Корней против Стриптизера. Папа 220кг теперь в боях. Новое Шоу.

I don’t know what is going on – I can’t sleep. They say it happens at night.
What is it? The conspiracy? Who is behind then? There are so many questions and no answers. Our clinic is famous for its methods that were invented by Pr. Topychkanov. They were invented in 1856 and still are the most effective ways to treat patients. AAAAAA, please just don’t put a soldering iron into my ass. Nooooo, Please, nooooooo. Follow me, please. We have recently found some symptoms that are not treatable.
The patients that have recently gone to the hospital behave strange. We don’t know what this disease is. We hope you will help us. Yes, sure. Hello, my name is Misha. I have 8 million of followers.
There is an awesome match coming as well. Did you know about it? AAAAA, please, don’t. I need to upload my stories. What are you doing? Quiet, please. Wait, wait a second, this is my friend Misha. Do take him away, please. Quiet! Fuck you, I need to upload my stories! Let me go! Give me a needle, please. Likes, likes, likes. So, he won’t get us in trouble. I know him And what about others? Drumroll, drumroll, drumroll Check my new tires out. Check my new tires out. My new review to my car is on its way… I have a real business. I’m going to became one of the Forbes guys, I am super rich. Let my followers number grow, let it grow, let it grow. They all say millions are watching them, but we checked it, there are no followers. I am Korney Tarasov, you can call me boss. What is he doing here? his Instagram was not deleted? So, you think he is a healthy human being? Yes? Hello. What do you mean you can’t find the soldering iron? I am on my way, hold on. Give me a second Hi there, Huch. Sergo, are you here as well? Quiet! No! I’m not weird, bro. I am here for Tukituk, she is yes-girl. Oh, yeah, babe. Bro. Sergo, bro, I’m so glad you are healthy. Yes, I am a dude, bro. Let’s shoot some stories. Let’s do it. Hi everybody, this is my brother Amiran. We bet on trustful bookmakers who provide you
with a good bit of money for the rest of your life. Amiran, patients need rest, let me show you something. Let’s go, let’s go. Amiran, here is a zero patient. This epidemy started from him. That is why we invite you here. He doesn’t talk to anybody; you were the only one who could do it before. Unfortunately, you cannot come in with your iPhone, you will have to leave it here. Nope, I’m not leaving it here, it is out of discussion. You don’t understand, this is not a human being it is a beast – he is going to kill you for your phone. Okay, here you are. Money money… Are you feeding him with Nutella? This is not Nutella. Edik, bro, how are you? Do you want to make odds? Edik, I’m here to talk. Why? Why talking when you can win… Quiet, don’t tell anybody… I have found an awesome dude in Instagram.
He makes 20 odds in a row… We rob bookies! Do you want it? Go away! Edik, fucking shit, what is going on? This stake is in! We all win. Stop it! Amiran, go away. They won’t let you go! Who won’t let me go? They won’t let me go, Amiran. Run away! Run run run! Fuck you, rates. I got it! That is the whole thing. Instagram profile are being deleted because of rates.
Give me my phone. I need to report on it. Huch is not that stupid. You are stupid though, because you have understood as much as I let you. What? There are so many of you, nasty bugs, you got to be killed.
One has already managed to raise higher than me, but it is not going to happen again. Give me a needle, so he won’t get us in trouble. Not so many halves, not so many halves. Hello. Do you do this because of Buzova? Idiot! I am Buzova. I will tell about it to all my followers in Instagram. What Instagram? I will find the way to tell about it. Yes? Who is going to believe you? I want a shawarma. Hello everybody!
I’ve stolen Huch’s channel the Diary of Huch, Amiran, by the way, is cleaning my house now. No, I am here. Youth is to lead but I am not going to stop yet. I am not that old. I have some questions like may be something happened? Does it bother you that Stone Faces get 2-3, 3-4 times more views that Fight for Hype show? Edik, this question is for the audience.
Would you want Fight for Hype show get as many views as real fights? Yes, I would want our show to get more views because we tried hard to make it work,
it is so dramatically as well, overall it is an awesome story. We make a movie about it as well. We are trying to keep the high level of the show,
but I agree it is still different than sport. People like it though, and I can explain why. This is easy for them, you know.
You don’t have to exercise; you don’t have to be a sportsman. Anybody can take part in. I think this is what appeals them. Are you going to close the show if won’t start to get more views? No, the issue now is to close the Stone faces – a guy got his jaw broken. Here he is, a poor guy. He is an awesome dude; his brother is a detective and dad is a military.
He didn’t even report on me. He just sent me a message in direct: hey man, I got my jaw broken,
can you support me somehow? Why nobody asks where Bill is? Who is it? I would like to talk about our changes. My co-host now is Dasha-Instasamka. I will tell you why. Firstly, Bill bailed, let’s admit it,
secondly he always complains about not having Instagram and his jokes are lame. So, Youth is to lead, we have got to be in trend. Amiran has just said the Bill is out, nobody even got sad. I feel for him.
You see now the audience’s attitude. Get Bill back! Oh, enough of that! This is his camera man. Nobody even got sad. Seems like as soon as we close the shows you will forget about us easily. Nobody gives a shit. What do you mean by saying Bill is out? What about a Fight of of the homeless? This is a content for his channel? Where is he then? Why are you cheating in us? Bill, where are you? He is not here. We have just seen him. He came over to get his last salary, that’s it. Hi, Amiran, I wonder if it is going to be a fight between Tarasov and Lazutin? We are working on it. Recently I feel like Russian Dana White. We are working on it, but he asks for big money.
Misha, what the fuck? 2 million? Are you serious, man? I will bring a great fighter from the USA for this money and he will fight here, 2 million?
If you make that money go and set the fight on your channel up. We have a black Georgian here as a guest who speaks Russian and Georgian. Are you from Georgia? I am from Kutaisi. Did you move to Moscow? No, I was born here. Who has just come over? Are you fucking crazy, man? Did you forget who saves your channel? Take a seat. Bro takes off, did you forget where your seat is? Come over here! No, I’m going to seat here. Be afraid, man, from 8-15. Guys, this is ridiculous, the chick was invited. And you are here with concealer on your face. What concealer? I hide my bruises off, I was fighting yesterday. You fell out of the tree. I was fighting with hobos. Have you watched my fights, fight for bred? Why are you fighting, hold on, man… I invited a guy. Do you feel he got nervous? Did I get nervous? Did I, really? Of course. Are you Alpen Gold? Such a predictable white bro. Nobody is interested in you, wait. Ill hit you, you will be sorry. Bro! Kick so you turn white! Come on! Ill make your life black, man. In a Georgian style. Likewise. Did you hear that, dear? Take care. Listen what: we made a stupid joke up, everything is fine.
