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👎 Get Rung Interlocking Floor Mats Review: My Bad Interlocking Tiles Experience With

👎 Get Rung Interlocking Floor Mats Review: My Bad Interlocking Tiles Experience With

hi Tatiana Ambrose back with a video about my crappy horrible bad experience with a company called get rung they have a website they have eBay listings basically they sell interlocking tiles now my downstairs was looking rough and I wanted something temporary so I was like interlocking tiles I like them well let me give them a try so I was looking through different listings I saw that get rung did have a lot of listings on eBay I looked at their website I looked on their eBay page I looked through what the tiles were all about now on their listings they say that the tiles have slight variation as in the color now in the photos you can see the tiles do have a slight color change to where you can see the individual tile sometimes but overall it looks good so I went ahead and gave this company over $320 bucks so I could have some tan tiles for my downstairs room step forward to they arrived I took them out start placing them down two problems I had the slight color variation was more than just like I mean we’re talking drastic color variation the tiles did have the slight color variation and then it went into what was tan into like an almost dark tan brown tile completely different not once was there an I’m sorry you’re not happy with your order I just spent over $320 bucks with you the least you could do is show some sort of sincerity that you actually care about me as a customer which they didn’t have given me a product that is completely different than what you’re promoting the color is way off the tiles built in rock and as most of you know that watch me on regular basis I have animals, dogs specifically, I have puppies if a puppy wants to pee on those tile guess what the pee is leaking through the cracks because they don’t interlock properly yeah the pee can sit on top but the tiles are not that big and if the pee decides to run off the tile they’re going underneath and I have to pull up every tile that a puppy pees on and clean it up. that’s disgusting and I’m not happy. so in conclusion what I recommend get rung interlocking tiles NO! the company I feel is unprofessional my personal experience as a customer with this company has been absolutely negative what should have taken just one message from the company no apology in response to the customer not being happy with their order and along with bringing it to my attention multiple times that there is a slight color variation with the tiles. yes, I read your freaking eBay listing I don’t just go to a company and throw three hundred and twenty dollars away that doesn’t happen EVER! here’s a really good way for this company to handle their customer complaints: hi tatiana, we’re sincerely sorry you’re not happy with your order please let us know the number of tiles that are defective and are not interlocking properly that has more of a drastic color change and please include photos so we can go ahead and replace those tiles for you. BOOM! One message now the last reason why I went this company when purchasing my interlocking tiles is because they have a lot of good reviews everyone’s happy except Tatiana over here. I mean are you telling me I am the only person that they have ever dealt with that has gotten tiles that do not lock properly and that are completely different in color and again I would not recommend get rung to any family friends or anyone that is watching this video period personally it is too much of a RISK when you’re thinking about spending that type of money for your floor. Go with a company that actually cares about their clients that cares about their customers and when they respond back you will get the I’m sorry you’re not happy with your purchase we either replace the defective tile we refund the money per defective tile even though I had a horrible experience with this company I personally love interlocking tiles you can do so many different designs you can spell things out you can even do one solid color that slightly varies in color unless you go with Get Rug then you might get a bunch of different tiles that don’t resemble the color that you purchased either way this was my personal horrible experience with this company that I would not recommend so if you’re looking for interlocking tiles don’t use this company go with someone else that actually cares about you that’s going to take care of you and the customer and then feel free to support them by buying an order from them thank you so much for watching I have a few more videos to record but I will be back in another video

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2 thoughts on “👎 Get Rung Interlocking Floor Mats Review: My Bad Interlocking Tiles Experience With

  1. Never excuse for the company's poor attitude.
    I purchased these interlocking foam tiles from KMart/BigW in boxed packs, sold as 'excercise mat'. Only available color choice was grey (all tiles matched 100%), certainly not watertight at the joins, and not exactly tightly interlocking at the corners. I used them to protect ceramic tiles in the kitchen, and to insulate bare feet on the cold floor in the winter. I had the same set for 11years, and they suited my application perfectly. But I sympathize that these were clearly the wrong product to use for your application.

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