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ДЖИН ИЗ БУТЫЛКИ против Бойца ММА !!! Быстрый

ДЖИН ИЗ БУТЫЛКИ против Бойца ММА !!! Быстрый

It’s time for eleventh fight now We have a new fighter standing here sad Listen, let’s win them Attention! I’m giving you an idea for business We have Strelka already, then it should be Strelka Kids, then Strelka 60+ Are you ready for Strelka Kids? You wanna fight? Well done, kid, but you have a lot of time ahead of you. Prepare. How old are you? Fifteen. You have three years to prepare. Can you imagine how fit you can get? I’ll be waiting for you here in three years, alright? You’ve heard it, applause! 15 years and ready to fight! Well done It’s eleventh fight Blue corner: Igor, 39 years, 165 cm, 80 kilos. He’s from Bryansk. He works out He works as a restorer He wanted to try himself out. Applause! He decided to restore his opponent’s face Mouth guard? No, don’t show me that That is so you know for sure He did it so you know for sure, maybe it’s not bondage I am not interested in what men have there… in their pants And professionally? We don’t do it like that Red corner: Sregey, 45 years, 73 kilos, 160 cm He does power lifting He did it professionally when he was young Applause! To the center You’re our oldest contenders so… As they say Respect just for being here It’s Strelka, you know the rules, so follow them Shake hands and to the corners These applause are for you! You’re worthy. Fighters ready? Audience ready? Audience is ready! To the center It was beautiful and we have a winner! Igor is the winner! You guys are the oldest 39 and 45 years, applause! Don’t go yet You fought very technically What went wrong? I haven’t been fighting for 20 years You didn’t train for a while You have a lot coming. How do you feel? It’s good that you’re tought and healthy – No traumas – I want to look like you when I’m 45 You’re 46? He’s 46 He turned 46 three days ago. Applause and happy birthday! You should get a medal just for coming here when you’re 46 It was a beautiful knockout How are you feeling? – I’m good – You’re a restorer, wht do you restore? I do painting I restore different paintings Applause and have a life-hack: if you want to disturb a librarian you should check first… Everything happens We have a restorer here now. Applause! This man can restore your smile Applause for the fighters

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6 thoughts on “ДЖИН ИЗ БУТЫЛКИ против Бойца ММА !!! Быстрый

  1. Охренел когда назвали Мартынов Сергей ! Думал меня позвали 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. бля судья сколько 2 метра? ))) Такое ощущение что бой дворфов )))

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