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[熱播網劇] The Doll Master 04 Eng Sub 人偶師 Puppeteer | 高智商犯罪推理劇 High IQ Crime Detective Drama 1080P

[熱播網劇] The Doll Master 04 Eng Sub 人偶師 Puppeteer | 高智商犯罪推理劇 High IQ Crime Detective Drama 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team Episode 4 Ou Yang Look at you Absent-minded Really? I’m thinking of my father Your father? Yeah 16 years ago In this city He fell down from a building and died The police said he killed himself But I don’t think so I see You don’t like this place, do you? My first purpose to come here was to find out the truth While I haven’t found out anything until now Everyone has his disadvantages Experience is coming from long-term accumulation I agree There is no inborn Sherlock I think you’re great Giddyap Giddyap Giddyap Watch out Hey yo I’m sorry He dares to attack us There is one thing clear We are getting close to the truth Yes He killed the tramp randomly The more important is his killing mode The Japanese Samurai hasn’t been killed yet We have enough time to rescue him Well you’re in danger now How about I call the headquarters to send someone here? No I’m fine I will leave Dawn City tonight Please take care of Bai Xi Ok, don’t worry Ok, let’s get out of here What’s up, man Where are you? I just sent the suspect away Just now professor Ruan, Bai Xi and me were attacked We almost got killed Are you ok? Fine This man has no suspicion now Is there another murderer? How about your interrogation? I asked him again about the armor It is really a prop in a play It means The horse belongs to him but someone else rode it Right? Yes Ok, I know Bai Xi Are you coming for me? Where’s Ou Yang? Looking for me? I want to thank you for last night Last night You two were… What’s it? Open it You poor guy I made it myself Where is mine? Shut up Well, see you See you God, I’m drooling How could it be? Do you want it? Yeah Here you are Serious? Enjoy yourself Love bento Where were you hiding? It’s not the point The point is someone made you a bento What a virtuous girl Bai Xi is just like an angel Ou Yang Don’t you not understand her mind? We’re innocent We were attacked by the Samurai Professor asked me to protect her Nothing happened? Why didn’t her make me one? In Japan bento is an expression of care from wife to husband girlfriend to boyfriend I’d take a bite Go away Be yourself Go away Hello My girlfriend She wants to tell you something Ok Relax Tell them what you saw before I was waiting for him but he didn’t come I was worried about her and then I drove to find him It is what I saw I saw it was a man and he was talking to the horse Talking to the horse I know the man Who is the man? The small horse trainer How could it be him? Two evidences First, he talked to the horse Second. he was in boots What’s his motivation? Maybe He was controlled We’re going to tell the one if we arrest this man now What are you doing I almost hit on the windshield Yes I ignored that What we should to do is to make sure if it is him We go to talk to him first Yes, we need a talk first Damn it Can you say hello first? I’m following the case Go It’s you? Want to see the horse? Yeah I didn’t finish my talk with the manager I want to see it this time Ok, just be yourself Our horses are good here Sir I want to know something about the horse Ok This horse was born in China Semi-mixed blood That one in the front comes from Germany Pure mixed blood Ok, thanks Thanks for your information I got to go Ok, ok I suspect he is the murderer Samurai sword found in his room Riding boots And there are many violent games in his room Professor I am at the closest place to the murderer Is it dangerous? No I’m with Wang Kai and Zuo Teng We have evidence to prove the horse trainer is the murderer Try to control him at first I am wondering If we take action we may let him run away I feel like I am getting closer and closer to your truth My truth? Well, professor I’ve got a plan Can you give me a hand? What’s it? Ou Yang Ou Yang, Ou Yang Ou Yang Ou Yang Ou Yang, Ou Yang Ou Yang, what are you doing? Ou Yang, Ou Yang Ou Yang Ou Yang What’s the matter with you? Ou Yang What happened? It’s his plan Plan? Who let you do this? What’s the plan? Why didn’t you let me know? He said he wanted to show us the power of hypnosis He forced me to do this Ou Yang Ou Yang I have a conjecture Every murderer committed a crime in hypnosis and then killed himself The Samurai attacked us it means he is not abandoned They will meet each other The Samurai He will guide us to find the hidden hypnotist The case is going to be solved Well We divide into 3 groups Target, the horse trainer Cross track Yes, madam Will he ride out tonight? He has no chance I told the master to keep an eye on him 24 hours Absolutely no chance Look at me, look at me What’s your order? I don’t want to kill any more Listen Dark is ending Dawn is coming Believing in your judgement To eliminate the dark can you bring the dawn Dawn, dawn Where is my sword? Where is it? Someone stole my sword Yes Someone tried to stop your justice You must stop that You’re right Yes No one can stop me to achieve my justice I like killing I like that feeling The dead was rubbish scumbag Only kill them can I get purified I’m going to kill Keep killing Kill, kill, kill O…Ou Yang I’ve got a situation Move Giddyap Catch up with him There Hurry up, stop him Hurry Fuck Are you ok? You tell me Is this your plan? I’m sorry Sir Are you ok? I’m fine Two detectives were killed What? You got me Who are you? You wanna know? I’m an angel in charge of controlling evil Stop You’re the evil Yes, I admit Many people can’t even do this Who are you? I know the reason of your father’s death What did you say? I know everything about you Ou Yang Let’s talk in dream See you later This is just a beginning A beginning, remember How about Zuo Teng? Not very bad He is gonna be ok Well We have found out the horse trainer’s ID Zhang Yong 38 years old He came to work 10 years ago An old staff The manager told me He has had a mental sick recently and done something abnormal He muttered at the dormitory I saw him Who? A doll Under controlled Zhang Yong contacted it online I have an intuition The man behind the doll knows everything about me And he told me he knows the truth about my father’s death Maybe it was a bullshit Don’t believe him I’ll find it out myself How is that? Not good I’m sorry, it’s my fault Never mind Treat me a drink as your apology You won’t refuse, will you? No Let’s go Be careful Ok Goodbye That’s what happened I failed to catch him It’s normal I knew it from the beginning What do you mean? Ou Yang Do you know why I advice you not to think too simple? You told me You was hypnotized before Yes It happened 8 years ago I was a green hand like you I dare not think about it now Comparing with your hypnosis It is horrible That pain is totally beyond your imagination

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