It will not happen again because they didn’t coordinate it with me. You cannot read! I’m just pretending to be smart, when in reality… Okay, lets follow a script. Amiran, come over here. Give us just one card. Yesterday we played charades at home. I played once; nobody could show rust. Show me rust now. I can show it without words. Let us wish a word for you and you show it. Go fuck yourself! Who plays charades at home? Raise your hand! It is a shame, Amiran, we will kill the show. Did you get it? Show me this, come on! There used to be things like that in charades before – show me a dog, a hippo. You cannot say what I have just told you. And now he is saying such words as, these are not even the words! What is that?
I don’t get it. Let’s invite Edik. I’m telling you only blogger can get it. They all know what it is all about. They all watch bloggers. Why don’t you want to show it? Let her show it. Show it! Too smart. A slut? Shurygina? At least I’m trying to show it.
Okay, I got it. What did you get? You are such an idiot, Bill. Okay guys let’s figure it out. This is the 18+content. Guys, come on, it was a word for 18+. It is easier for her to show it.
And what about you? How am I supposed to show it? You could just show the same, I’m not going to be offended. Okay, enough of jokes. We have a serious release today. There are going to be 8 fights.
What took 25 years to Danа White we made it happen up to 4th release. First fighters are Ekaterina Zaitseva and Valerya Bukina. Hi there, Amiran, Ekaterina, take a seat. Where is that gem? Or is it an emerald? Ekaterina. Yes. Valeria ‘s rival – Ekaterina Zaitseva! And I am pretty sure she is a 100% girl!
Here is her Instagram. Oooops sorry, she is a 100% girl with a manlike body! Holy shit, look at her hands!!! Even if Valeria is Valera she or he is going to have his ass kicked.
This fight is going to be exciting! Meet Ekaterina holy shit look at her back Zaitseva. How are you? Good. How old are you? I am 32. Have you ever fought?
No. What do you do? I do bench-press. Yesterday I got back from Las Vegas
where I took part in bench-pressing contest in a category 205 kg bar. How did you like Vegas? Awesome! Did you like it? Yes. Ok.
Did you go to casino? Yeap I lost 1 dollar. 1 dollar? Im not a gambler. And you are an absolute world champion in bench press?
Yes. In the world? Yes. Hole shit. With equipment? Yes. An absolute world champion in bench press is going to take part in our show. Ok, i’ll get back to you. Hello. Hello. Let’s meet Valeria Bukina, a participant of The Fight for Hype, wait a minute, what the fuck?
Valeria? Is it a girl? Let’s take a look at a photo.  She looks like a man. It is probably a mistake, right? Please, meet the participant of The Fight for Hype, Valerii Bukin.
He is going to fight with Ekaterina Zaitseva. What the fuck? Amiran, have you decided to have a domestic instead of promotion? Let’s take a look at Valera ‘s Instagram. Fuck this shit, this is not Valera, this is Valeria.
So, it is going to be a fight of women. Or wait a second, may be Ekaterina is a man as well? Or.. okay, fuck this, I don’t get it.
Anyway, please meet Valeria Valery Bukin Bukina! You will find all out by yourself, I’m not paid extra money for sorting this shit out.
Oh, fuck it. Lera is my favorite name. You call your dog this way, man.
Guess what, he has already humiliated you. I called my dog this way because my best friend’s name is Lera.
Now you have got two best friends. And a fighter as well. What do you do? In the past I am two-time world champion
in powerlifting without equipment division. How old are you? I am 29.
Why are you doing this? It is interesting. Try yourself in something new. For money and hype? It is a standard question, I’m sorry.
Being honest I’m doing it for money, I won’t deny. Have you ever tried to put gloves on and beat another woman?
No. Being honest I never fought before. Everybody laughed. I knocked the first random guy out. No. You seem to get a couple of decent shots. Did you get help?
Not yet. Im going to practice more. This it going to be fun, believe me, guys. And what about you? I have some experience, but it was long time ago. Here is a mass wins, we are even visually different.
The difference is 15 kg, because my weight is 60 and Katya is 75 Are you going to gain weight? Or maybe you – going to lose some weight?
Im not going to lose weight. This is not real. This is Fight for Hype. It is not possible to gain 15 kg for a short period of time and loose some as well. Do you have a couple of decent shots? We will see.
Have you ever tried a spar? Yes, it was 7-8years ago though. Are you scared? Of course, its scary, it always is. It is something unknown.
Are you here for money or hype? More of a hype, you know. Everybody knows you already. Yes? That’s good. Do you want to fight with hobos?
No, they stink. You will kill them all. Let’s fight with them together. Dasha, would you like to watch girl’s fight? This is weird. Of course, it is a risk and a fear, but again, the mass wins sometimes.
So, you are going to bet on a punch?
And you are going to bet on the fight. We bet on staying alive. Are you going to fight till first drop of blood? No, till knockdown or till rounds are over. Are you going to have a coach? We know who it is. Yes, a man.
Yes, he is a boxer, fighter. He is a fighter with no rules. Holy shit. We have some fighters with some rules and some – without. Listen, what the hell?
Have you fought? People come over to fight. Am I ready to fight? Do you want some hinkali? Why do choose weak ones?
I fought with those who were 4 times bigger than you. You think I choose weak ones? Where did you fight, at home in bed?
What are you talking about? On a carpet. Revas, are you a fighter? Yes. When was you last fight?
2 years ago. Do you want to take part in the show? In Fight for Hype show. Yes? I will be ready by New Year.
When was your last time? The day before yesterday, on the street. Amiran we have a question to the girl, she a is a powerlifter,
aren’t you scared you might get injured? You say there are going to be two more starts after the fight.
No, I mean before the fight. Isn’t it any after? Maybe I’ll take part in power extreme competition.
You don’t do powerlifting, you might get injured, do you get it?
Of course, I get it. How many kg do you lift? I did 205kg in Las Vegas. Did you lift it from a bench?
Yes. Do you know how many I do? 70 kg and 7 repeats. Do you do it from the bench only? Yes.
Do you take part in just bench press competitions? Yes. And you? Last time I took part in a competition in 2015
and my best result was 110 benches, without equipment. Do you have a coach? It’s being discussed now.
Girls, you decided to fight yesterday, didn’t you? It was interesting, thanks to Eduard Vartayan. Thanks to Edik? Yes. Well, the thing is I am hand-to-hand combat coach, a video blogger, i have got 100 thousands
of followers, it is more than Bill has, I helped him couple of times, when he was almost get kicked. What weight do you have? My weight is 75kg.
