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[电影] 魔法甜甜圈 Amazing Dount 御姐爱上小奶狗 | 2019 Romance Movie 1080P

[电影] 魔法甜甜圈 Amazing Dount 御姐爱上小奶狗 | 2019 Romance Movie 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Presented by Liu Nian Culture and Tian Hong Wei Ye Culture General Producer: Jiang Mo Producers: Wang Peng, Li Lanhua Directors: Li Zhongzhi, Gao Jieyuan Starring: Ma Xiaocan, Zhao Haojie Starring: Qin Liyang, Pan Chunchun Scriptwritor: Tang Yue This is a very magical world In an old kingdom There was an occult art It.. It can fulfill all your wishes Is it like Aladdin’s Lamp? But This story happened here Amazing Donut Three months ago Thanks A’Lun The restaurant is so romantic It was good when I came here with a friend last time So I led you here We can come here frequently later Sure Try it please Cheers Perfect A’Lun Today is your birthday Happy Birthday! Hello, Honey Why are you out for business even today? So…Is there a birthday gift? Of course What’s it? It’s me [Cellphone Ring] Hello Orange [Her besite] My dear Let’s have dinner together I found a new boyfriend [Orange, Li Xuan’s Besite and classmate] You take a look That’s it Hey, what do you think? Very good Tell me What’s your trick to capture such a good boy? Nothing That day I went to do the nail paiting He hit me on the road Then… Kiss and make-up Kiss and make-up? Didn’t I know you? You are like a man How can you kiss and make-up! If you say it out I will eat you Come here Come on… What are you talking about? So happily Oh, nothing Something on campus At the time, Li Xuan was our Belle Forget it I even didn’t notice that You two are like a real couple. We two send you home? No thanks Won’t you go to cinema? I can take a taxi back home Please go Alright Take care of yourself Bye Bye I… I have to go now Can’t you stay with me? What’s up? Is it enough? You are a bad boy Sweetie Do you know how much I love you? OK You go back home Where did you go? I am asking you! I am a little sick I am going to sleep first What’s wrong with you? I am still hungry Do you know that I am waiting for you to have supper Alright I go by myself You are on time Weren’t you at home with her? I miss you Last time you said that you want to eat the wonton by the bridge I have waited there for one hour Miss, This is you food Please enjoy But I changed my mind right now I don’t want to eat this Say it What do you want, Sweetie? Even the crab from Las Vegas That’s no problems I want you to make it by yourself Pizza Pizza? No problems Let’s go See you later Who is that girl? Which girl? The girl some minutes ago What are you talking about? Do you need some hints? The Holiday Hotel She is my client We were talking about the business and she stayed there I sent her back there in passing after the negotiation then take a shower in passing sleep together in passing Are you all right? I told you she was my client Is it a client that need you bring the favorite food to her? at every night! that need you say good night to her at every night? that need you sleep with her when she wants it You follow me? We will get married soon What are you doing? I tell you the truth She was my client before But now she is my woman I love her You say it again I love her Chen Lun I have lived with you for four years

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