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Чемпион Стрелки против Безработного !!!

Чемпион Стрелки против Безработного !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the third fight of tonight It’s not an evening yet though We have a champion of Strelka from Saratov His nickname is Ardent He fights 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, one vs 10… He’s an interesting and fast fighter He didn’t make it to the finals last year But he opened season 2 in St. Petersburg, Applause! To the left we have a fashionable bearded man from Skolkovo. Applause! He has no job, no skills, but a huge will to win It’s gonna be an interesting one. Good luck, guys. To the center Remember the rules. Be active, stay honest. Listen to my commands. It’s Strelka, there’s no time limit, no judge’s decision, it all depends on you. To the corners. Fighters ready? To the center You didn’t even get what happened? Well you’ve won Let’s start with you. You’re here for a reason. It was an interesting fight I want to say hello to my small town Big thanks to Strelka organisators … for doing it in our region I want to shake your hand, well done Shake his hand instead Well done for doing such tournaments in Russia For coming to different cities It’s very cool to have an opportunity to come show yourself We are regular guys of streets who come here to fight My opponent is very good, respect It looked like you were too tense psychologically. What happened? I was nervous I wouldn’t get here in time. I’m in St. Pete for the first time. I went a long way and was worried I wouldn’t be in time Next time come a little earlier Have a rest and come back. You have great potencial. You’re really tough I can see that Good luck and applause! It’s your show time now Do I have to say a manifesto? I just got lucky It’s a lie, don’t downplay yourself My opponent is a great kicker, I’ve seen his fights He sees through you, don’t lie Do you do any sports? Looks like it I did like 10 years ago I think you’re lying I’m telling the truth Thanks everyone for coming here I was hoping not to get knocked out But instead you got lots of experience on your account and participation in the finals I’m lucky today Good luck and thanks for coming. Applause!

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24 thoughts on “Чемпион Стрелки против Безработного !!!

  1. А где чемпион стрелки то?Чет чет не видно может он за рингом ходил?

  2. Я че я так мне повезло …. Я просто случайно умею ломать руки , а так я просто мимо шел и никогда не дрался 🙂

  3. Опять Володе попался соперник ""который ничем не занимался ""😁😁😁😁😁

  4. نريد الترجمه العربيه مثل اول 😭😭💔 ارجوكم

    لايك يا شباب عشان يشوفوها

  5. Друзья. Вот этот аккаунт мой, настоящий. Тот не мой, хотя ссылается на меня. Умные люди разберуться.

  6. Да безработных чёткий борцуха, я видел таких, как минимум всю юность занимались борьбой.

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