[微电影] 倒数日 Before the Seperation Day 大学那点事儿 | 校园爱情片 Campus Romance Movie 1080P

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Thanks and enjou. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Microfilm: Something in University Series Next one Name? Xie Dongni Have you registered on website? Yes, I have done No. 4092 Your name isn’t here Let me check your ID card Oh Your major is Music? Yeah, Piano There is for Music Here is Art Thanks Next one Uh Isn’t the application for all majors here? There is for Music Next one What’ the hell! Hello Out kid didn’t finish the registration on website We must register on website firstly Sorry But we have told it to Director Hu So what’s the name? Zhou Qi Mr. Hu went to a meeting this afternnon You can wait a while here Oh… Teacher, what’s your name? I am not a teacher, but a student My suename is Liu It means a willow OK, thank you Call from “The Traitor” Name? I don’t want to break up I don’t want to do a lot of thing. America is good Just go Have you bought the flight ticket? Yes Which day? 4th Eh How about go to America with me? A good day All procedures done? Yes Eh, go with me, please What date is today? Today? Today is 28th I am asking you Wang Zheng You family is in America and my family is here If I go to America with you What about my mother?

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