The first thing I need is to help me to organize the fight. Who with? Korney, if not him, let me fight with him then. Are you serious now? You are too brave, think before you say it. Of course, man,
I’m a hand-to-hand combat coach, I have my own gym. My weight is 75, and yours? 100? That’s all right. If Korney cannot do it – I can. When do you want to fight? Today, now. Hold your horses.
Why would you want to fight with him? You don’t know what level he has, why do you need it? Study of a fight lasts 30 seconds,
a gong is on and through my experience I know what do. You remind me of Kardo, I am not Kardo, you know. It is not a big deal; everything is possible here.
Are you ready to meet this challenge? Yes, sure. Do you want this fight? Well, guys you are already in. Fuck this shit. Here are we go again. Now Amiran ‘s super promotion arranges
fights among people who have come to watch fights. Fuck this shit. So, please meet a standard of a fighter of the show Fight for Hype Revaz Verulashvili who perfectly
fits into the image of an perfect fighter for the show:
more and more unknown people with strange names. I’m just wondering if next time we meet some Pyrchtmaz Khrachapetroskenov
who is known for simply coming to this show. Anyway, let’s get back to Revaz. He is from Georgia, why are you looking like this? Yes, he is Georgian, who got too much tan. Ok, he has such tanned skin because his grandma is from Nigeria,
so that’s why meet the first AfroGeorgian fighter Revaz Verulashvili. Do y’all want this fight happen? Meet another upstart from the audience. Fuck I don’t get it, why Amiran organizes all these fights and talk to fighters if audience
can easily get together and kick each other asses. Okay, meet Pavel Nosov, an airborne sergeant, a blogger,
a father and seems like he is suicidal as well! You could just die there Pasha organizes parties for youngsters with no alcohol. Oh man, I think there are so many people who want to kick your ass. He also filmed a video about dates of gays on YouTube. I’m not sure he got the meaning of blue beret right. I see why he needs a fight, he wants to run with another guy in public. I guess he is ready to give his back without even a fight.
Okay, we will look at him! Let’s meet Pavel Nosov. Okay,we’ll do Face to Face here later I have taken part in underground fights and would like to ask
is it going to be more about a sport, not about freaks. We are slowly walking away from it. Last fights there was just Mongol, that’s it.
There were two fights like that. Who else from freak fights? Yeah, this one with a chainsaw, fuck, what was his name? Why are you saying this? Because he was talking too much, well, I think he is good. It is just a generalization. I mean… I know what Fight is going to be next, guys. Kardo against Boroda. Isn’t it freaky? He is a nice guy, awesome. First I’m just learning, second – the audience likes it.
He got the most comments. He was showing off and got payback. I wonder what is going to happen to him,
so he was showing off so hard. He did what he was supposed to do, I respect him. Cool.
I didn’t expect him to be so weak, being honest. Let’s do face to face. So, you see, we just figured one more fight out. Come over here, here? Yes, give me your hand. Come closer, yes, that’s right.
Let me teach you, if you are going to dive there – you will get suffocated. That is true. Okay, girls let’s give it up for them. Thanks girls. Come over. Revaz and Pasha. Guys, you can come over here. No, I said stay here. Come closer. Are you sure you want to fight with him? That is crazy. Good luck. Okay, next fighters are the guys who sent me a message in direct, I agreed privately with them. The first couple is Artur Kratko and Adam Ismailov.
The second couple is serious guys Husein Adamov and Pavel Prokofiev. Hello, hello. Take a seat please, Amiran, why do you invite these people,
so I have to keep silence again? Why? Are they fighters or just passing by? Take a seat please. Are you a fighter as well? These are cool guys. Take a fucking seat, man. I would rather stay here.
Edik, seat over here. I want to stay closer to them. I would sweat right away. Are you scared? No. We know each other.
Do you remember me sending you a message about an advertisement? Yeah, we definitely know each other, we are like close friends.
He doesn’t seem to like you, man. Why so? I think he likes me. Anyway, these guys sent me a message in direct and I gave them each other contacts.
They both don’t have any experience. I asked them if they want to fight. They said yes. We are ready. Let’s meet another fighter, Lezgins, Adam Ismailov.
He doesn’t have neither a personal record nor experience. Fuck it, I think I get the way Amiran ‘s promotions works: hi, you are a big one who doesn’t look
like Russian, do you want to fight? Then welcome please. Adam has 200 thousand followers in Instagram, I don’t get why though.
His account looks super usual. Here he shows off about having so much food. Here he tells us about not having enough money
to go to the doctor so he decides to show his neck on line. Here is he working out. Ah, I see now. This is why he is so popular.
He has cats here, oh, so cute! I cheer for him this time! If he won’t win it is because he has these cuties.
Meet Adam mimimi Ismailov! You are not a fighter, are you? No. What do you do? What sport did you do?
I did Greco-Roman wrestling long time ago. Long time ago? Yes. So, you would like to come over and hype?
I just want to fight and prove myself. And you? He wants to get an answer. Arthur Kratko! A sportsman, a jock, looks Slavic,
he has stubble – that’s all what we know about him. Let’s check his Instagram out, may be we find something more about him.
So, he is a sportsman, a jock, looks Slavic, he has stubble… nothing more. He is married, he eats sport food and he owned a silver button of YouTube.
Look, he has a YouTube channel with 120 000 subscribers. He shows there that he is a sportsman, a jock, looks Slavic,
he has stubble… fuck it, is it going to be anything new? Well, I’ ve found out just now how the most boring biography in the world would look like. You know, I like Huch invites all these jocks for the fights where they can kill each other,
because we got a chance to find chicks for us. Okay, I have managed to finalize this boring story somehow. Meet Arthur Kratko! I would like to try myself in a cage, without equipment.
Can you fight? I used to do hand-to-hand combat. Husein, you are professional. Husein is a professional fighter. Please meet Husein Adamov. A name that scares everybody away along with
any Chechen name like Rustam Saidov, Ashab Idigov, Shamil Kachmazov.  like any Chechen name So, Husein Adamov is a professional fighter, a Chechen, a serious man. Let me publicly apologize for everything in advance and go ahead. Come on, don’t shame me for a public apology, I am certainly a Deadpool and superhero,
but I am not suicidal to go against Chechens. Husein is being a unique man in Fight for Hype show.
It doesn’t happen often when you can see a real fighter in Amiran’s promotion. Personal Hussein’s record is 6-1, 6 wins over 1 defeat. Don’t think though he was defeated by another fighter, it happened due to final judging,
so while we are waiting for public apology from that judge. Meet Husein Van Damme-ov.. excuse me, Adamov His record is 6-1. The most difficult thing was to find an opponent for him.
Nobody wanted to fight with him. So that is why we found a four-eyes man for him.
