Дворовый Пацан разносит Профика ММА !!! Лучший Бой !!!

This is Sergey. He’s the guy who had organised the first Strelka fight 5 years ago today. Applause for him! It’s June 8th today, the same day, the same tournament, just another spot Today Sergey is the judge of this fight. He’s a Latvian judge with shy smile and gray beard. It’s his experience that gonna help him today. This guy came from the city which he doesn’t even know the name of – So what’s the city? – Elgava He’s got red eyes cause he hasn’t slept the whole night while he was treveling, right? – I’m fine – You sure? Don’t lie. He was ready to fight 80 and 90 kilos guys He doesn’t care – You wanna say a few words? – No Against him is… a student? Just a student? A cook! – You live in Riga? – Yeah – Wanna say a few words? I started doing kickboxing recently Tell us about your club Vityaz Our club is great, here is our main coach, we have many champions there Good luck to you Let’s have an applause, it’s the second fight of tonight To the center Ready? Is Elgava ready to cheer for it’s fighter? What about Riga? We have a winner Riga fighter! Finally an exciting and long fight Both fighters didn’t want to give up, both were coming to the win But unfortunately we have only one winner and now we’re waiting for the fighers to say a few words Words for us, themselves, relatives and loved ones The toughest fight of tonight You were fighting for 12 minutes till the end It was good It’s my fist MMA fight I only did kickboxing before It was a good experience, I’m glad I came here Thank you for emotions, thanks for organising the fight Thanks everyone for cheering Thanks to you too for coming here and not giving up We all congratulate you Go take the money Take the money here You’re forgetting the main thing It was a great fight I didn’t expect this much from you What’s your secret? Where did you take such a strong will to win from? Tell it to the camera I was training hard Just training, that’s it – You feeling okay? – Yeah, just need to breath Everyone can train physically but it’s hard to train your mind It’s hard to train your will to win But you did. Something let you down today. But you’re still a winner! We congratulate you! These guys are potential applicants for the money bonus Let’s see what’s coming next Maybe someone can impress us more

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