КИБОРГ против Хардкора !! Быстрый бой !!

We have Ilya on the ring. His fight got several millions of views on YouTube. Are you ready to show us a good fight today? Applause! His opponent is Vladimir It looks like you have a cyborg arm Let me touch it Looks fine to me I have metal instead of bone A man with a metal arm Good luck to you, put in the mouth guard Do you know have many YouTube views do you have? How many? Almost a million Are you sure about that? Good luck to you To the center It’s Strelka, there’s no time limit, no judge’s decision It all depends on you. Shake hands. To the corners Fighters ready? To the center It’s a super-hold with a metal arm And we have a winner! You gave up, friend There’s gonna be a next time Now go say a few words Go to the interview zone Tell us about yourself Let’s gain more views What happened to you? Applause for the fighter. Guys showed themselves How old are you? What do you do? 18, I don’t do any sports So no sports? Hopefully you start doing something And you show us more interesting fights in the future What happened in the beginning? You had a great series and then got caught in the hold I wanted to throw him but I couldn’t You didn’t try to free yourself. Why did you wait? I tried, I was hurt but I tried Well it wasn’t enoug. I’m sure you have big future, so come back again. Applause! It’s not your day Applause for the winner of this fight! Tell us about yourself My name’s Vladimir, I work as a sales representative Thanks to the ones who came to support me Thanks to my opponent. We can have a fight next tournament if you want to. I was ready to keep fighting, but the judge didn’t let us Applause! Hopefully the next fight will happen. Thanks to organisators for such an opportunity to show myself Thanks a lot

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