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강다니엘 (KANG DANIEL) DEBUT 100DAY ANNIVERSARY || [Sub English, indo]

강다니엘 (KANG DANIEL) DEBUT 100DAY ANNIVERSARY || [Sub English, indo]

Hello everyone. I’m Kan Daniel! It’s really been awhile doing V LIVE. It’s!! Before going to the main event, first I wanted to say hi to you guys
since it’s been awhile. Weather in Korea has gotten very cold. I wonder if you dress up warmly. Or if you eat warm food and soup. And if you are eating food well. How have you been? I am curious to know if your
work is going well as you thought. I am curious to know!! What is this? Ah! Okay! Why isn’t it popping up? One second. I will tell you guys where I am later on. Ah yes. Wow!!
Everyone is saying exclamatory remarks!! It’s very nice to meet you too. I really missed you guys…
How have you been? Yes, right now.. This… What day is today? November 1st, 2019 Friday! It’s designates the start of winter,
November 1st! The V LIVE that is airing at 7:32pm,
this is live! It’s really been awhile!
How has it been? “Are those diffusers?” I will explain it in detail one by one. First then… I will start the show all right? I want to start a special contents
with you guys today. To start V LIVE… Right! As many of you are
saying congratulations to me, today is the day that I have
debuted for 100 days!! Yes! Thank you. Thank you. 100 days can appear long
or short.. DANITY fans were with me
every single minute… So let’s give a round of applause to DANITY! And to DANITY for cheering for me… And for hearing my music… And if you always tell me that you
gain strength from me… I also want to continue giving strength to you. And there were very positive synergies. To celebrate 100 days, I have come to this studio
where they make diffusers! To answer to the question,
“Why are you making diffusers, Daniel?” Many things happened over the past 100 days. There was fan signing event, and there was a chance for me to visit DANITY fans across the global
while doing fan meetings. And recently, through
“One Asia Festival” in Busan, I was able to be on stage
in front of DANITY fans. There are many memories. I was thinking, “What would be great
to remember these memories?” And another important thing!!
It’s the name DANITY was created! That time, what should we call each other? Or what should we call amongst ourselves?? I was wondering about this… It’s a meaningful day
where DANITY was named. To remember this day,
what would be best to do? We can remember it by words or videos, but I wanted to focus on
a specific thing, the fragrance. How is it everyone? As I have told you, I am at diffuser studio
to celebrate 100 days. To make the fragrance… to make fragrance that fits well with 100 days,
I have come here. This is getting loose… Inside? That’s great! To celebrate 100 days, I was thinking about what kind
of fragrance would be great that fits with the positive emotions
I had for 100 days? I will make the fragrance and I wanted to give it to the fans. This is the content I have prepared today. To make diffuser,
I need to choose the base material. I have made three choices… I chose it. I will smell each one
and I will explain it to you guys. This is the first fragrance. It’s “Refreshing.” This is sort of like… Um… It fits very well with the word “refreshing,” because it reminds me of the smell
when I am circulating the room for freshness. I have chosen this as the first base. And second one… This is “Clean” fragrance. When I smell this, it smells like KONNECT Entertainment when I first enter the building. It reminds me of that. The keyword is KONNECT? I think that’s how it is. And third base… It is called “Classic.” This is very… How I feel this,
did you say is wood smell? They told me this is like wood smell… It sort of smells like fabric softener,
in my opinion. It’s very warm and soft?
It has that smell. It makes me remind of DANITY. I like it. And so I chose this as the third base. And so… I will combine these
and make the fragrance that is named DANITY! This feels… It’s like… It’s sort of like early winter
and late autumn… The weather has become cold… We dress up warmly while the weather is chilly… There is cold air on the cheeks but we have warm scarf…
We are walking… While walking, we step on the leaves
and makes the crunch sound. I think this will be the smell
that can describe that. Is that hard? I am sorry.. It’s that kind of smell. It feels like that. With three bases, DANITY smell… DANITY base?
