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민영아, 나 사실 질투나..!

민영아, 나 사실 질투나..!

-Preview- (Peacefully eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins) I should hit up Min-young She went out to drink again (Mad af) She drinks too much Viewer: you do too! I actually don’t when I was 20,
I stayed the fu** home and read books (Still complaining) (Calling Min-young to nag) you are drinking again? I will just drink a little bit
if my friends want to.. i’m gonna drink too I can go to the clubs or go out tp drink etc whyyyyy~ don’t do that~ I’m not mad you sound mad (Has big heart and a big forehead) (Honestly.. I am pissed) alright.. I’mma counter attack her Take a picture in front of a bar? I’m just gonna pretend like I’m drinking (Taking a bar pic to make her jealous ) I sent it She texted me! she said she’s gonna kill me lol Well, she can’t stop me now she’s calling what’s this music
Are you at the club? no no I’m just swinging by because of Chi-won.. I’m just gonna swing by real quick no what? you can’t you are going to the club too
or drinking two different things what’s the difference? It’s definitely different I’m meeting up with my girlfriends
to drink real quick but you will be at the club where there are a lot of girls. you are gonna be drunk asf and end up doing weird thing with them No Then tell me I’m just meeting up with Chi-won
bc it’s been a while girls, I mean no -Lost argument- (Crying first to win) So you are drinking now? I was going to you were going to but what I’m just gonna go eat Enjoy the food ~ ❤️ enjoy the alcohol? No the food okiii I think this would look good on Min-young! (After all that bitching now he’s buying a gift for her..) Can I buy this..? it’s one size for all?
Can I get it ? (NIce guy Dae-ik.. Bought a gift for Min-young) (Arrived at home) (Calling Min-young) (Well she’s not picking up) this is pissing me off Sorry~ I will charge my phone real quick sigh… That’s it right..? This is the typical.. you know that thing right? (paranoid af) I’m going to get her I’m gonna take whatever train I can get (3 hours later) (Arrived in Seoul) I mean I wouldn’t do all this for my youtube I’m mad for real Viewer: you got your watch right? dude I didn’t even bring extra underwear I’m going back to Daegu after seeing Min-young I’mma take the Luxury taxi I’mma flex by riding on the Luxury Taxi
I will tell you what’s different (where is the seat belt?) is the seat belt different on luxury taxis? nvm found it Buy hangover cure drink dude.. I’m mad af at her you think I would buy that shit for her rn? hello? Are you still drinking? yeah with my friend (Mad af) I have a person watching you I don’t believe you~ ok~ What were you gonna say? Hang up huh? hang up first you mad at me? No~ I never get mad. you already know Nothing wrong with girls drinking Just have fun you know of course. bye fu** I’m gonna give her the gift
Then the Hangover cure I’m gonna give it to her and be like .. ‘Hey min-young, have fun with your friends and.. Drink this and don’t get too drunk I was just joking earlier~ and go home safe ” AND then I’m just gonna turn around and walk away then she’s probably gonna follow me I’m gonna tell her to have fun and
I’m going back to Daegu she’s gonna lose her shit then (Being very creative) (Calling her to come out) Hey min-younh hey~ sup? Can you come out real quick? huh? come out real quck come out..? yeah I’m here you came to seoul? stop lying hurry up and come out bit** bit**? I will be waiting I’m on my way Oppa! what’s happening! Let’s walk for a second Why are you in Seoul? (because I missed you!) I’m here to see you Came to see me? You really think I’m here to see you? (yeah) Just swinging by you know To see other Female streamers? I’m here for a meeting~ wackk~ so you are here to see me or not yeah I’m here to see you Why are you drinking so much? You drank 2 days ago the day before that I was thinking about you today
and got you this you got me clothes? I thought you’d like it (A gift for you…!) and this is for hangover have some with you fri.. omg alcohol smell I got you these for you and your friends you look pretty happy I’m leaving where are you going? I should be going back to daegu why are you leaving! I’m just here to see you real quick I’m just here to see you for real like see you then leave bye Don’t grab me I didn’t.. wth wth is this lol (Don’t go~) Don’t grab me~! Don’t go I won’t. I will wait here I know you are gonna run away to Daegu! Nah for real.
I will be here Your friends must be waiting you are good looking today what’s wrong with you
I didn’t even put anything on I like it more oh yea? (Is she drunk…?) I will be waiting for you right here hurry~ call me But for real..
I have a schedule in the morning I have a meeting in the morning
It’s really important I just came to see her bc I really missed her -The End- I’m pissed af rn you just left me there! I told you to wait -I had to go..
-I was mad asf why would you be mad! I went bc I missed you
then I had to come back I’m here to fu** him up nooooo you mad fr?
you said you were ok I told you to wait!

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    송대익 : songdaeik
    이민영 : mangoo_6
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  2. 형 민영이 달콤하고 오글거리는 말 좋아할거야 뭐 모든 여자들이 좋아하는 그런거있자나 ㅎㅎ 예쁜표현도 가끔해달라공

  3. 언제사겨어어어엉어어어엉어어어어어어어엉어어어어어어어엉어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어어

  4. 진짜 그럴리가 없지만 이 두분은 엘린 보겸이 아니었으면 좋겄다 비지니스 말고 ㄹㅇ로 사귀자

  5. 이것도 보엘린처럼 비즈니스겠지..난이제 유튜브에 있는 커플들 정식으로 하는거아니면 진짜로 못믿겠다…

  6. 형은 왜 민영이 누나한테 왤케 질투해ㅋㅋㅋ형도 삐삐랑 합방 은나 많이 했으면서 민영누나는 질투를 한번도 안해봤겠네ㅎㅎㅎㅎ하하

  7. 대익이형 진짜 멋있긴하네 어떻게 대구에서 서울 얼굴보러 표끊고 갔다가 바로 돌아오냐… 개멋져 반함

  8. 이미 민영언니랑 사귀고 있죠?? 사귀는거 맞죠ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 둘이 이미 커플이다 ㅜㅠㅠㅠ 찐사랑ㅠㅠ

  9. 아니 진심 길가다가 민영이 입으면 이쁘겠다고 옷사는거 ㄹㅇ 개 스윗함……진심….다른영상은 별로 안설렜는데 이번영상 별것도아닌데 개설레네…(주륵.)

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