🔥 Tiny Smores Challenge with Ro!

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine, this is Ro! – Hello! – Oh, my goodness, we’ve been having so much fun today. So we also made a video on Ro’s channel and then, now we’re over here making something a
little real interesting. So not too long ago we made a video about little tiny chicken nuggets. – Oh, it does smell plastic-y. – (coughs) And a bunch of you guys
had sent us this and said, you guys have to do this. This is a mini-s’mores maker. S’more? S’mores. S’more’s?
– Yeah, s’mores. – So here’s the problem, though. – Mmhmm. This arrived at my doorstep on Amazon with, like, my address on it right here. – (laughs) – No outer box, like, this was it No outer box, like, this was it and, it wasn’t sealed. I’m concerned about our
safety, about our well-being, I mean, what if they’re like
smuggling stuff in here? I’m hoping that all the pieces are here. I think our fire is in
here, so that’s good. – A little campfire! – Here’s our packets. – That’s what we got. Here we go, here we go.
– Oh no, we need a screwdri- I am not, I- – Oh, I got one. I got a screwdriver. And I got an electric one-
– We don’t- – If we want one- – No, we don’t need an electric one. – We don’t want it, or we do want it? – No! This is, we just have one simple screw. – [Ro] Or you don’t know you want it? – (laughs)
– [Ro] (laughs) – While she’s getting the screwdriver, I’m gonna get our items prepared. We’ve got our little container here. We’ve got our little s’more spatula. (squeaking) (electric drill) – This is gonna be really good, trust me you’re never gonna wanna
do a manual one again. – But look, it’s so little. – Yeah, but you just-
(electric drill) – Oh, je- – It’s just a little
bit, just do one little (electric drill) Yeah! – Oh
– Oh, it’s too big. We need a different drill bit. – We, okay, okay. (electric drill) – Oh. – You got it, go, go, go – Oh my God!
– Go, go! Yes! If you have a screwdriver, you might as well have one of these. (electric drill) Boom! Ready to take it, ready for that? – Okay, yes! Whoa!
(electric drill) – Yeah! See, just think about how long we would’ve been here doing this. – How do I turn it on? – We got instructions! Let me get my glasses. – Oh! Look at this! When you put in your little thing, – [Ro] Huh, oh!
– [Justine] Then it lights up. What do we do first? – Oh there’s a lot of steps here. There’s 12 steps. – Uh, how hot’s my coffee, let’s see. – Adorable. – Oh, God! – It happens a lot. Oh! Oh! – It’s so hot! – I got a kitchen towel! – But that’s a nice towel! – No, no, just- Do you want a blue
picnic or a pink picnic? – We’ve accomplished nothing. – Remove the tray packets. Oh, I skipped step two. – Oh she’s, oh no. – Step two, that was step three. – Open the Graham cracker packet. – Oh, it smells nice, take a little. – Mmmmm. That does smell sweet. How many scoops do we need of this? 1 1/2 of those. – [Justine] Oh, oh. – Then it just says mix well. Then we’re gonna evenly distribute
them in these four trays. Oh, this is gonna look good. – [Justine] Oh, I like your
nail polish color that’s nice. – Thanks, this is called Cosmopolitan. – I like it! – But, I feel like it kinda
looks like a watermelon. Step three complete, now
we’re on to step four. Microwave? – Don’t even, no. Do not. No, we do not need- – Yeah. – No, this is- – Bringing out the power! – No!
– Bringing the power microwave Oh, God. – [Ro] This is gonna be great, Justine. – You’re so crazy. Like, its, Ro, it’s 15 seconds. – Okay, well put this down. Is this on? How many seconds? – Ten seconds! It’s not even 15. – It’s goin’? This puppy knows how to do it. – Well there it is.
– Ooh. – Okay, this is our chocolate packet. When do we get to use that? – I thought this was the heat. Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix – [Justine] Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na – You know, I wonder we could
use the power drill to mix it? Open the marshmallow packet. This doesn’t smell like a marshmallow. It doesn’t smell like a marshmallow. – Oh, oh, oh, wow, wow. Do you wanna mix? – Oh yeah.
– Since I’ve been- – Yeah, yeah.
I’ve been mixing. – Here, you, we just finished step six. – We’re halfway there everybody. – Aa-num half-way there!
– Halfway there. ♪ Whoa ♪ ♪ Dun, dun, dun-a na-na ♪ – Ohhh,
– Okay, here we go, we’re gonna be needin’
our flicker flicker flame. – (laughs) – So it looks like this
op- oh it does- oh, hello. So this doesn’t really heat up anything. – Oh, it’s like a dispenser. – Yeah. – Whoa so this is like a chocolate button and this is a marshmallow button? – Yes! – Like, give me the chocolate, give me the marshmallow! – Yeah! – It’s like a slushie machine. – Okay, in goes our mallow. – Get in there, get in there.