I have completed making DANITY base. I have come to the studio
and have made 80 already but today is my 100 days! So while doing V LIVE I will make the remaining 20. I hope that you will stay with me that time! Before that, let read the comments. “Come out, 4D computer!” I know! If I do this for you, it will be great to deliver the scent to you…
That’s unfortunate. To many of the fans… “Logo is so high-scaled!” That’s right! I really like this too! It’s a logo that I am very satisfied with. You want this?
Of course, there is. There are 100! I am sure there will be one for everyone. The smell is really! I don’t know if you know,
but I am very sensitive to smell. I usually really like diffusers. In case of this fragrance, I want to use this as my cologne. If there is a cologne like this,
I will definitely use it. It’s a smell I really like. What am I eating for dinner? I… It’s something that I can’t choose. To give a small spoiler, it’s something that I can’t choose. First off… It smells like its on the field of reeds. Then everyone!!
I will start making it now! Before doing that, there is a teacher
who will help me make it!! Teacher!! – Hello.
– Yes, hello!! – You will make the diffuser today.
– Yes. In case of diffuser, the product can be used
for space and mood interiors. Whenever one wants to make the mood… – That’s right.
– It will be good to put it there. Using the DANITY base,
you will make the diffusers now. You will use several materials now… I’m sorry… First, I saw that
there are 10 million hearts on V LIVE! I think it’s because
you came out. First, thank you so much DANITY!! – Continuing on!
– I will move on! You will learn about several materials and the bases that help
the product spread the smell. You are going to use a big beaker. Great job. You can press it down like before. – It has to be 0,0… Is it like that?
– Yes, it is! – You can put the DANITY base into the
bottles. – All right. You can use the big one and make it. – Big one.
– Ah yes yes. – 28 gram.
– Yes, you will put in 28 grams of it. You can do it slowly… It was harder than I thought. I don’t have hand tremor… But… Okay! It’s 8,6g right now. 12,3 – You can go slowly.
– Okay. 20g. 24,0g. I just have to put 4g more! 1g 1g! Why isn’t 0,1 going up! It’s a very nervous moment. It’s done!! It’s 28g. – And can you put this to the side?
– This one? – Yes. – And you are going to make another beaker
and do the same thing. – Okay. You can put this up and put 0,0… Right. – And again, 28g.
– Again, 28g. “She is like science teacher.” This also reminded me of science class. It’s been awhile using pipette and beaker. It’s fascinating. 28g. It’s 22,0g right now. I think I just have to do a bit more. There is a person whose dream
is to become perfumer. – It will be great if they can visit this studio.
– She said come visit this studio!! Okay! It’s done! 28,0g. Both are completed. – And put it down…
– Yes, one more? – Yes.
– All right. – Just put it on….
– You will do this continuously. It’s done. Since I made there,
there is no need to do that… I started to gain confidence. 28,0g. – It will be great to put the pipette up more…
Inside the beaker. – Yes, all right. 22,0. It will be better to go slowly from now right? Let’s take a bit out. Wow. 0,1g. It’s done! This one is done too! I will give you one more. That’s now, 2?? I thought making it like this would be slow but it’s faster than I thought… I need to work on everything!
One second! – That’s right.
– Yes. – You are very sharp! “Very fresh V LIVE!” Diffuser-making V LIVE. “You are doing well.”
Thank you!! Okay! 25,3. It’s done. 28,0. I shouldn’t have done it now? Okay. I wanted to express the fragrance… I want to express it well. It’s the first time smelling such fragrance. Really… Should I make a balloon and pop it
in the middle of Seoul streets?? It’s so great but I can’t express it well. Really!! Ah yes! Come on over and I think it’s big meaning
to make it on your own. I think it’s great. 25,1. Okay, it’s done! Yes, that’s great. And you can put the fragrance on the side now. – I will remove it.
– Okay. Thank you. You will now mix with diffuser base. The diffuser base helps the liquid state spread out. – It spreads out…
– It acts like that. You need to put the beaker on top of it again. Can you press the button again?
It’s 0,0 again. I will give you the cup. – This is 152g.
– Yes, that’s right. 152g. I think it will be close? There is nothing that comes right away. 0,3g. It’s done! Ah it’s not! It’s done! Ah it’s done! This makes me sort of confused. And since it can be dangerous,
you can put it on the side. – And new one.