So, I can watch him better. Pavel Prokopiev is a blogger with 903 followers,
a fighter, whose score is 0-0, a true professional… at some point our promotion started to work on the principle of ‘wow,
you are a human being, let’s come over here!’. On his channel Pasha shows how to fight, and here,
on Amiran ’s channel he is going to show us how to get slapped.  The name of his fighting technique is MMA, I wonder why? 
Abuse he wears glasses? Where is a fucking logic? It means yesterday I had a smart sex, that’s because a prostitute wears glass.
Okay, let this genius tells us everything. Okay, let the smart guy tell you everything. He is a fight coach in MMA. Really? Yes. He is super cool. His manager says you know who is going to win. What experience do you have?
Ok, I will start with explaining why I came here. Go ahead. I just wanted to express an idea about life and courage. It is important why a person fight for.
I coach fighters in Russian, I have my tournaments in Moscow,
there is no storytelling here and I have to find fighters by myself. This is what we do. I came here with my philosophy that I have been living with. I have been
training since 2006 and came here to show you that it is all about spirit, courage, and experience
doesn’t really matter. And vision. Yes, vision. Are you sure you are going to win? No, I’m mot. I am sure
I come over to show what a real fight. I can see you are scared. Let’s change
an opponent from the beginning. Amiran, I agreed. I agreed to do it when my fighters refused.
This is not comfortable; this is a fighter who is 2 meters tall. This is insane. I agreed to show what a fear is. Insane people end up very badly.
Think about Kardo. Kardo is not a fighter. I have been coaching for a long time. I have got three college degrees.
How many? There are three. Do u have a family, kids? Where are they? We will talk about it later. Can I ask a manager? Don’t you worry about your fighter?
Listen, I trust him. The opponents who are 2 meters tall refused him. People would just give up on him. Who believes he is that awesome? They believe.
I know him. Tell me do you know him? Have you been at the Race of heroes show? Yes. He is a kick boxer, isn’t him? I used to do it. He is a tough guy, be ready
for his punches by hands and legs, low kicks. I trust him as well. Okay, I have just started to worry they would say I put a weak one against the strong one.
I don’t have any questions. Guys, you are healthy and tough, why do you come over here?
Why don’t you go to a professional promotion? I’m just wondering. Does it attract you because of hype and money, or a professional one, to make a career? Hussein, what did you like? Is it going to be a part of sherdog?
We can do it, it’s the first thing we need. I am heavyweight, don’t change my weight. I have to be active all the time.
2-3-4 fights a year is not enough for a heavyweight. Not enough? Not enough. Other fighters do maximum 3-4 fights a year.
So not to wait for the next one for half a year, in 3 months. If you are in a good shape, if you exercise you can do any competition. What promotions have you already taken part in
and are there any plans where do you want to go next? I don’t want to waste time. Even professional ones didn’t want to fight with him.
I offered him to many fighters. 7 people refused. You didn’t get the right to speak now, ok? Speak when I let you do it. Pasha, the question is for you, Are a referee on a TrueGym channel?
I was invited as a referee couple of times. Is it okay you go from one channel to another?
Does Yahsa pay so poor you have decided to come over here? Guys, I’m telling you, I am not a professional fighter and I don’t have
a professional record. I come over here to fight with him. He is a professional, he takes care of his body and he works hard to move on.
When I come to this fight I don’t take care of myself. This fight is going to be super tough. He is training and take care of himself.
He has plans. Are you going all-in? He is going to punch me in my head and forehead. Why would he punch you in your head?
So, he understands. What should he understand? That he is going to win, isn’t he? At what cost is he going to win? He is a sportsman, and I am not. Your glasses will get off in two seconds. You think I am going to wear my glasses?
I have no idea are you going to wear them or not, but they going to fell off. Can I say? Listen, guys, I don’t act like that. It just comes out like this.
He wants to fight; I didn’t make him. So, I won’t get any complaints. You are a sportsman, you know it. You have to move on. You are going to give it your best.
Of course. Are going to show us a beautiful fight? He is going to punch me, I’m going to block with my hands, sportsmen have self-pity,
I don’t have to feel sorry for myself. I have one fight to show people the way I live. I wanna show courage.
So, it means that professional who fought in Akhmat, in Volga. Akhmat is a force! Akhmat is a force, isn’t he? I want to fight with a professional to show people there is nothing impossible. I have a question for you. I look at him and see how much we are alike.
Do you understand the way he punches? Do you understand if you are going to block with your head to him
you are going to be killed, you know? Your story tale is going to be over with nothing. You want to fight with a heavyweight professional. I don’t mind of course,
but your attitude can really kill you, man. I’m not saying I’m going to give up. I’m just saying… you are going to block with your neck, you know. I’m just saying I’m going
to block with my forehead, I’m going to block his legs. I’m going to do my best, you know. This fight is to happen. If you changed your mind let us know now.
No, I didn’t change my mind. I have two places where I’m going to practice. Pharrell Williams wants to ask you a question. My question is… these guys came over here for hype,
I’m wondering who Germasky is going to fight next with? Edik, tell us why you don’t fight now. I probably will fight. After the first fight I said I was not sure if I am going to do it again,
I said I was not a fighter, I mean physically. I practice and get ready. If there are fights, they won’t go on every month. I m not here for hype or money,
and im not ready to be here every month and fight. I think it is stupid. I don’t wanna offend anybody.
I think I need to recover. When I am ready, then yes. This stress is not for professionals. I got 2 fights for last 2 month and 10 days.
This is hard. Husein, have you ever seen at least one fight? Yes. Did you like it?
Yes. Was it funny? Yes it al right? You mentioned you do hand-to hand combat and Greco-Roman wrestling,
but do you understand you guard is not going to help.
How are you going to get ready and win? It all depends on one straight. Either me or him might get hit. A lot depends on strength
of character. Kardo thought he is going to win with one straight. Well, this is Kardo. What do you think about it? Do you want to try yourself or get some hype?
Both. What is next for you? Why do you need hype? I plan on fighting. If you win are you ready to go on? Of course.
And you, in case you win – are ready to go on? Yes. Amiran what do you think if one of these guys would fight against Hizir or Arsen.
Who? Let say Gusein. You mean someone from this couple? Yes. Or Gusein. I didn’t tell anybody you fight against him. That was my decision.
I offer fighters and it is up to them who to choose. So, I won’t get any questions later. The audience that watch us doesn’t know anything about bouts.
So, they think I am a king maker here. But this is not true. These awesome guys the one to choose who they want to fight with.
So, this one decided to kill himself. I didn’t make him. The fighters choose by themselves. I talked with Amiran about it.
He said he wants fights to be honest. I don’t care who fights whom if either he or an opponent l agree on it.
