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Почему Чахкиев отказался драться с Емельяненко?

Почему Чахкиев отказался драться с Емельяненко?

Rakhim Chakhkiev Olympic boxing champion summoned fighter of mixed martial arts Alexander Emelianenko to a boxing match. The reason was the resentment of Chakhkiev for boxing as a sport. More precisely, Rakhim was outraged that in the boxing confrontation between weightlifter Koklyaev and a mixed-style fighter Emelianenko there was no beauty of boxing. In response, Emelianenko proposed to conduct the fight according to the rules not of boxing, but of MMA. The Olympic medalist categorically refused to fight in the style of mixed martial arts, saying that he prefers classics to them. Why didn’t Rakhim Chakhkiev defend his reputation as an expensive sport for him and tactfully move away from the topic? One of the main reasons, perhaps, is that Rakhim did not correctly understand the proposal of Alexander Emelianenko to “fight according to the rules of MMA”. Probably, the boxer presented himself to a fight for the championship belt between Conor McGregor and Habbib Nurmugamedov in October last year, when the fight really ended in a mass brawl. Thus, Chakhkiev’s refusal to fight according to the rules of MMA may be due to the fact that the Olympic champion prefers to play in individual rather than group competitions. Or Rakhim decided not to mess with Emelianenko because of the key phrase of the latter in the video response to the boxer. Alexander made it clear to her that he currently prefers alcohol exclusively to Akhmat tea. Thus, it is possible that Chakhkiev refused the fight due to the fact that he was simply not ready to fight not with the “Drunken Master”, as many had previously called Alexander, but with a fighter in good physical shape. The fact that the imposition of boxing rules on the opponent is connected with Rakhim’s insecurity in his abilities is also evidenced by his response video message to Alexander. Indeed, if you think about it, then focusing on the duration of the battle, Chikhkaev hints at the poor endurance of Emelianenko, which arose due to his long-term addiction to alcohol. Thus, Rahim not only refuses to fight with Alexander according to the rules of MMA, but also, from hopelessness, turns to the individual. Friends, no matter what the real reason for Rahim’s refusal to fight with Alexander is, the leadership of the RenTV channel has already begun preparations for the athletes ’fight. Now the main question is only the choice of a discipline suitable for the competition of athletes, which would balance their chances of winning. It is known that neutral sports are considered.For example, figure skating, which, despite its elegance, at the same time requires athletes to be in good physical shape. Or football penalties, in which, however, judging by the number of tattoos, Emelianenko’s advantage is felt. Or enter the jumps so that, regardless of who wins, the fighters can get satisfaction from the competition, enjoying the observation of each other’s fall. Subscribe to the channel. Everything with humor and write in the comments what you think about this. Like if you like this video. Thanks for attention. Bye.

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12 thoughts on “Почему Чахкиев отказался драться с Емельяненко?

  1. Здравствуйте друг мой добрый день Вам 🙏🙏🙏🖐🖐🖐1 лайк от меня супер видео 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Опустив тему видео, скажу что самый удачный кадр в ролике – тот, где показано руководство РЕН-ТВ. Ну а эти ребята и без нас разберуться, кто из них прав, кто трус, а кто победитель. Поживем, увидим!

  3. Пора бы оставить уже эти сплетни наводить повсюду.
    Боксёр пресрасно понимает,что такое смешанный стиль боя.
    Если боксер не попал в голову
    То борец сломает тебе конечность.
    И наоборот.
    Так что. Оба крепкие,но разные бойцы.

  4. Чахкиев не реализовался на профи ринге, а в мма он вообще не сможет ничего. Вывод: чахкиев вновь обосрался 👍

  5. Надо было с Романчуком бокс показывать ,а не с Емельяненко -борцом),а так мы все видели как в 2004-м сначала Романчук на задницу посадил и выбросили полотенце-сдались,а потом в 2006-м во втором и третьем раунде в нокдаун тот же Романчук отправил.Вот там доказывать надо было.Если бы Романчука не подстрелили и потом не сел,то и медали на Олимпиаде не видать было как своих ушей.

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