– Yes. Put up a new one. Again, 152g. Slowly. Slowly. – You can do it.
– Yes. It’s done! It’s exact! And put it on the side,
and with new beaker again. 152. Sorry everyone… I have been concentrating… It’s done! I’m getting fast – You need to be slow.
– Okay. And let’s do the new one again. It seems like I am cooking right now. – Right.
– It seems like I am cooking. The prescription you used before
can actually be called recipe. I really seem like I am cooking. It’s more fun that I thought. 152g. 152. It’s done! I am all right with it… I think I got used to it. – This is the last.
– Yes. Last one. No! It’s all right.
You can be daring. Okay! 44, 46, 48, 49! One more time. It’s done! Everything is done! The end. – Great job.
– Yes. It’s fun. “Can you come closer??” Like this? Can you put the camera closer?? Do I look so wide right now? – Will this be all right?
– Yes!! – I will do it.
– Yes. Moving on… Next, we are going to try blending. You will use the blending device, stirrer. You put it on the stirrer. Please put it slowly. – And then, you did this before right?
– Yes, that’s right. Don’t dumpt the magnet
but put it down slowly. Like this. Yes, great job. This too. Great. I told you that this is a blending device. It’s a device where it goes
at the regular speed. – As you have turned it on before.
– It’s very fascinating, everyone. It’s so strong. – Right now it’s good.
– Okay. Just a bit more. – And five minutes.
– That’s right. This is sand glass for five minutes. You already got it. I should have studied this for real… Yes, the comments? While doing this for five minutes,
I wasn’t able to speak with you guys. I will now talk with the fans now. First off, it sounds really good. Hearing this sound,
it made me fall asleep. It made so comfortable. “It’s so great that you are close to the camera.” I also like it. Shall I see more? “Congrats on 100 days.” DANITY! Congrats on 100 days! I am using three fragrance bases right now… The extracts that expands the three fragrances. It’s to make everything into one. Right, I almost forgot this… If this is completed, the people who receives this
will get it 10 days later. There is the period of maturity. After 10 years, you will be able
to smell the more complete version. Why do I look stupid
when I speak? These days when I see myself,
I look stupid. You learned how to make this
because of me? I think this is sort of a lie? Is that right? It’s an honor. My hands are pretty big. My hands are big… I don’t know if I am handsome…
But I do have big hands. I can grab the basketball with one hand… Like this… Spray it on the fan meeting day? It’s diffuser though? Ah, on fan meeting!! Right! It’s going to be
November 23rd and 24th! Everyone seems to wonder
what the playzone is. Really… Is it the space for danso… The place for VR…
Many people are asking me. Many people were making guesses. There is going to be the space
that is beyond everyone’s imagination. Why would I be say space? First off, the space is very big. It’s very big. How should I explain it? When I hear exhibition, the image I think is… No??? Exhibition…
I don’t think I should use this word. There is going to be this big sculpture. Inside… All right. I will just say it up to here. I think putting one of the diffusers
there is a good thought too. Right? It’s a bit big. – Rather than diffuser, you can make it
with us. – All right. Great great. – You can do it.
– All right. Great great. Rather than diffuser, you can make
the same Kang Daniel base with teacher. You can make DANITY base fragrance. What color is my hair? What color is this? It’s autumn leaf color. It’s the color like the fragrance. – I was being silly.
– No! No, it’s great. It was fun. Cheering light stick?
Right now… There are many great ideas… Now…
Can I make a spoiler for this too?? Everything is a spoiler… About the design… Look… For the design… I thought of this a lot… It expresses the artists but it also express the fans,
which should be the main thing. And so we!!
I will stop here. I see that 100,000 people are watching,
and I thank you so much. I will stop spoiling about cheering light sticks now. Dress code for fan meeting?
Dress code? Dress code… Well… Whatever you want to wear
is the dress code. Yes. And… Color for the cheering stick? I don’t think I can say it
since this is a big spoiler. Ah, five minute has passed. Anyway, let’s mee during the fan meeting! New album?? This is also a spoiler too. Use the pincette again… Right. Shall we put this in the new beaker? Oh? It’s stuck!! It’s done! Yes, this one too. Yes, it’s great. Please put down the pincette again. – Put the ones on the blenders to the side.
