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화끈한 레이샤에게 입덕하는 방법은!?

화끈한 레이샤에게 입덕하는 방법은!?

Hello! We’re Laysha~ Hello, I’m Hyeri, the youngest one of Laysha~ Hello, I’m Chaejin~ Hello, I’m Goeun, a leader of Laysha~ Hello, I’m Som~ After debut with the song “Turn Up the Music” in 2015, We’ve released a total of four albums, Chocolate Cream, Party Tonight, and Pink Label! We’re afraid a lot of people don’t know us yet. To show you what kind of song we’ve released what kind of performance we’ve shown so we’ve prepared a very cool project! It’s a project which is held with global entertainment platform called Makestar and called Laysha Remind Project! We are going to show you our all the charms that we haven’t shown you yet. Not only Korea but also through Makestar project, we hope our overseas fans can join us~ Please look forward a lot~ See you at the project~ Bye!

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6 thoughts on “화끈한 레이샤에게 입덕하는 방법은!?

  1. No. Not under JS anymore. That agency really screwed them over. But they are still the #2 ranked group in Cover & a really great group.

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