부산 가볼만한 곳 [아미성당] 아미프로젝트 3

Use the translator. Please understand that it may be different from the content. Ami=Army pronunciation is similar, so this is a fun video. Nice to meet you all! This is Honigang, Tomas, and MAC from Honigang TV. Today, we’re here at Ami Cathedral, the third story of the Army project. We’re here, not daunted by the freezing weather! It’s raining a lot. Can you see the umbrella? The camera blinks so much. Let’s go to the Ami Cathedral at the top. Let’s get it! heavenly library Why are you laughing? -It’s a visual that looks like going to heaven. If you look down there, you can see the Ami-dong tombstone culture village. Do you know why this is a stone culture village? Why? – They said there was a grave here before. That’s right. We built a tombstone over here. They had no place to go, so they built a house on top of the tomb. -That’s right. (Singing Korean songs while talking about people in old days) The title of the song is ‘Old People’ I don’t think I can use this video. Hello, everyone. This is Honigang, Tomas, and MAC from Honigang TV. We’re at the Ami Cathedral today. The reason why we came to Ami Cathedral today is. I’m here to do an extra shoot because the video I took just recently was terrible. It rained that day and the situation was not good. Today, we’re going to do a good job. The 4th member, Pope. MAC and high five! The Ami Cathedral is up there. I’ll be right there. Let’s get it! Hello, everyone. We’re at the Ami Cathedral. But the light is on inside. Where? -In the back there. The light is on, so I think there’s someone there. I don’t think we’ll be able to enter anymore. We’re not thieves, are we? -We’re not thieves. So I’ll introduce myself and wrap it up. The highlight of the Ami Cathedral! Isn’t it heart? Heart! Shall we go closer? This place is so nice! This place is awesome! -Why? -Look there! (Reading the inscription on the gravestone) It’s better than I thought. There’s a rose, and now that I’m talking about it, I remember the scene. It reminds me of the scene where BTS threw roses on a collaboration stage with Halsey. There is a legend that the rose took from here. – Really? – Yeah. (Clearly lying) What song did you prepare today, Mr. MAC? Singing Boy In Luv, ear to ear. I was shocked, and I forgot the lyrics. I’m sorry to dance 😉

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