– All right. – Let’s put it on again.
– All right. Put it in the center… OH!! You are getting used to this. It’s very good. – The sound is so cute.
– And please flip the sand glass. And again, time to have a conversation again. Right? You like the sound right? It really sounds great. How do we get diffusers?? From now on… We will post it through KONNECT. Today is your birthday? Oh with our 100 day
celebration and your birthday… Happy birthday!! Eat many delicious foods and blow off candles on the cake! Have a wonderful dream to. Behind story for “One Asia Festival?” To go down to Busan and perform… It was great. I was very excited. And ah… My pants ripped during the festival.
You recognized it right? How that happened though… Since it’s leather… The pants. It slipped. I was sliding during that part. There is like this much scab right now
on the knees. It was scraped off… It was totally scraped off… It’s been awhile I got this much scrape. But compared to b-boy, it’s nothing. It’s all right. I’m fine. It did hurt…
It really did hurt. All right…
Careful with your knees too! When it rains, my knees do hurt. Ah right!!
Diffusers to be sent as gifts. Right. Is it all right since it has been confirmed? Since we went through all the substance tests, there is no problem giving it as presents. So allergic reactions and bronchial tubes
are all right… There might be allergic reaction though… It will be to good to test it out later. Everyone, please be careful. Careful with allergies! – But everything will be fine.
– Yes, first off… She said it’s safe. Recommend dinner menu?
All of a sudden?? Dinner…
I mean, I didn’t eat too… For me… I want to eat jajangmyun. I really want to eat jajangmyun. With sweet and sour pork. Yes, that’s right! Subway. Today’s event!
Right, it was that!! You will reincarnate to rich cat? Yes, for that… If reincarnating to a rich cat, I will steal butler’s computer, and I will write the comments through that… I didn’t turn into a cat
so I don’t know how it feels like. Do I still have danso with me well? Danso… I like danso.. I do… To tell you the truth, it’s embarrassing playing it though. It was like that. It’s the only traditional instrument
I can play though… It’s traditional instrument. I will try practicing it. I mean, I will practice a lot. And I will try “Arirang” again. I think there is still one minute left. There is one minute left. Thoughts about the approaching fan meeting. Today’s TMI. To mix the TMI and my thoughts on the upcoming
fan meeting… Since it’s fan meeting in Korea, I think there is one special thing. On stage… I will stop here. You can now turn it off. And you will put one by one in it. – Yes, all right.
– Please take out the magnet using pincette. I will first organize it all… – Use the funnel.
– Ah use the funnel… You will put it in…
Inside the bottle. All right. Where is it? I will start with this one. Please don’t forget about the shoulder line
that you maintained. Yes, that’s great. Is it coming out well? I lack a bit here… While doing, keep your shoulder line. Yes yes. Okay. Since this is glass, I think it’s going to break
if I am not careful. I am concentrating very hard right now. You are doing great. Calmly… Calmly… What’s the matter? What’s the matter? I think it’s on it. If you clear off the entrance of bottle and bottom,
it will be less than before. If there is the moisture,
it keeps making it flow. Okay! Again, calmly… It’s done! This is done. I feel like I am making magic potions! I put it in… Rest of it… I really need concentration on this. I can’t even breathe! This guy too… Is this the moving camera? Full sincere heart. Diffusers that will go to the fans. I am working very hard on this. Why is it falling off to the other side?? It’s time for you to get tired… Please clean it off well… Person who gets this one,
you are lucky! This one has more in it… Right… It’s great that you hold it up
to put it in. Even the beak… Great great. Okay! I found out about the problem.
You need to be slow. If you go fast,
you will spill… Slowly… Slowly… It’s done… There are already many that I made. This much is 20! Like this, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Five bottles in four rows.
