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► Pillars Of Eternity ► Gameplay ► Pt. 2

► Pillars Of Eternity ► Gameplay ► Pt. 2

okay guys! welcome to him its attorney a rag getter nerdgasm sent you remember what happened yeah of somebody we barely made it arrested for camp died
an hour in this place and and I am barrels also now for small for explore everywhere redoing say sponsor there is a way dei like it fast Mar active with the double
bastard slowed fastness long on is half speed fast
artist I’ll spin okay alright so I little hourglass that’s where we came from alright so you actually you here iraq to inspect the rest I just found a
way to move around the gym tell me about 0 look at that you hold down your little
you’ll scroll wheel you open your mouth you can hold that down to tip and the place so you tell me
about the arrows like that me he said okay if you will
want with their okay here’s something know we love the route has been blocked
off by folded rubber way all right bring address lecturing
everybody eicher thanks lacks house everyone going under okay here we are a much before now know it’s early view we look tonight sometime arrested I would happen
out there when storm have the kind the only
getting air gun back not too many people live
through them the tart know it’s true the clan back to
use his tongue twister killing me word is Buick or whatever to them it’s the gods way everything was
sold to the lead couldn’t find their own way home but bill take a living soul as soon as the
deadline so got yours will contact us plant backends those be
the hot dwellers a devil warned you about
look to be phasing gallon with twitches a lot they go ruined forever looking for $5 to call this or
Dana I think if we have expected this I think
he half expect this one to be lost the main road the okay I don’t believe
that animal would never allow it but as much
as the banks are hotheads let Pakistan attack without being provoke even they saw something that got the
wrong idea or she’d like to send the passage be his leaders in here with us it’s not
something we need right now okay what about everyone else mckarrick
slot machines collect his lips pressed together her
chin rebels from state the wheels got hold now we’ll gots grants that better luck in your
next life the that survey this with a collar as the club death the wheel you will seem too upset about this she looked me in the eye abolish ago did
run in a medieval as yes I know maybe you just don’t know you’ve got to know what upset looks like
and maybe I’ve seen worse to you see worsen kept on walking cuz there’s
nothing else to be done and cousin other people you care about
you still need you hi by let’s keep going I’ve added and twitchy much look good for your
first alright but see our pack I talk to people which each and there’s a little as welfare mom we’re not done this place
higher let’s check it out 00 look at this seems alright guys where are you guys who are you all the
way back there blood alkaline all up in here everybody come together
by the way you probably gonna lie make it happen pressing f5 attacked by five is quick steps oh that’s like light on my laptop so I have to actually
placed press the Fn and press okay sorry alright cell look at those symbols shiny love to track I really believe it’s a trap it looks
like hunting ground alright %uh come on we’re not done misplaced now so I wanna hear this she had to take
traps gas I know it’s a trap it’s not just lying there look pretty
something’s wrong ripened United check them well I’m not walking on it that’s for sure its its a que hearsay do
it I just show you way this me take our there okay go down you select you are wrong Anish care carriage is Kai very happy
about this and then you have Skype thing its what the heck was at now is detected on
the strip perhaps and want to detect to trap you can
attempt to disable it cool so the road early good for a affair are you supposed to have all the
intellect is now no anybody can disarm a trap if you have
the skill for I’ll have to have on a show you’ll and actually got to know mechanics disarmed difficulty to traps well can you learn what’s up to you like
a while you’re going on your journey can you also learn and develop skills as you
go on what yeah when when you gain a level you
can develop them are see you don’t have any points in the mechanics so you can’t
disarm any traps for you and scrolls okay school I guess think that best way
to find that out justly CE because free class can can to some troubling Mass Effect it would
be characters die i’mma be so upset you start to like you know like them and
stuff have a feeling something bad would happen so wait a minute okay so if your
character dies in a real life in the game that sounds stupid but it the guys in
real life and it doesn’t come back then that’s gone for ever every
character dies third ensure our 78 at whether EPA die when their health
reaches their apps little green bar but they can also died from that’s too so events that I can’t control as some you can say you can’t word be’s where what do these icons you
know we look at this camp so you can set up camp you can do
