. You are being hit and suddenly you stop to respond. You get opened and you are being hit again. Do you understand? What should you do? Your opponent is an adult, he is heavier. You have to provoke him with your jab, step back, make his loose his balance and throw one-two. Here you go. You need strong ankles for this. Ok? You feet get too wide. You need to exercise your ankles. We did it before. Here is the exercise. That is your work. Here you go. You can throw punches. Like this. You should be on your toes all the time. This exercise will help you. There is no pause in the lower position. Your feet are weak. Do you understand what I am telling? – Yes. It is very difficult to endure when you are being hit. Your stance will help you to escape. The most dangerous thing you can do is when you made the opponent attack you and you start to overextend your hands. You stop your footwork and you open your head to punches. Couple of times you threw good counterpunches. Boom. Punch and continue to move. We are trying to teach you the main thing – punch while moving. Do you understand? Move and punch. Do not stop to thow the punch. This is how you should box while retreating.

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17 thoughts on “Бокс: юниор против взрослого с комментариями тренера (English subs)

  1. Рашид – молодец, есть понимание… 👍👍👍
    "Самая трудная работа – это работа над собой." !!!

  2. Хорошее видео, такого рода побольше надо. У парня эмоции прут))) всему научится, главное не бросать.

  3. А почему против "тяжелого и взрослого дяди" парень без шлема работает? Когда тот то в шлеме как раз…

  4. Некоторое скажет что не научи от другого человека комбинация, создай сам комбинация это правда или нет ?

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