It’s 20. The tempo is very good. Ah, this tempo is great! Thank you… And… It’s done! This one is exact. I was only used to the thick funnel, but since I am use glass,
you must be very careful. Magician. Right now… What was it? I’m making poly juice. I am making poly juice right now. Since it’s poly juice,
it needs to be heated up while making it. Okay! The sounds… Doesn’t it sound delicious?? But we can’t eat it.
We will be in trouble. Okay. There are five left. Concentrate. I know that I am not speaking much… I can’t speak though! O I spilled again! One second. It’s done! And… One second… I will speak… There are two more left. One second… It smells really good. Ah yes yes…
Let’s do this first then. Due to time constraint… I saw you do it very well before. Thank you. You can just leave it there
and do it slowly now. This is rubber cap,
and it’s to prevent water leak. Press it down at once fully. – I will keep giving it to you.
– Yes. I need to press it down hard… It’s great. Ye Five… The sounds are really good. Press down. Press down. Press down. Press down. Press down… – After doing five, I will give you
some precautions. – All right. – Are you a machine?
– Ah… Yes… Does it feel like that? And you did this before, and it will be easier if you tell your
fans how to open it up. And so I will give you scissors. Everyone… This rubber cap… Use spoons or something sharp like this and grab it… Other sides too. Careful with your hands. I am not so good with this… I think you can tell them
the convenient way. – Open up slightly…
– Yes, using the space in-between… Open it up slightly… If you do this,
it will be comfortable. But for me… Since I am used to opening things with hands, I will just use the fingernails. I just do it this way. Be careful with your hand,
and you will open it up. Now… And you can use black cap stopper
to close it. – Shall we do these together?
– Yes! But I really seem to be working. In case there are those who came in late
to V LIVE… To explain this again. Today is my 100th day as a solo. And so I am making 100 diffusers
for DANITY fans. You did it all! And… – I will do these two.
– Ah, no… – I will do it.
– You need to put these into the boxes. Boxes… – I think you can show the bottles going in.
– All right. On the diffuser space,
I just put it here! That’s all you need to do . On the back, it has the name of the product,
type and volume, ingredients, expiration date,
and precautions, so read it through. – There is certified number, so you don’t have
to worry and use it. – Yes, also certified number. – Am I putting it too hard?
– No no! You have great energy that’s good! Lightly… It’s done! I think it will be good just to place it in… I will put it in advance. Right now… – Since it’s dangerous, I will put it next to me.
– Thank you. Box box. I usually put a lot of sound effects
when I do things. No, that’s very good. Box box. I’m in part-timer mode? Since I really made these myself… I wanted to show you packaging things too. Ending, okay!! – I think you can put it in…
– Ah yes yes. – Leftover? – Yes.
– All right. That does look a bit more beautiful. It looks a bit more beautiful?? To do this too! It’s done! Okay, it’s done! – And again…
– Yes! It’s so much putting on rubber cap. It’s done!!
And put it over it. – And lastly… This is the last one!
– Yes. You are nearly done!! I made 100 of them! – Great job.
– Yes, thank you. Okay! Five left… Five…! Isn’t this so cute?? And if I put the rest,
it’s finally done!! – There are three left.
– Yes. I feel like I am doing part-time job. Yes, the last one! Yes, 100th diffuser! It’s all completed!! Yes, everyone… Coming back here… I will go to my seat again. Yes… Leaving work now. I wrapped each one! Oh man, what is this?? First time making diffuser… Job well done, teacher!! – Yes, job well done!
– Job well done! Job well done! It’s the first time making this… Teacher explained it so well and it was so much fun. I was able to finish it off well. And it’s my 100th day debuting as solo. To walk with me during this time, and to cheer on my path…
I want to say thank you so much. And there is only one month
until the fan meeting, I will prepare many things for the stage
and so please look forward to it! And this… Hey, come over here!! This is the DANITY diffuser. I hope you smell this and remember
this day with me. I hope that you can use this! Thank you. I will then say bye here today! Everyone… Enjoy your meal, and I hope you have a great meal
and dress up warmly… Have a wonderful weekend and always be healthy and be careful
not to get a cold from change of seasons. I will say bye here! Then our DANITY fans!
Congrats on our 100 days!! Job well done everyone! Bye!!

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