formation sweets you can attack law all instantly back swell you inventory look at that we go back here you messed around well I was exploring do that can’t be in
two places at once I know there’s our back there’s just a with trying to do everything some bussey I wanna take you to the MEMS I didn’t miss it I was gonna go back
there pair the fast lane us closer and scout on there on Scoutmob since gather last should who km a seat there’s a pic Michael untapped
up there something let’s take all and take over here as well alright way which was this is a the the read the
right hand side chain you discovered some camping supplies you
can use these to rest in the wilderness or dungeons fully
restoring all your character’s abilities and how easy difficulty allows you carry
more camping supplies with hard restrict them severely you fully run out to camping supplies
tried to find most have cheap rooms available well
thanks that helps a lot let’s look into inventory show if there’s anything that we can use
because my health as well lol way to get all the way like potion a
minor a see where is your help that way you
cannot you know regenerate health except arrest
well art by potions which I probably
shouldn’t say for a battle for the ball handling really only really powerful potion you don’t have
access to yet that well should be camp here not less
if they get there what the strongholds in quite a bit
healthier I have a strong Althea so I’ll more look at the back sweetener okay so the traps are over here we’re
over here okay so yeah when is that as an egg interrupted I alright all right way oh oh snap okay that’s
what does alright alright guys so I I guess we can just go back here eight minutes for us cover
photo all right let’s go back over here to the
traps okay so if we disarm the traps then okay what’s your K what’s good is strongholds left all and
right alt okay sheesh okay so look alright so how do I make disarm it you know about right he can’t disarm it about this one well no UK in OK was act out by you walked right over perhaps yeah I was
trying to do that she’s offended no better not to walk directly on it geez ish characters will follow your orders choosing the lesser okay so obviously is failing to do this so
you’re going to find it just are all straps I would suggest going on for now come back to this or I
can try Dakota now they don’t I i just want to screens nobody else has mechanics and nobody else yeah mean you should
rest for now because he looks like he’s really like the now I’m telling you don’t lie about
Ono that person geez okay some that’s going to happen okay we’re not splitting up splitting up
splitting up we’re all going together there’s not
like lord have mercy there somebody there cap what the heck is that that was a
good work the bonds is that interesting okay well yeah I guess we can the all attack now
it all right we’re gonna go in a tack move
which is a alright and we’re all going attack
this guy go ahead to doing scouting load is used both for stealth
overflow:hidden object like tractors you containers bus carrying your character
selection circles will start to fill with yellow week after start to detect them was the
circle build your character suspicious elude investigate while the circle
filled with your mom I me with your mom whatever moving toward character sellers
how quickly they will attack you if you actually touch this election
circle the character with your own it you will immediately be detected troubling sickly creature emerges from
the dark watching spear doubling double yellows and Ed whatever the Red Storm for sale but you recognize
it as a historic it watches you cautiously briefing in
racquet size I the sort recoils I wouldn’t catch it figure still
wrapped tightly knit spear the preacher cockpit approaches use of QuickBooks
update for the back of throat could be just the surrounded by the pic
edgers steps backers use defensive posture raiser at your hands a standstill the creature cocks in the produce of
looking so evasion back growth I she’s I don’t wanna hurt it do what I heard it I one light it to be your friend that’s possible re: okay the EPA should just maybe she’s being me okay it didn’t work okay well you know I tried by: to kill go obviously doesn’t want to
hurt me when you approach did you can just left them alone what can I
choose not to wake you know a you and the choices and you’ve made
your choice no well I thought I could get around
this isn’t fair I don’t wanna kill it though can I just went away now why its you have to kill it you’ve made your
day with his friends come after our friends flaked you’ve made your choice now it’s gonna
ruin my reputation great this is perfect Siri all this is awful I do want that to happen yeah salt sorry guys I just if you really bad this is really really awful so messed up
to you now alright we’ll I hope its sister and
brother don’t come and find like you know what you do your child
that sounds fantastic you know I or anything you hear any interest know there the traffic is
what right back around cell you when I think answer yeah
obviously so let’s go back this way and even if there’s anything else here there’s nothing but this man thats that
