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ДРАКУЛА напоролся на Бойца ММА !!

ДРАКУЛА напоролся на Бойца ММА !!

A regular guy, warehouse loader 28 years old He is greyhaired not because he is nervous about the fight, it’s just his routine apperance And his opponent is a guy from the construction works area Construction works, right? Construction works He knows aikido To the center! We have some rules and I told you them You have to follow the rules You must fight respectfully to each other up to the end Only you will show who is the strongest because we have no time limits When I tell you the ring will be yours Shake hands Go to your corners To your corner! Ready? Ready? Fight Stop! To the center The winner! Will you tell us something? Give me the microphone Here As-salamu alaykum Thank you, everyone Thank YOU Next time I wil be prepared, I promise You were prepared

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