They chose each other. So, no offense guys. What have we got here: a professional against a clown?
What do you know about sport? What sport do you do? I used to do gymnastic. You have just called the coach a clown. Wait a second. I just said that it creates a perception.
Hold your horses, bro. Just chill man. This a hater who gets so judgmental. He just wants to prove you and himself that he is the best. Nobody expected Eduard win over Hizir. Nobody would give him a chance.
It would have happened if we had only professionals here. That is why nobody watches professional promotions.
Ordinary people don’t want to watch professionals. They want to watch this. Will he be able to prove he can or not? I have a question to a suicidal fighter. You have mentioned you have 3 college degrees. Which ones? What happened you have decided to do fights?
I can talk about it forever; my life was busy. I have three degrees in construction, spiritual education and sport.
You mean Bible? That is why you say you going to block with your head? Good idea, but no. How do you win over your sparring partners?
Your face doesn’t look battered. My nose was broken 3 times. All eye covered with cuts; I believe the future of martial arts will not be brute forced.
It is all about intellectual mind. I have my method and I’m going to promote it – an ability to think and work.
So, guys, one more question for you. Why would you win? I think I will win over him. Why are you so sure? I dint know. I trust myself.
Are going to fight in a guard? If he wants a guard then- it is a guard. What would you want?
The guard. Okay, focus on the guard. Let’s do face-to-face. Adam and Arthur. They have the same weight and height.
Adam Ismailov vs Arthur. Get closer to each other. Thanks. Let’s invite Husein. Husein vs a man with 3 degrees. What are you doing? Well done. Now get off.
You are Titanic and I am your iceberg. What a punching bag.
Watch the reaction. I have just checked him out. So here we go, another shocker. My favorite word. An unexpected fight.
There are going to be two fighters who were accused in fighting with weak ones,
that everything is not fair. Why would you help one-eyed ones? Move them. So, here we go – the first couple of fighters is Korney Tarasov vs Alexey Nemov. Come over please.
And the second one is Denis “The Father” Vidanov vs Arnold Velichko. Let’s cheer them. The madness has begun. Hi there. Bro let him sit.
How are you? Good. Take a seat. And you, Edik, come here. Last time we were accused in putting a drunk Mongol who never exercised with Korney.
So as soon as he came to the ring he got knocked out right away. I said they hate us, lets do a normal fight. They literally got it because they like to hype.
They invited a man who is 2 times bigger and higher. Please, meet a punching bag for Korney, Alexey Nemov!
Holy shit man, where are you going to? Being against a killer, oh well, good luck, man, Rest in Peace. Alexey is a bodybuilding champion in a Moscow region but Korney kicked Mongol’s ass. Alexey is a master of sports in powerlifting but Korney kicked Mongol’s ass. Alexey took third place in Moscow bodybuilding championship
but Korney fucking kicked Mongol’s ass! Alexey hasn’t just come out to fight with a promotion’s superstar,
the thing is he has a large mortgage that’s why he just wants to kill himself. Alexey has already met with Korney once, he even uploaded
a photo in Instagram where he looked really scared, holding to his gun… was he told he is not allowed to bring a gun to a fight?
Meet Alexey suicidal Nemov! Why did you fight against a man who is two times lower than you?
I was offered to do it. Have you ever fought? No. You are just a jock. Yes. How much do you press? 212kg. We have a girl here who did 205.
She was equipped and I m not. Have you ever fought? No. Why are you here? That’s because they said come over? I m here for money.
Need a job. Like a courier? How tall are you? 186. And you? 172. You are 10 cm taller than him.
What is your weight? 116. And you? 65. Listen bro. Listen bro, that’s what I am going to say – we come here,
we fight, and we don’t choose an opponent. We don’t give a shit. Any opponent is good.
Bigger you are more meat you have got – we are going to take that meet and eat it. The Greatest, the undefeated! Korney Tarasov!
The only thing that will ever knock him down is port wine. It is easy to guess what he started to do after win over Mongol. I had a lot of money, had to spend them and drink You never know if Korney is going to win or lose,
but it is always clear he is going to get drunk after. This time he is getting ready for a fight. either drinking or using drugs God damn it. He is trying so hard for achieving good results! So, to say sport has a positive effect to his private and sex life. We wanted to go and buy a vibrator That’s right, nobody wants to fuck korney except himself! Money, hype, I want everything That’s right, motherfucker, everything to Huch -money, hype, the only thing you can buy buy a vibrator Meet Korney WiskyColaFuckMongol Tarasov. We show Tarasov can fight with any others who is 2 times bigger. Korney, promise me
you are going to exercise and get ready for this fight, won’t get drunk and finally win it. Can you imagine how big that hype would be? Man, I’m so tired of exercising. When Tyoma told me one more fight is coming I said – fuck this man.
I want to hang out. Well he paid me 10 000 rubles. Are you serious? He is saving it.
Just imagine he will get all the money – he is going to die during the weekend. So, you understand after the fight with Mongol I couldn’t reach him for a week.
The whole week. Tell me will you be able to stay sober for this fight?
I don’t know, bro. I don’t drink that much now. Just smoke sometimes. Tell me bro, how are you going to get him ready?
Work on his guard? We have work to do with big people, we are going to win this fight, I am sure.
Are you 100% sure he is going to win? I bet on 100 000. Okay. If I win you will give me retainer. Too much. Let’s bet on 10 000.
I am a millionaire but not for you, got it? If you win I am going to give you 100, 200. Are you not scared to fight against him? I don’t give a shit. He is such a cutie. Leha, are going to get ready? Of course. Bro we are going to show an awesome fight.
Korney, he is underestimated, he is getting ready. Pay attention he needs to be motivated and led. Let him be free. Let him have fun, take rest. We are going to have an album released, called rap – katafalk.
Okay, do the album. Have you heard our track? Read a chorus. I am going to kick your ass, I am Korney Tarasov and I am a boss for you.
I have a style, bro. Who are you? A style, a verse, a style, a verse, bro. I am Tupak. Listen, what the Father is doing – a person who takes part in Fight for Hype
and who proves yourself in Stone faces. The father decided to take the initiative,
he says he wants to fight. Wow, have I just messed up the shows?
This is Denis Vildanov, the Father, the guy who fights over everybody at the Huch’s show. He doesn’t seem have a lot of money that’s why he is taking part in all the fights.
Denis, do you want a free advice? It’s easier to fuck Amiran up and take all the money. Denis is an average guy from Chelyabinsk, hold on, no, that’s not true Denis is like three average guys from Chelyabinsk, cause his weight is 200 kg. I wonder what kind of plan does he have: fall down on his opponent?