and come by hello so we have to go to chap now there’s other places to explore you just
haven’t gone at way what about this place your sense of
direction is so shut up shut up I no what’s that I’ll
let us okay say Len K something isn’t here all right let’s Scout first yeah I don’t know did
something wrong with this okay okay let’s all its all all field Scout alert right now okay no here alright alright okay us just like the time yeah you think a
single character was described as pillar and on white bread here wat brassiere like a brawl like you know
breast holder our brassiere as a as a it a fire simple genius just okay it could be late if you had
meets loot touch your fiery yes faves can go safely in the press the air
waiting i mean widening their way up hi but this one too okay right guys like that yeah breast alright yet to why every single these things for
you to say when the traps and the other tweaking well thanks for
spoiling nap well you know you wanna other K ok feels to hear okay i right my lord okay there anything else appear yeah I do it so dark up there my gun %uh and there’s a saying over there that’s
disappearing into the okay yeah and not be fowler really did what is that thing anyway well I’m their
spirits okay we can handle it just really wanna
bet the one thing you do not want to be is
loaded so let’s all go and kill it alright first thing I’m gonna deal I
will use my as Eric attack and the you you’re gonna
do year knocked out attacking you you’re gonna
do lab lighting strike on this day
everybody go ok you feel climb its curse of your I did iraq a we did it yeah he take all baby how do you feel red take a we have a knack steel pole
axe wake you but these things now we have
the web there should be a quick look at me you can go into your and mentoring okay
Philip see here this is hands the I actually torch are 83 crush May 7-Eleven I’ll will hide right click for details littler
capital about today alright what’s this one hand
the end years ago that’s boots wayward knows this was in
your hands weapon sets quick items way impairing your weapons 08 that’s just a this assistant for it or try to curb their given okay %ah but think that tax actually have to
use hatchets so let’s take this 0.1 inch and yeah is across pro-israel sold to all manana Rangers 0 will really work is the other acts now actually in in the same I L okay if chance she is like do it I actually
probably shouldn’t she’ll in one hand me that make sense night here yes and you have your knives often accuracy blah blah blah blah Cal learn
as I go ahead whatever let’s quick save real quick at
five okay alright what is this place you loses dude Schuster just keep exploring that is nasty okay guys check this out every single one of us that’s like from vision oil mock clings to anything
it touches so that the better from spider if you look at the face to you viciously got something docket tar-like runs dowd this a lawyer the shapes and
apologies in the or suggest that’s something
night’s BET but you can obtain what use your waters
get to clear use yeah you know scary you’re in steals away
maybe like an intricately for over a month the base the Sunburst surrounding it he does a
chipped away at the places but the day is obedient from the dyed
the girls o’hare I didn’t do Luigi’s I’ll be
deployed here’s a still a showcase remarkable
Grafton’s one I saw because I am the agenda feel
is that the other wayward at the gym from shaver begins to roll stray rock the
done thing I’ve got so that they look like her fag largest section holds a while gives away by here goes shattered body mando out well hello look at back should be
going here should we go back to the traps I would have two people can like all the
same journey wait what scouts it go all that didn’t work too well that it i
right sees way that thing and you let’s use your thing and you let’s use your thing go ahead everybody
attack where you staying and I think a strong your heart is not
looking so good which I can’t really pick up the she’s but is this anyway lose plasma what does it do okay getting ready to
for layers that whatever alright now we what going there up whole tab see if there is something lou amethyst okay alright and anything else you get a close Kunin
mo Kay you can even see it star ag’s picked up
a close okay we’re at right now Tony Viteri in fine okay will wear the
clothes way to go way your stash that stash hangs with cash will be here but we should drink the
beers he broke a went down there Oakland go to Asha Asha stumbling around us too bossy pair whites now and a high C okay so we are here you can see that picked up a Meyer cloaked protection okay so I wonder who we could
use for may be holy because he’s the one
with the he doesn’t have a lot HP to begin with
and I don’t wanna lose him because he really was back in d whatever deactivate the trap so I
think I want to use it for himself %ah I’m gonna get put in the cloak at right there there you go home n you gonna be okay buddy gonna be just
fine gonna help you’re gonna get you some
help right all right let’s go back to the traps now alright cell let’s go to map this is an
