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[电影] 非诚勿扰 You Are The One 十二星座男 12 Zodiac Signs Boys | 喜剧爱情片 Comedy Romance Movie 1080P

[电影] 非诚勿扰 You Are The One 十二星座男 12 Zodiac Signs Boys | 喜剧爱情片 Comedy Romance Movie 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome subscribe our channels. I was so persistent to have a same dream in the past 15 years So was the lion in the dream Its face Its running Its voice never changed in the past 15 years Chasing all the time Every time when it almost caught me Dream ended Chu Laiba
Virgo, A Prideful, Offish Girl Directed by: Liang Sihai Written by: Liang Sihai, Wu Sha Vivian, An expert of Zodiac Sign You Are The One, 12 Zodiac Signs Boys You made me so ugly by PS [Language in 2B Planet] [Chinese Mandarin] Who are you? [Language in 2B Planet] [English] Who are you? [Language in 2B Planet] [Korean] Who are you? [Chinese Hubei Wuhan Dialect] Hey guy, who are you? You became a human and forgot 2B language My name is Biubiu Hi brother, don’t kid me You must want to order my design I am already full in the next two months If you want to reserve, just find my assistant Ah… Am I in a dream? No, you aren’t As your future is not a dream And you…? I am here to bring you back to the heaven The heaven? Am I going to die? TV Show: You Are The One Welcome the famous moderator “Miss XingXing” Thanks, Thanks, Thanks all Perfect Ladies and gentlemen here And friends before TV Good evening, everyone This is Jiangcheng TV You Are The One, A Dating TV Show I am Xingxing Where is Mr. Meng? What? Mr. Meng? I… Hum.. I was manlier than him before Let’s welcome the boys of 12 Zodiac signs Perfect Wow I enjoyed beautiful girls before Now I enjoy handsome guys What’s up? Where is the Leo boy? Master Death No, Master 2B No, Master Biubiu I still have some unfinished missions I even have not a… I knew, you are still a vergin I am not the Death and don’t want you to die I just take you back to 2B planet 2B planet? It’s should be billions light-year away I must be dead on the way I just lost my mind when peeping a girl’s shower And you, escaped to mortal world a thousand year Who is there? What a long time shower! A thousand year! A quarter in the Heaven, A thousand years on the earth What…what…what ? Mortal World Dating and Dating Love and Love Just Today No Dating, No feeling No Dating, No Touch No Dating, No Kiss No Dating, And No Sex So just dating This show is from our old one “If You Are The One” Today it is the first episode Boys of 12 Zodiac Signs The One for you The Leo is different always Hello, the phone is powered off You… I am the admin of constellations You are the Lion Constellation in the heaven I must take you back Don’t kid me, Brother I must go to a dating show now I have no time Please let me go Now everybody is so eager to see the girl So welcome the beautiful and elegant girl, Miss Chu Laibao Wow, classical style Culture of Kingdom Chu, so cute Even Little “S” and Little “W” to me but Laibao a shining start Six shots I tell you You power can make my body give in but can’t make my heart give in You said you were the admin of constellations and I was the Lion Constellation How to prove? Prove? let me down We planned to introduce the new rules But the Leo is absent [Sneezing] Sorry I caught a cold But I think the voice is sexier right? Yeah The Leo boy will come, in a special way Ah…Wow… Applause? So… So special How shy for me This means, Our show will be hot There is a chrysanthemum on you head Hey, it’s 2B Are you protesting Chinese Football? Yes, ball, 2B You can’t appear in this way, with intention Did the director arrange? No, I can’t explain to you now It’s hard to understand What shall I do now? Thanks Vivian, So clever You release my hand Smell like cucumbers I go to dress myself. An interlude Now I introduce the new rules of our show The boys of 12 Zodiac signs will try their best to get the beautiful girl The actions include Online and Offline Online is here onsite Offline is dating the girl after our show Villa, President and Car are waiting for you A hundred times, just for a perfect girl Write a poem for you, Be silence for you Do all impossible, for you I forget saying The most beautiful is your name Except you I want nobody Offline dating will be finished before next show time This time we used the most advanced Cloud System of USA Based on the boys’ performance and behavior to match the boys and the girl We will publish the results regularly the last three boys will be out Till the final three boys In the final episode We will choose the most suitable one Laibao? Soy Sauce? I hate the literary names most Such as Jingwen, Yufei etc. Then do you like the name as Zhaodi, Ergou? I hate the names like Jianjun, Wangcai I remember your father’s name is Guoqing It’s not better than Jianjun, isn’t it? Now you know the reason why I hate those names Jiang Liu, what about you? Laibao, absolutely! It makes me goose-flesh when I hear it It’s a physiological reaction Laibao? This name is the lousiest Jiang Liu, you win I also made a RAP for this name Chu Laibao She likes eating grass It’s difficult to find a husband in the future Look here and look there But the husband is too short too short too short He runs to Laibao He want to kiss her Yo But he can’t get her even he stands on tiptoe Chu Laibao Do you know this Leo boy, Mr. Jiang Liu? Oh We were classmates of high school We haven’t met for tens of years Do you come here for her? The Leo boy has a pure heart Can he stand here in the end? Let’s wait and see What a narrow road for two enemies The Leo, I hate most in my whole life Where did he come out? If there were only one man left in this world I would not choose him either What I said before was right It’s difficult for her to find a husband Let’s watch the girl’s video introduction My name is Chu Laibao An Art Director of Yun Shang Company In my spare time I like music, fashion and design I am a Virgo I am strict to others more to myself I am a tough girl in the work But in my home life, I want to find a man who can make me slow down Slow down my step and enjoy the life I am a fan of A-I-D-S A Action

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  2. Improvesive movie and there's pretty nice girls in this movie too. I would take the girl name Liang Sihai and Wu Sha

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