– This is so silly. – Okay, here’s the chocolate. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – The choc-o-late. – I guess I put this on top. – Oh no! – Oh no it’s already comin-
– It’s coming out! Flicker flicker fail. – We’ll clean up the campfire. – Oh, gosh here, oh gosh! – This looks like a real slushie machine. – Yeah.
– They always get crazy. We just need like a little thing that keeps ’em turning, you know? Keeps the chocolate nice and smooth, keeps the marshmallow nice and smooth. – This was $12. That’s a little too intense for this technology that we have here. Step nine is, place a
single Graham cracker on the campfire spatula. – [Ro] Alright. Look at that. Looks like a little pizza oven. – Looks like a lie. What do we do first? Chocolate or marshmallow? Okay. – I think on a s’more, when
you got a graham cracker, you put your little chocolate bar down and then the marshmallow on top. – That sounds good. – So you do chocolate first. Okay, go, go. – [Justine] Oh, whoa, that’s a nice- – [Ro] Oh, that’s a lot of chocolate. – I’m gonna, I’m gonna ready?
– Marshmallow. – [Justine] Oh there we
go, oh boy, that’s a lot. – Remove the spatula from the center. This is the 12th step everybody we have arrived final step. Remove it and place another
graham cracker on the top. This is the prettiest graham cracker so I’mma put this one on the top. – Oh, there it is. I guess we should make another one so we can both try them. – Yeah, Justine, I mean, I need one. Chocolate, chocolate – [Justine] Chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate – Boom. And a little bit of marshmallow. Not really in the mood
for a lot of marshmallow. And then I’ll just pick
this little sandwich up and look at us. – Let’s just do a comparison. – Ours look better. – Uh… – (laughs) – This is full of lies! You wanna get a box of lies, this is what you gotta get. – Justine’s very upset
because she loves s’mores and it doesn’t look like the picture. – Well let’s have this delectable little- – Oh yeah. – treat, oh my gosh mine’s already- – I feel like you got
all the chocolate there. – Does that mean you want this one? – He’s like a little soggy. – That one looks better
like it just looks- – You wanna try him? – No, no, that’s fine I’ll- – Okay, here we go! I kinda like classic
s’mores a little more, but this, you know, I mean
it does taste like chocolate. – It’s just really, a very mushy cracker.
– Mushy! – It’s not a cracker. – Yeah, I think it does
taste like a s’more- – Mmhmm. – But it’s the texture- – Yeah. – It’s kinda squishy. Tastes like a s’more, but
the texture is squishy. See? Look at these. – I’m interested to see
what this stuff tastes like. I mean it tastes like
graham cracker crust. This is the marshmallow. Yeah, this stinks. – Let’s taste this one. That didn’t taste like a marshmallow. – Uh uh. – Uh. – Ew. I think we’re done here. Done. We had just lies. (laughs) Although I will say these are
actually really fun to make. – Yeah, okay. – I had so much fun making them. – I had a lot of fun making these and they did kinda taste like a s’more, only the texture was just
super weird and squishy. – I mean you can’t really expect much from like a powder, so. – Yeah, I thought, like, it
would be like astronaut meals where you add water and it’s like, poof there’s potatoes. – Oh, I’m getting an
after taste from that. – The marshmallow one?
– The marshmallow, yeah, that’s definitely ground up plastic, for sure.
– And, the only thing I was hoping, I was really hoping that this would cook stuff, like a little Easy Bake or something. – Yeah. This is not a fun clean-up. – No, it’s just a dispenser. – Mm mm, parents.
– Just like a slushie machine. – You’re not gonna wanna clean this later. – But it lights up. – It’s true! And I had great time
making this with you, so- – I had a great time
making these with you. – So thanks so much for joining me and thanks for letting me use your set-up. – Justine, if you need to
come over and build something, do it here. I’ve got everything. – Right?
– I got microwaves, I’ve got power tools, I just got a leaf blower the
other week, couple weeks ago. I’ve got everything. – It’s true, she really does.
– So bring it over. – We also made a super
fun video on Ro’s channel so go check that out. I’ll put a link in the
description and annotations where you guys can go check that out. And that’s it! We did it! – Ta-da! – Ta-da!
(Ro giggles) Okay, cool, well, that’s all. We’ll see you guys next video. Bye! (country music)

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