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❖ Geralt and Yennefer | Fight till the end. [The Witcher]

❖ Geralt and Yennefer | Fight till the end. [The Witcher]

You can’t contend with me. That scent. Every time you leave. It’s when it fades. When you’re already gone. Is not what you came for? I came for you. Forgive me. I dreamed… of becoming important to someone. Someday.

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91 thoughts on “❖ Geralt and Yennefer | Fight till the end. [The Witcher]

  1. oh my gosh, i knew that your editing with them would be damn epic and i'm not disappointed. it's so beautiful, i wanna cry ❤️
    they are so perfect together, it's crazy! thank you sis for this video and sure as hell i feel inspired now! ;>

    Beautiful Edit, really love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. yes yes yes YES!!!! The cast is PERFECT. Yennefer stole my heart so hard. These two… chef's kiss, I cannot find the words to describe how i feel about this all. I'm so happy. And that vid! HOW POWERFUL THEY ARE

  4. Ohhh I didn't finished it yet but I am amazed of these scenes so much that I can't wait when I will finish the show.. So beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️

  5. What I love here? Color, editing, lines across pictures, couple, music….. Hmmm… I LOVE EVERYTHING. But to be honest, for first time I couldn't watch your video amount 15 sec. But there's a delicious part came after this 15 sec and I didn't regret a thing! Total rewatch and 100 likes from me!

  6. I was initially skeptical about the choice but 8 episodes in, I felt Yennefer's casting was the best in the series…
    But triss was the worst, if you have played the game and have that in mind

  7. i’ve been waiting since Friday evening (when i finished season 1) for someone to finally make the 1st The Witcher edit and OMGH this was 100% worthy waiting for!

  8. I didn't read books or played game , so i dont know what happens with Ciri ? Is she going to be their daughter? Or she will grow up and be his wife? Yes please to spoilers .

  9. This Video i just awesome no words just perfect never stop i could learn something from you i put in the last few days very hard work in my Videos and you would make my day if you could check it out and say your opinion:)

  10. Two emblematic characters forming one of the best couples in all Fantasy. The monsters hunter and the sorceress 😀

  11. You didn't waste no time making this😂. But this is literal perfection, darling 👌. I loved the whole thing but 0:58 did for me

  12. 00:59 It was the most unnecessary scene in this season but damn… You really used it like a masterpiece. Maybe I should think about this scene twice 😀

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