easy way to get back to where we need to be. she’s down here we turn Off the Map begins press backspace and make everyone
can go here should we just wait for them to come up here we go so E %uh rabbi all right now we’re gonna go
in Scout boat geyser and poet alright let’s go check
this out now well there’s still more the dungeon way
how much should be tonight is are these all this art like can I walk Elise wait was it her
glowing are those the ones are still activated
look okay I did not track the okay for up wait a minute hotline it well okay you gonna be re-hired me right Council fresh air I think we founded sons stock to alright so now we have to go across
alright %uh Dakota I let you go like I’d are just
follow followed in are alright you can just go straight across careful here fall careful careful careful on up OK now for me well I hate when the shadows do that need so
annoying ha K we all did you guys good job you all right let’s go have a feeling that the israeli
President good thing I like about this game is at least it pauses when you when you world you like her
spires in here i’d I just felt it had got more coverings by
able with the spiders in stopping I had a
feeling they were going to spiders up in this thing okay look well okay let’s go let’s go alright alright so me where do you this sir day you you’re gonna knocked acting out and
review you’re gonna use that alright everybody
attack going too fast holy crap do something thank you big okay she’s so annoying to the spiders way work by the park okay she’s behind
their we can’t we can’t lead anything it sucks
lol whatever check out there’s anything else
here check it out over here 3 its head see what’s around the corner you could I’ll will be right here but you need to be careful cell go ahead he alright okay I way where are we disagree key
backroom lower i think is really came back here
are not okay way think it is it’s different or something over here I think it’s a
hey what’s this shadows were you can only hold it how
did doing holiday that were you freaking you what do you do it wait what the hell okay now no no you’re
gonna go back over the tracks to you you see now we have a disaster what
would possess you to do something like that idiot let’s go back over here something idiot let’s go back to the
group come on now stop doing that that’s just that’s too
strong a word is just wrong you’re behind back only 8 left by her
match your body she’s now he’s pretty psychological where tired body actively
playing a character builder time care transport especially when they get the
combat is good at directions also result back keep their special eagerly the athletic skill blah blah blah blah
blah to go through multiple stages but the
Meijer Pittsburgh roads in your free time resting in the israeli army fatigues
about law okay so we’ll have to camp out here okay
well worth it no no no stop it okay that’s the only way I you can open the
door that’s fine but I think we all should be resting right now okay source take-offs got it right now
okay like is really camp I think any day left in every way okay
camping supply it from here I’ll I’m just just saying how you do it and on can’t be will use one set of camping supplies do you like
yes let’s rest also killed cool by no milo orkut are you know wait that was it are
rushing to sit down a campfire interact okay ever okay that works ok well rested we don’t have kept
supplies we have a lot more what’s fun okay obviously whatever this door is right here Holden think that it
would be necessary to go back around across the tracks to go find it so are the starving or what not so we’re
not gonna do that right this minute OG’s whole really did Wellsburg overcharged for about okay yeah okay here we go use my cat big cat thinks he worked out
so well for all of us okay let’s see %uh 2 per encounter Maley only caused little
damage a yes I did okay you know what yet what was
your first newsletter okay with this live the target alright everybody go yeah ppl the book may be rested though that would
be terrible well that was easy I look at that guys
are douches low by Lil cat thank those things were okay they would
like like weirds army-backed things guess you
can’t wait for the beaver let’s just check this entire place to
make sure there’s nothing else it attack alright seem to be okay I think we are entirely alone all right let’s go its wait a minute
hole on yet that that’s that’s really whatever
reason that was there we get anything from those guys saying
issued ACA feel that way talking about the way
having Danica up there someplace up here now well geez you’re more spiders again okay so I think you guys in here let’s go go
okay way way way can see that guy okay else does this railing me oh my god yeah law what is this tale dried spells the jury you live dry spell 0n start the himself it’s it’s it I
couldn’t really read it properly okay I you dry spells stop summer the flurry flying ball slightly
emmys in the area I’ll kill you can use yes yes barriers I’ll alright let’s use
it okay okay anything in the area affected
scanner instead enemies in say friends doesn’t matter it’s an randi wright