Or just stay still and wait on his opponent to fall upon him? Okay, we probably are going to witness a funny fight where
The Father is going to kick the opponent in the way he loses his mother,
and it’s going to be the most family – style fight. Please meet Denis the Father Vildanov. Hey, listen man, why do you need this? Not enough of slaps? Why not, lets start like this.
Father is 220 kg and he wants to lose up to 170, it means in total 50 kg. It is going to be a motivation for me in order to lose some weight,
because it is not easy when you always work out and press. I am not a bodybuilder, I am a powerlifter, this is the main force.
When you have got power, you need to eat more. When you fight you, workout is aerobic that is why you start loosing weight.
Firstly, it is always a challenge and coming out of the comfort-zone. It is very important not to be in a comfort zone all the time. How much have you already lost?
I can’t say, all scales are usually up to 180. Seriously? Yes. Try to find scales on the Internet, they are usually up to 180.
That is why it is hard for me to control my weight. Go to the market where they sell meat. Yeah, that’s what I do. Really?
Do you use their scales? And then you are told how much you weight. Are you planning on losing up to 170? Yes, I plan to lose it in 6-7 months.
I know this weight is threat to the health. Tell me how did you gain it, by eating? I always was 170 when I used to play American football.
I had a spinal injury and doctor said no more playing.
So, I started to eat, didn’t do anything and gained a lot. Later I started to do bench press. Then I got back. Are you going to make serious preparations?
Of course. He is going to kick my ass. We have got a really big boy, a titan in our show now, meet Arnold! Take a look at this guy. They say he fell into a pot with testosterone when he was a child. When he was in his third grade he could easily knock down
any 5th grader or even 7th one. What a guy! Wait! Is it a woman? No way!!! No! I am getting frustrated
because I don’t get it who is a woman here and who is a man? That’s right, this is the way he, I’m sorry, she looked like recently.
Holy shit! Where did Huch find him? Well, taking into consideration Huch’s sexual fantasies – I am not surprised at all. Well, meet this beautiful and stunning Arnolda Velichko… Well, it means… Arnold, what is your weight? Around 150? Have you ever fought? Van you fight.
No. Do you want to fight with The Father? Yes. Why? I want to prove myself. For hype? Of course, but first I want to prove myself.
You have a bruise under an eye. What did you do? I know. Why? After sparring. Are you doing exercises already? Yes. Got bruised?
Not yet. Have you punched each other? Yes. Without gloves? Yes. Are you not scared to fight? Yes, I am.
So, then just don’t fight. I’m interested though. It is spectacular. Respect. I don’t know how else I can support you. The Father is a killer.
He has an advantage, he will breath me over, he is much more functional. I am overweight, he can die easily, he will just stand there as a bag.
Yeah right, he will stand there like a bag, they exchange of blows and get a kickback. That’s it. I am tired of punching. He? Yes, he is tired of punching. This is how it is going to go.
He will block with his face. And then slap him. So, Satanist will wake up. Do you have a training camp? Yes, and what do they say? They say it is real but hard.
And what about you, the Father? Yes, I have a box and fight coach. I don’t have the one who would give a mix, unfortunately. We are big guys;
nobody is a fighter here. The fighters get used to blow. We don’t have it. And here even one blow can make the difference. Don’t be afraid of blows,
just get them the way they are. Don’t be afraid of them, just get them. You said last time he got hated, don’t you think it is going to be the same this time?
This guy has never fought, never, even outside. He is a big guy. Vomiter has never fought as well. Max‘s training was harsh. He doesn’t even know how to blow.
Aren’t you scared you will be hated? Don’t you think this guy looks even bigger than Max? Yes, he looks bigger, but he has never fought before. Has this one ever properly fought?
One time he got his ass kicked, another time he fought with a hobo. I want you to understand Korney has been exercising for 2 months,
he used to do Sambo long time ago as well. He is not a fighter; he is a drunk. That’s it now, he is finally coming back and getting ready to fight with a jock. You say you want to lose weight. I did that many times. You have been having
this weight for a long time, you probably get used to it. No. So losing the weight doesn’t make it easier for you, it is getting harder for you to exercise.
You make it harder on yourself by losing it. I know a secret how to make my functional better. Here you are, defeated by Hizir. Yes. Here you are, defeated by Hizir.
Don’t you want to fight? I’m ready right now. Oh look at this old-timer. Max decided to save money on a doctor
and came here to clean his guts off. So we are here to witness the fight between Body Mania and Takenboy. It is going to be epic: while the first one will show off by doing flips all over the place,
another one will puke the shit out of himself. What do you think, Dana White? This time Max has a lot in common with his opponent – they are both jocks,
both have weird nicknames and they both got their kicked by Hizir. Meet Max Zakharov. Okay, I’m up for it. Yeah, right, look at you. Look, this punching bag wants to fight again. Meet Bogdan Khlebnikov,
the king of flips, Tekkenboy, a lady boy, fuck this shit man. Bogdan, what are you doing? Do your flips on the side and stop getting yourself into concussion.
I don’t think he uses his brain often, that’s why he doesn’t give a shit. Meet Bogdan Tekkenboy Khlebnikov! Tekkenboy Khlebnikov, fucking insane. If you want. Did you notice fights usually ends being boring?
If he doesn’t mind we can work on your guard. If you fell you got to stand up again. They won’t fight, they got to stand up anyway. Anything you want. Ok, I’m up for it. Do we want a fight? Yes. Okay, this fight is going to happen, it is going to be a standard one.
There is one a face to face fight coming. I have a question to the Father. I was watching fights where you wear a mask and an outfit.
Are you going to wear it again? Don’t do that man. Go and throw Big Tasty into them all.
Fuck this shit. I can lose weight, and I’m gonna prove it. I lost 50 kg.
You haven’t broken me. Listen, I’m not Kardo. I would rather act. It’s hard to breath, so don’t tell me to put a mask on. I have a question to Korney. You present yourself being a gangster, last fight with Mongol
you showed us how you can hug legs. This is not serious. I’m telling you as a Bryansk gangster. One more fight, man. Watch all the Habib‘s fights and tell us he is not a gangster.
Listen, Habib is different, it’s worth fighting. I do what I want. Let’s see, I am not a sportsman, I am not ready to fight with you.
Give me a million then I will be ready. No man, I need money myself to pay for my apartment. Then sorry man. All clear. I have got ain’t here. Every day I ve got 100 messages people
asking me to invite them. I say, come on guys, he can’t fight every day. 5 million people watch you, 3 million out of these 5 want to fight with Korney.
Everybody wants to fight with Korney and tell how bad he is. Enough of that, come one. Bring money. I gave him an apartment he messed it all up.
