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彫心鏤骨 五味隆典の覚悟とPRIDE榊原元社長の思い – Yesterday’s Heroes, Tomorrow’s Legends

彫心鏤骨 五味隆典の覚悟とPRIDE榊原元社長の思い – Yesterday’s Heroes, Tomorrow’s Legends

You never forget the UFC
once you’ve seen it. It’s real fighting. Plain and simple. The level of the UFC is this high. All the fighters taking part
are at a very high level. I think the UFC has a good chance
of becoming popular in Japan. I think we changed the history of MMA for the entire world, not just Japan. 10 years. Before I knew it, I’d been
running PRIDE for 10 years. I don’t think I’ll ever have a
more exciting decade in my life, so each of those 10 years is
a precious memory for me. I quit because I thought it was what needed to happen
to allow PRIDE to keep going. That’s why I think it’s very
unfortunate that there aren’t any popular platforms for
MMA like PRIDE left in Japan. But, as long as everyone’s
heart is in the right place, I think another promotion will
naturally come into being. So, it might be all for the best
if this becomes the UFC, which is currently the most
popular promotion in the world. But, they may need to localize
the content for Japan a bit more. The lifestyle and
backstories of the fighters really resonate with people
in Japan. I mean, the type of pro fighter
everyone wants to get behind is a guy like Rocky, right? With some of the fighters it’s all
numbers and intense training. But then you have the guys
who are still just punching slabs of meat
in the freezer, like Rocky. I knew I wanted to be a
pro athlete from around the time I finished middle school, before I started high school. That’s when I started training. Then one day I was
watching boxing on TV and started to wonder
if I could handle the intensity of what those guys were doing. I wanted to see if I could do it. When I actually went to
a boxing gym everyone turned out
to be really cool. That’s when I started going
to practice at a boxing gym. PRIDE was really popular
at the time. And then you had others
like the UFC and Shooto. I really wanted to give
MMA a shot, so I made my debut
at Shooto when I was 20. Takanori Gomi!! I was happy in PRIDE,
and I was happy in Shooto. I’m happy anywhere as
long as I’m winning. A lot of the guys in PRIDE
were strikers. But in the UFC it’s all about the mix
of techniques and the takedowns. It’s the biggest promotion out
there and has all the top fighters. The UFC has events all over
the world. The quickest way of drawing
attention to MMA in Japan is for someone to become champion. Like if I were to become
champion of the UFC. If that happened everyone
in Japan would know about it. Winning isn’t easy, though. There’re lots of
tough fighters out there. The reason fighters from PRIDE
couldn’t win in the Octagon is that, while it’s all the same MMA, the strategies for winning
in the Octagon and the strategies
and approaches for winning in a regular ring
are completely different. It changed the way
they had to train, so they didn’t have the offensive
and defensive skills they needed. I was a bit too used to
the PRIDE style of fighting. All my matches had been in Japan, so I was also a bit nervous
about fighting in America. I was thinking too much. I should’ve just relaxed
and enjoyed it. I also didn’t know enough
about the UFC back then either. I’m getting more fans
in America, though. It doesn’t make the fights easier,
but it does make me happy to know that I have
people supporting me. On September 20, I’m going to fight one of
the top ranked fighters. Myles Jury has a long reach, good jiu jitsu and kickboxing. I’ve heard he wins
by knockout a lot. One of the guys from my gym will
be fighting at the Shooto event tonight. He (Hirakawa) joined the gym
with no MMA experience, but this is his second match
as a pro. He lost his debut match, but I think he can make it
in the pros if he gets a win under his belt. So today is a big day for him. I’m sure he eventually wants
to try his hand in the UFC, too. The number of fighters out
there is growing. There are more gyms, too. I think that means
that we’re going to see more tough competitors
coming out of Japan. I approached it a bit like
a street fight tonight. I’m glad I was able to get out
there and catch him in an armbar. I think every fighter here in Japan hopes to fight in the UFC
in America someday. MMA has been in a real
slump here since the loss of PRIDE and K-1, but I think we’re already on the road to recovery. The biggest reason for this
is the UFC coming to Japan. Once the fans here see
the UFC in action, it’ll remind them of PRIDE
and they’ll be pumped. Today’s show features Gackt,
one of Japan’s top musicians. He’s starring in a historical
fantasy play. I’m helping with the overall
promotion. I’m both a promoter and
a producer. We always make things from
the perspective of the customer. That goes for fighting sports
and everything else. It’s entertainment, after all. I spent the entire 10 years I was at PRIDE thinking of
how to package real fighting as entertainment that
people would watch. I didn’t want people to think they
were just coming to see a fight. I wanted them to feel that a show was about to begin
once they got in the venue. Japan has a history spanning
some 2,000 years, and it is also the country that gave rise to the samurai
several hundred years ago. The samurai are a part of
the Japanese DNA. So, I think we Japanese
are very well suited for 1-on-1 competitions like
PRIDE, K-1, and the UFC. The market for MMA and
fighting in general has shrunk in Japan. But, if we instead look at things
from a global perspective, the market in America has
gotten much larger. So, there’s a good chance
it’ll catch on here. The market is ready to
wake up again. I’m not doing things
as fast-paced as I did when I was younger. I fight maybe twice a year. Are you scared
before your matches? Hey, it’s going to get burnt! Good stuff. He (Gomi) is really cool. He’s a nice young man. And big eater and drinker to boot. The very picture of
a hot-blooded man. Is it okay if I get
a picture with you? What it all comes down to is whether or not a fighter has
what it takes to be a star. I could already see a star
in the making when Gomi was still
fighting for Shooto. He just had to polish his
straight forward, no-fear fighting style somewhat. I was sure he would make it. His talent is off the charts. Sometimes I’m not sure
if I should keep on doing this at 35. But more than that, my desire
to win is still strong and I would want to go out
on a high note. I think this match is going to be
a big turning point for me. I’m going to win by KO,
on the ground or wherever. I’m going to get that knockout. I just have to be aggressive. I think Japanese MMA still
needs fighters like Gomi. If a Japanese fighter can
become champion, then it means we can still
make it on the world stage. If Gomi still has the same fighting
spirit as back in the day, then I think he has
more than enough talent to be number one in the UFC.

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57 thoughts on “彫心鏤骨 五味隆典の覚悟とPRIDE榊原元社長の思い – Yesterday’s Heroes, Tomorrow’s Legends

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    Fuck you Sakikabara, for selling out to the yakuza.

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  4. Gomi is a top lightweight of all time after Frankie edgar and Penn. He was fighter of the year on his pride championship run and beat all the top lightweights not called BJ Penn

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