everything i right just keep that in mind alright well just
have to make sure that they don’t get hurt wait a minute okay way that’s bad let me just yeah okay I can’t really
just told attack you know what me our house have been attacked the soil
any you attacked this one I’ll see what
happens a boy I characters away let’s see here okay
let you go over year I want you go seriously okay okay go go back to hear and you go back to their that’s why what
you guys doing noted oh my gosh oh 2008 honus was to go out here do okay now nice guy okay yeah but dreaded spell why did you just
redirect both have your characters because I was gonna be was spelling it
would hurt them so trying to get them out of the way so the spell back by the way okay so
been focused so much on casting that one Spell you left your main character loan
miscues fighters yeah I figured spell be powerful enough
to you let I have another not really long time
just jump off okay you and by the way I’m okay second video area and you a wants you to use a this and I want you to do your blinding
spell by the spider thank you wait what why my picture going red because you almost time are you can almost time to go my HP fine
so I the Green Line is not like all the way down but the pictures
like has impact right like coming out ray if they’re
picture goes completely red you get knocked out for the fight if the green bar goes all the way around
you know CI okay wiser spike okay what more could be possible uses
for campaign materials said and sell them why would anyone Aspire sometimes a
reason recipes okay you guys look through here check that out Menard get all over the place okay and here’s something else Jasper guess we can sell goals there’s nothing else actually let’s go and equip that help it
to somebody now hold you need it more than anybody else so let’s go to our stash and of this whole she’ll probably need one yet because you have a shield where in
the helmet Republica leather armor go ahead we need you cell we have to do
you think also you have armor I A have somewhat armor wall hide a battle that’s for where is the
freaking a worse the freaking helmet I’ll his
helmet the prime want your stash its not in my stash real I’m our armor ganar other artists in the club okay alright so holding you can have a health stuff like wear down the character mmm alright forget to go about our map okay what’s this when attack it the blah blah blah it is
reduced by the blah blah blah blah blah but it could greatly we’re gonna go
outside now dust storm has abated I’ll play 60 tear what happened 0 hear something Ono this is a look good
older robed bad for bigger Stancil what it before
other-worldly up at Caracas and agent structure a chisel
Acura and Metallica baines inscrutable in all this looming like asylum observer standing motionless in their meds is
what appears to be a human body kohl is a stone or ash the other figures
gaze upon it in what might be contemplation from your vantage plea you’re well obscured from your view the
face I’ll what are the figures is distantly
visible framed by a long tendrils of oily gray tension dark hair teenage at the dark ends me not carried I think
their deceased obscure all traces promotion has faded rose our dryer with
Rudy clay which unlike anything you’ve received this has crow with a strange black address the two
protrusions jetting out one on either side like the wings have some professional
level creature interesting really Jagdeo agency this man has news last his and regarded among let his life i’d he me the world Bri mushy your brother is done is C said side will you take experts steep stem should bring lives douche go by the board walk upstairs open Easter Egg its spending like a
bullet suicide her oh my god even easter egg Wow brightness dude did really Ford instinct the apparatus goes quiet
in the air still and all at once iraq suffered a
concussion what with a concussive surge like floods your fishing you were
knocked to the ground your head snapped back as you land paid
well into the back use coal washing your last thought the way into the black guy
just wide okay continue you open your eyes a
different place another time you stand a circular room granite dome its walls
lined with add ring true but copper styles aged the chambers and weathered
barring and a great pillar or a great killer
abacha pierces the floor from below like a rag spike shivering texture
giving the illusion boundless encircling the pillar is an
apparatus much like the one you just see but it
meant and multifaceted and intertwined the work perhaps 30 just but featured okay press Continue day okay you got to yours and not yours am the seat exist before you think them the all questions person questions troubling questions
questions that must be answered or green have an app at the base a pillar now you see a menu saying I with a fic great beard indeed ceremonial
role then oil coming off with his Cowles his oil
here top geek a black out here Payne said that before it’s all over and
a strange ornamental headdress you know this man you’re walking towards
him now at a pace says hurry while trying not to appear so you have something you would ask him