They want to put my name into the Guinness Book for having 1000 fights a year. Listen, if so may be let’s do the auction who is going to give more money for a fight?
Your ideas are the worst. How much money would we make though! The one who gives more money will fight.
Nowadays people take credits. Do you have enough money to fight with him? No man, I’m not going to fight, but give you a like. You’re not a stripper? This guy is a stripper too Is it real? Yes Maks Vomiter is a stripper? Vomiting from the pole! What a level! Guys, we have 3 strippers here!! And the next coming out is Papa is a stripper too!!! So, face to face? Korney, what a man you are. A suicidal one.
He will kill him, won’t he? Of course. Let’s bet on 500 thousand. Deal! Come on guys. Turn there, please. He is so big. Do you want to know the result:
he will kick his ass and suffocate him? No, what is going to happen is, you know, my girlfriend has smaller boobs,
I’m going to take them off and get them. Why would you need mans’ boobs? I’ll just suck those boobs.
Don’t fell ahead of time. Just stay a little longer. Well, you have your fists ready, I got it man, let’s call the bet off.
Good job, guys. Let’s cheer for them. This weight category is tough. The strippers are coming out, take your shirts off please.
Can you rub with each other for a little bit? Yeah, do it guys. I know you like it. Can you flip over his neck?
Here is he on a pole already. Okay guys lets stand up. Can you move your boobs? That’s fucking disgusting. Now here are the heaviest fighters. Look, they are all the same height.
You have a chance man; I believe in you. This is bullshit, don’t hold him. Come closer, your fists closer.
Reminds me of a game, right? Okay, lets cheer for these guys. Next couple of fighters are here. Hizir Dazhimkatov and Veisal Aliev from Azerbaijan.
We also got referee Aleksandr Sidorenko back, he is going to fight against
Anzor Appolo Dograshvili. Hello. Hello. Anzor is going to be against Sasha Sidorin. He is from Georgia.  Here is an opponent to Emelyanenko – Sidorin- Anzor Dograshvili.
Or just Anzor Underdoggrashvili. Anzor likes cleanness and works at a car wash.  Seems like he is either a first – timer or a lamer as he hasn’t even got a uniform yet.  Little we know about him – he is a Georgian, his name is Anzor and he is to fight with Sidorin.
That’s it. Let’s try to find out more about him and check his Instagram out. Well, fuck, that’s not going to help. 
Here are just two photos. Well, at least we found out that Anzor is a fighter.  Or he just likes to post photos in a boxing suit with men and a carpet on the background. Or he just likes to post photos in a boxing suit with men and a carpet on the background.
It means we have two outcomes to happen:
he either tries to win over Sidorin or takes a photo with him. It means we have two outcomes to happen:
he either tries to win over Sidorin or takes a photo with him. Let’s find his plan out. Please, meet Anzor Probably a Fighter Dograshvili. Are you not scared to be against Sasha? Haven’t you seen who he won over?
It is fine. What do you think about it? Okay. I don’t give a shit. He is one of us, for sure. Which one? That one. This one is one of us as well, he is homie! This one is your homie. And that one is mine. Here is a Fight for Hype Grand Prix winner, a substitute for Emelyanenko,
a referee Aleksandr Sidorin. Aleksandr is the best referee cause in case a fighter breaks rules –
he doesn’t just penalize him but can kick his ass as well. Last time Aleksandr was a referee but by the end
of a fight he accidentally turned into a fighter and won Grand Prix.  I won’t be surprised if one day he would go to a gym and as a result accidentally became a coach,
and then would go home and mess apartments up, kicked those drunks out and became an owner of that apartment. There is no guarantee he would not kick Amiran ass and become a host of this show.
Please meet Aleksandr the matter of Chance Sidorin. Do you know what he can do? Who is an opponent? No.
Have you seen him fight? Yeap, I have seen one fight. That was the most important one. It was good. Arsen is a good fighter. He is so provocative. Just kidding. Are you ready to fight on guard? I don’t care.
Have you heard about Aleksandr Sidorin? He is coaching everybody; he is super skilled. Yes-yes.
He is not afraid of anything. Nice. He is scared. You are scared. Why did you move back? Let’s give a hug to each other.
I don’t give hugs, enough of that. Here is Sidorin, are you here for money or just of interest or people want to watch you fight?
I think it is all together. You need money, right? As well, yes Or you can judge some fights and then get in one, like you did last time Sash, do you know that we did something that never happened in the history of MMA? I’m sure Dane White will be surprised. Glad to help. Hizir is a like a robot, he fights every month. Here we go, meet my favorite one! Hizir Dozhimkantov, I have got the feeling the universe collapses if at least one release of Fight for Hype
goes on without him. I have got the feeling the universe collapses if at least one release of Fight for Hype
goes on without him.
The universe will collapse the fuck The universe will collapse the fuck Being honest there was nothing to say about Hizir even in the first release,
but the situation hasn’t changed by the 5th one, because it is kind of complicated to say something about the one who
doesn’t say anything about himself. One thing is clear – he definitely likes to take part in fights
but not in those where real fighters are taking part in. Last time he won over a guy who can do a flip,
this time he is going to have a fright with a guy who can make tattoo! Awesome!  Last time he won over a guy who can do a flip,
this time he is going to have a fright with a guy who can make tattoo! Awesome! 
Couple of fights more and we witness him stomping an eye lash master’s ass. Couple of fights more and we witness him stomping an eye lash master’s ass. So, if you got sick and tired of your job, send us a request and we will get the fight
with Hizir lined up for you. Please meet Hizir “The Office Killer” Dozhimkantov. He is going to fight against a tattoo master. Who recognized this guy? Nobody? Of course, nobody! This is another no name guy, not a professional, who is going to fight with Hizir. Veisal Veliev is a tattoo master!
He does tattoo every day and he is going to get punched so soon! That’s al right though, he is a permanent make-up master as well,
so after being punched he will easily make up his face back. Meet Veisal Veliev! Why do you need it? For hype. Yes, and for being advertised as well.
I have been fighting for all my life, I am not a professional though. I am from orphanage and I know how to fight. You mean you have fought literally?
Yes. I grew up on a street, I am not scared. I know what I am doing. It is hard to say, you look like you wear Loui Viton.
Well, I’m trying. Are you getting ready? Of course. It is useless, why. I’m happy to fight against Hizir. I’m glad because it is a good fight,
good promotion and hype. Are you sure you are going to win? Sure! Okay okay I’m not sure for the 100%
I never fought in octagon, only on the streets Yeah, there’s no throwing rocks or something Who’s going to train you? I actually don’t have trainer So, isn’t it too funny we choose easy opponents for you?
Okay, I’m going to stay here doing nothing and keeping silence. Do you feel for him? How do you evaluate your opponent?
