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트와이스 (TWICE) x Nature Collection Official 2018 Calendar

트와이스 (TWICE) x Nature Collection Official 2018 Calendar

Hey guys, how’s it going Sam. So I’m here in Seoul at this Nature Collection shop And they have this twice calendar. Unfortunately, it’s only for contest winners, so I couldn’t get one…at least yet But then we take a video of it, so you have to see all the pictures So I’m gonna move it actually right here and Yeah, we’ll get a short video and show you guys all the pictures so here. It is 2018 twice Let’s put onto this side actually, this is December 2017, but it starts here On this side so us under side only January, Sana Sorry, hard to flip February, Jeongyeon, can you hold this? March, Dahyun Equals a five member shot with Jeong yeon, Chaeyoung, Mina, Jihyo and Momo May, four member shot Tzuyu, Sana, Dahyun and Nayeon June, Jihyo July, Chaeyoung August is Momo September a whole group shot October, Mina big hat November, Nayeon And December Tzuyu with some reindeer ears, pretty cute That’s it calendar and there’s 2019 cover in the back. Yeah there we go just Twice 2018 calendar All right cool. Thanks for watching guys It’s been this nature collection in 2018 calendar at nature collection Try to get one if I can but thank you to the store for letting me film it and I’ll see guys next time bye

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