well questionable and the question spins madly your mind I got to choose a question geez but is
it way where your way kid to find your ladies has ok helping out there right all your
place was something farmer concerning feet with pressure are
about edge if you’re hearing like ringing in your ears does not
subside lil bit plates through your periphery when you turn
look you can see no sign of whatever but you find your keys really don’t. this
week and poultry paraguay take this sickness it maintains to go without
treatment mom figures at them she said froze in
place measure blood replaced by Sanders Nash
the man who led the store DC code and click scan like bloody on the in even koppel’s our bikes
twisted naturally my okay I really don’t wanna hear that
my friend right now your love for for help gilded bail baby your best hope
receiving treatment before things get worse are you serious lol wired a day I gang-related why brain okay take your stuff guys I’m
sorry I love you guys so much by I need these first ok okay okay this is terrible really really messed up ritual killed
them to kill me now that’s the question %uh how all these 3 oceans acts oh my gosh she’s voices in my head
is driving me nuts dude okay I guess I here okay let’s check out these guys vessel flash meeting what is and got hi okay I’ll my sweetie now de klerk from that
compass or to Barnes K compass now and then on the game at their now about contract old the pale you can travel to something
that’s great can only travel to somewhere you’ve either been before where am I don’t even tell where I am
your your here where the golden symbols share I be steered delivery a lot by Ricky 25
European and the the could get dragged be so awesome courses you can writers
like UN forces in this may be very I yeah I 50 do I have time i right so way hack the guild unveils a small town south and here you have to show on the
road get there share okay well I’m guessing since this
is all the way at the right hand corner probably here your minute for somebody
is dead right now my god okay are you know what first thing I’m gonna
do you up with like a quick myself the whole bunch of knots I mean Wow just not midst of that was
weird okay he sell on to other things so you can I concur cell acts I heard that came from that is maybe utterly tired you at the them yet but
I’m not saying from gramma I don’t know you I don’t know all right let’s get the cloak on has I really need the cloak yeah so I’m I think alright let’s keep going keep going what is back wire their ghosts running everywhere wire there get people all over yonder it
was this refereed K maybe I should get some water nope okay okay attempt no well my fighting no develop a boon it so you’ll all and okay well you’re gonna die I will you’re
gonna die do this well don’t how other attack I’m sorry Walt you should have attacked
me then soared watch me know kill you so terrible way but the animals what’s this settlers arrow you can even with the war I can’t touch
it %uh now I can oh my god what was that
there’s something waiting down here maybe it’s a ghost great Riley you guys maybe try to leave the town and how did little to help me my condition and why can’t I see so annoying okay let’s go that’s thats west way first i are you not us out Hubbard all now in the the game but you have to go in that
direction like you tryna trap he came to school now it actually
works like that that’s awesome yes that’s how it works okay well here
we go here kill the bill 8 hours do that’s a
long time he sleep I I can’t believe that cialis get holder dead Wow that that’s very disappointing
survey really did they were good friends I’m a gonna get more friends I mean here
we go here we are rabbi right now up there’s a town okay so just keep going time well I love okay hello everyone who are you guys settlers welcome to give will be pleased
to know had some recent the kids I are you madeleine waters him already course will need to be accepting Ste the inestimable iraq said taking great insulate from wide see to holla Shyam and in born without a soul us load has made it his first priority to
in I should Street here in have a special place the city charlatans the which would hide said its which me child need without his should will have to wait recanted after the bell tolls from right
reads signaled find temporary accommodations at the
just West okay answer Southwest here okay illustrators as a close call
with be whack in there somewhere in town above Obama okay ok maybe I should mention like
place but companies offers said additions its really after she had some she wouldn’t misplaced trust back shoe software lol ever said troll drop to chip costing not shit mine sprawled sects stayed okay I saw some people doing stuff what does
that mean what mine were you mention it
trespassing and where ru we got too much dangerous you probably
saw some attempting some you ritual to appease the gods people tried these days barrett et merci we certainly
have whatever anyway guys gonna stop it right here I
really like and suscribe will see more pillows arbitrary you now
see you later

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