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현대 MMA에 통하는 합기 HANUMAT SCHOOL 스피드 펀치 트래핑 강좌 04. 훅 part 1. (기본 원리, 롱훅 대응)

현대 MMA에 통하는 합기 HANUMAT SCHOOL 스피드 펀치 트래핑 강좌 04. 훅 part 1. (기본 원리, 롱훅 대응)

Hello, I’ll talk about Hook trapping this time. Today I have a guest to help me. To show dealing with boxing style hook punch I invited him who has boxing experience. Let’s see his movement. Good. He makes his distance well. Let’s do like pad work. I don’t have so many techniques this time. If you try to catch hook, frankly it scares. In case of jab or straight, it will be weak being out from hitting point once But in case of hook, especially over hook it crosses my body, not ending at a point So even if I duck in, his arm wraps my neck and he can do uppercut or throw me You can say casting hook is for setting of combinations. So if you try to catch it,
you would be reversed You can see in many self defense performance Seoi-nage countering hook punch like this But this is hard to succeed,
becuase as I explained in Straight part, his rear foot stays far from the center So when I try to throw him his hip stays behind apart and it is heavy in this direction If I have to try Seoi-nage, I should move in further to be front of the opponent Hook is not aiming to a certain point, it is a punch draws line crossing me To defend it, I cut a middle of the line making his elbow stop to brake his power and make the damage less When you practice this, check you can stop really If you cut with hand, his punch hit your face This is the line made by him I have to make similar line to cut it my hand on his shoulder, elbow to elbow and my shoulder cover my face from the fist it makes his punch weak eventually and now I can control this situation easier I explained this point already in Straight part, lifting up his elbow and move sticking his elbow going back IRIMI technique works naturally Same in case of hook, lifting up his elbow but you should check his another hand Now you can see his head sink Here I drive this elbow down and another up it becomes ‘Oshi-hiki-nage’ of Daitoryu Of course I did it clearly too much
because this is demonstration If you just keep standing here
you will get hit by his another punch so you should go to any side Now clinch struggle starts Watching which side of his base is long make his weight on his front foot
not to make him escape and turn But if I just pushing him out, He can run away because rear foot is alive You should not push. it’s more like holding up thin door curtain lightly and go around him to take his back or throw by sweeping leg and submit It’s better to try any technique
to the opposite arm rather than first one You should check his another hand anyhow so go inside like this now he cannot do anything with left hand And I still cover his right hand putting my hand on his shoulder he thinks I am trying to face him down
and resist to lean back But I reverse him down so another IRIMI works naturally When I put my hand in front of his face push his face this is GYAKU-OSAE omote of DAITORYU or KAITEN-NAGE You can make your own combination
with any your favorite technique Let’s see the point again Covering his hook and another arm too but not lifting up both arm,
right side up and left side down or in this case, right down left up to make him tilt If he stand straight up, he is easy to move But he is very uncomfortable now
his body tilting to side his upper and lower body are separated Now I twist him more he will fall down

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  1. 로카스의 아이키도에 대한 비관적인 영상만 보다 이 영상을 보니 또 다른 느낌이네요! 좋은 영상 감사합니다.

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