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방탄소년단(BTS) 빌보드 시상식을 마비시킨 함성소리의 정체는?! / BTS paralyzed the Billboard Awards! / mma SNL 공연 노래 컴백 반응

방탄소년단(BTS) 빌보드 시상식을 마비시킨 함성소리의 정체는?! / BTS paralyzed the Billboard Awards! / mma SNL 공연 노래 컴백 반응

All the Bihinds of the World : All That TV Here’s an artist at the Billboard Music Awards who embarrassed host Kelly Clarkson by shouting at the audience Who is that? Hero…? Hello, this is BTS The hero is BTS In October of 2018, Time magazine covers were decorated with the theme of Next Generation Leaders The 21st century’s BTS, described in BBC articles as the Beatles! So what about the beginning of BTS? Let’s see This is actually a recruitment video before we started the BTS Boys, kkk It’s producer Bang Si-hyuk 2011 Hit-it Hip Hop Audition 2nd chance to visit you Rap, dance, singing! It’s going to be in a variety of genres in battle format Seven-person BTS selected through this process The unique name ‘bts’ literally means ‘blocking bullets’ against social prejudice, oppression and adversity But at the beginning of my debut, They were laughed and saddened by their name ‘Bts’, role model, Big Bang, will survive Is that a bullet? kkkkkkk The name is like a Japanese group in the 1980s Lam monster, Sugar, Bts, Hands and feet are gone At that time, the small and medium-sized entertainment company had to limit its promotion However, the Bangtan team approached fans by communicating directly with fans on SNS or by providing their own content on YouTube The secret to success is sns and phantoms As Bang Si-hyuk said, the main reason for the success of the Bangtan is sns to communicate with people all over the world ohhhhh~~~~ You have completely reversed the stage After overcoming the difficult situation in their own way, the Bangtan Baikan Company was released in 2015
And then through the regular second album, WINGS, released in 2016 Became a top artist in Korea and overseas I was invited to the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 This year, he has continued his career as a top star, speaking at the U.N. General Assembly As its name suggests, company prejudice, defeat the adversity, the bts who will win the temple Maybe the Bangtan is showing us hope In the future All that will support wonderful activities of BTS Until now all that BTS. Thank you Please push the Subscription button and Alarm button tightly and push the next move too

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13 thoughts on “방탄소년단(BTS) 빌보드 시상식을 마비시킨 함성소리의 정체는?! / BTS paralyzed the Billboard Awards! / mma SNL 공연 노래 컴백 반응

  1. 채널 이전하였음을 알려드립니다.
    추후 BTS 영상툰도 제작할 예정입니다~
    이전채널 :

    저의 첫 유튜브 채널인 만큼 애정이 깊은 채널이였지만

    새로운 도전을 하고자 채널 이전했음을 다시 한번 알려드립니다ㅜㅜ


  2. 근데 성공비결이 다들 sns라고 하는데 그건 예전부터 타이이돌들도 다 해왔던거임…물론 sns로 해외팬들한테 접근성이 확보된건 팩트지만 단지 그것만으로 성공한건 아니란거임

  3. sns는 성공의 여러요인중 하나일뿐인데 그게 성공의 요인이면 sns하는 모든 케이팝가수들이성공해야지

  4. 아무것도 안보고 오로지 열심히 노력하고 전진하다보면 정상의 자리에 어느순간 올라와있다 이것은 사회의 이치야
    모든분야에서 마찬가지지

  5. 성공비결은 여러가지죠 내면의 인성과 비글미 앨범 낼때마다 이어지는 시리즈와 킁..큼 얼굴ㄷ…킄ㅁ 항상 초심을 잃지않고 직진만 쭈욱 달려왔기에 이젠 성공한거에요

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