Never underestimate your opponent. We will see on the ring. Can we talk to Nikita Krylov, this is our fighter? You are here to support Sasha Sidorin,
what do you think about that story when he won while being a referee. And what do you think now? Aleksandr is awesome, je takes part in every training as a coach. I know how strong he is,
so I don’t have any doubts. I need 1-2 months to get back to shape, he is always in a good shape. He works, never get behind professionals. Do you listen to it? He has a backbone.
He didn’t manage to prove himself as a fighter, but he showed his pupils. Nikita, do you want to be his second? Yes sure, ill support him.
Something is wrong here, Hizir wants to take my cap. Give it back. It is full of lice. This is Kill Bill Tim, my shop. I’m advertising now.
I have my shop- clothes, caps, hoodie and sneakers. Nikita, have you seen anything what we had already uploaded?
Yes, what do you think? You fight for the USA. Well, I’m skeptical about what is going on here because I know how hard professionals work.
I got it man. I see what you are getting at. Yes, that’s right, it is not right when professionals fight against amateurs. Hello, everybody, I have a question to Bill who argued about Anzor.
I want to bet on Anzor’s won. 5000. You are offered bet, not you who make offers.
You either accept the conditions or not. Ye or no. Do you believe in your bro? It is not going to work like this.
He doesn’t accept it, good luck. Ok, we bet on 50 000, good. Find each other later. Hello everybody, my name is Vitalik. I have a question to Aleksandr Sidorin.
What plans do you have for a fight? So, are going to fight with him or not? We will see, I didn’t have any plans with Arsen. I didn’t even make them up.
Just fought with him, that’s it. How are you going to fight? Let’s see. Hi everybody. I have a question to a tattoo master, are you not afraid
to injure your fingers in this case you won’t be able to work. My hands were broken two times. Not a big deal.
This guy is tough, he is on the street. Let’s do face to face. Go to that side Hizir, and you, come over here.
In my cap. Watch him look around. Cheer for him. And you, move a little. Come closer. The main fight was yesterday. Professional fight are nice to watch.
This is most prepared, interesting fight.
Everybody voted to out them together. Nickolay Danilov and Arsen Abakarov. Hello! Hello. Opinions. Opinions. Well, I would win if I was not tired. I am tired. I am done. Thank you for that fight, the video is surfing around the Internet.
I am Aleks Kardo, do you remember how I knock you down? Let’s acknowledge Aleks, he did a half of the show.
If he wouldn’t behave like this nobody would want him being defeated. Arsen Okay, we made it to the main fight of tonight.
A legendary fighter from Dagestan meet his rival Nickolay Danilov. So to say, in case you want to meditate and fall asleep watch a video with them. Find a video on YouTube called sounds of silence – that’s them. Arsen is an old – timer in our show, he has been here since the first fight,
the only thing we still know about him is that he is a fighter from Dagestan. He doesn’t like trash talks, he likes to beat people. He doesn’t like to have his ass kicked,
that’s why he kicks all other asses. Arsen don’t want anybody win, so he is ready to kick everybody ‘s asses. Meet the fighter from Dagestan – Arsen Abakarov. Arsen, thank you. This fight was supposed to happen long time ago,
and it is happening now. It is going to be the most spectacular. I don’t know who is favorite. Are you getting ready? Yes. Have you got injured? No. Arsen always talks like he is with a doctor. Like he is at appointment.
No, nothing is disturbing me, okay, let me go now. No injures? No. Here is our favorite! Meet a destroyer, Belorussian Hulk – Nickolay Danilov! Last fight Nickolay’s rival wanted to start a carnage with a chainsaw but got knocked over instead. Now Nickolay’s rival is not a loud ring announcer but well known fighter from Dagestan. As I said before, based on previous fights, their credo as less words – more beating. So, in case it is not interesting now, wait for an octagon for more action! Meet the main participant of an upcoming fight – Nickolay Danilov. First fight was supposed to happen when you were not ready. Now everything is clear. What do you think? Arsen is an awesome opponent. I need to get ready.
Fight is fight; it is another contest where you have to be ready. Are you serious abou it? Yes. Not like with Kardo? I treat him seriously as well. He was waiting for the right moment to knock him down, moving slowly around the ring. Kardo was about to fall while this one was not touching him and thinking – don’t fall.
He knocked him down the end. There was a bonus, that’s the thing. Yes, and then he fell.
There were a lot of moments when I could blow him. But I didn’t do it. I wanted to act gracefully. This is honest. Arsen what do you bet on? On the guard. And you? Let’s see.
They are not fighter being honest. They just did their guard, that’s it. Do you think this fight is going to be over early?
I don’t know, this one is a heavy lifter, this one is big. I don’t know. Do you have a favorite? This on. I respect Arsen as well. This fight is up to first blow. I think Arsen wins this fight through his speed, and it is going to be the second round. In the first round they are going to just watch each other. I would bet on Arsen. How many rounds to make? Three five-minute rounds, because it is the main fight.
3 is not enough. Let’s do 3 for you and five for you. He will finish it and go away.
Then you. Let’s do five five-minute rounds. Arsen agrees. It is going to be spectacular, and it is kinda predictive. Based on previous rounds
Arsen started breath hard by the end of the first round. Nickolay was breathing good Nickolay’s opponent was kinda… so, who is a favorite to you? Nickolay, he is more functional. Can you tell us what you think about it. They are all favorites,
but I’m going to root for my homie from Dagestan. Are you together? I know him very well. Where is Marat? He is getting married tomorrow. I have a question for you, Arsen. I saw you fighting, it was a decent win.
What tactics do you have? A guard? Let’s see how it goes. The question is about rounds. You have decided to do three five-minute ones.
But I think they are heavy weights; it is not going to be easy. Arsen is a professional, he has been getting ready for it for his whole life. He has been fighting
for 5 minutes for all his life. Never he did 3-minute round, me neither. This all good for us. A question to Daniil. Last fight you were broken morally down, before the fight.
A question for you. How do you know you are going to win? He did a show, you know. When you watch a performance, what do you think?
This person behaves the way he wants, and it is my choice to react back or not. Usually Marat is coming by. Who is your coach? You perform awesome.
I am exercising by myself. I am a coach to myself. No coach? No. And you? The girl that trains you knows about the mix of the fights. She is your coach?
Karina is a box coach. She is a Europe boxing champion. So, she is telling what to do and you listen to her? Yes. Let’s face to face. This is an awesome fight. Nickolay Danilov vs Arsen Abakarov.
Come closer. Nice! That’s it.10 fights and 20 fighters! You will see them soon!
This is going to be awesome. Fight for Hype is coming soon.

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