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okay this is so weird
I haven’t done like a live stream on a computer in like a long time. The last time I
live streamed it was like a months ago mexi girl hey hola que pasa Hey hey
everyone this is gonna be a live stream so I was supposed to stream a little
earlier today but I was trying this new program so I could stream to like multiple
outlets but for some reason it wasn’t working for YouTube so I’m just gonna do
like a separate live stream here just for YouTube so at in the next five
minutes right now it’s pacific time it’s 5:45pm so in five minutes I will
reveal the Allysse TV fandom name here so you guys will finally have a name so I’m
just waiting hi I’m just waiting for you know more of
you guys to come so I can you know give you know as many people a chance to
like hear it first pretty much so I do want to take the time to definitely
thank you guys so much for already getting the channel now to 3,000
over 3,000 subscribers like that’s amazing and thank you so
much for liking and commenting and sharing my videos I really appreciate it
and I you guys know I love and enjoy doing this and what I do and I can’t
wait to share the other videos that I have coming up especially for December
I’ve been wanting to do this actually for a few years in December I mean I
don’t know if I should like reveal like kind of like what I want to do but I
don’t know if it’s possible only because I don’t know if I’ll be able to have all
the videos in time to do that so if if I like mid-november to the end of November
if I know for sure it can happen then I will just tell you guys like it
sometimes November what’s gonna be happening in
December or once December comes but if it doesn’t happen then I’ll still tell
you guys it’s like oh this is what I wanted to do but I couldn’t do it but
yeah I mean yes well if I can well once I tell you what
it is maybe like okay it’s understandable but we’ll see oh thank
you yeah like I don’t I I just don’t want to say it yet because then I kind
of feel obligated to do it and it might like be a difficult thing to do right
now since December is almost here so like I would need a lot of prep time so
that’s the only reason why I don’t really want to say anything yet but it
is something that I’ve been wanting to do since like 2015 but I think this
would be a really perfect year actually to do it so hopefully I have some time
to do it so if I can’t I’ll definitely I always want to just tell you guys like
right now what it is because I just don’t want to hold it in so if you guys
want to like know what it is like I’ll just tell you it’s like you know I want
I want to do this like so bad but I don’t know it might be really hard and
difficult to do but yeah okay so so what I’ve been wanting to do for the past couple of years for December I don’t know if any youtubers out here have done
this yet at all but I’ve always wanted to do a 25 days of Christmas which is 25
videos one December first all the way to December 25th so it’d be one video every
day till Christmas but I don’t know I just don’t know if I’ll be able to like
get it all in in time so I don’t know cuz I don’t want to like you know stress
myself out doing this and stuff like I want to have fun with every single video
and I want to make sure every video is thought-out and everything so that’s the
only reason why I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to do it this year I want
to do it so bad but you know if I can’t then I just can’t you know but because you
know I always want to give you guys the best videos I can give you guys so I
don’t want to like rush things you know well but only because some videos might
take like a little time and you know some of my videos are anywhere between
well that’s ask a kpop trainee videos I actually want to do like at least two to
three questions in a video cuz there’s still a lot of questions to answer so
more of those will be posted in December and also next month – it’s almost 5:50pm
yeah but I have like some other videos and some story times that I haven’t told
you guys yet especially my time being in Korea and I guess I’ll give you like a
little little little peek inside what’s gonna happen in December there’s a story
time that I want to share with you guys because I know like you guys are
interested not just in kpop but like in Korea how life is in Korea and of course
you know if you like those Korean boys you know so I wanted to share like a
story time from the time when I was signed I won’t reveal like who the
person is but I’m pretty sure if I told you guys the company you’d be able to
figure out who it was so I’m not like gonna like say all I’ll say for now is
that it was somebody that I used to work with at the company that was with in
Korea but yeah that’s all I’m gonna say for now until the story time video is
made and posted – in December and I’m actually gonna be I don’t know what to
tell you guys yet because it’s like I’m giving you guys like well I guess since
you’re here for the livestream cuz sometimes when I do live streams
I don’t like keep it on my channel for a long time so I guess if I decide to like
delete this live stream then only you guys will know what’s happening in
December so I don’t know but we’ll see I guess but for sure in December I can
tell you guys this in December I will be sharing a song with you guys that
you’ll be able to get for download and I think it’s actually a perfect time for a
December like just the way the track is and everything and you know there’s a
story behind it so yeah you guys will definitely enjoy December for sure I
have it like you know planned out so yeah I know I’m just like talking and
talking and talking I just have a lot to say that’s all but okay so it’s 5:51pm so
I’m a minute late but mmm so before I reveal the fandom name I
went you guys to guest like what do you think I would call you I mean I’m kind
of scared cuz you guys actually might get it right but I don’t know mexi girl I have no flippin idea and then Tiffani
XO or that might just be a face emoji thing and it just says the alligators
that’s a cute name I don’t know OMG oriental ori with some little crying
face alright give me a drumroll okay so this fandom name it doesn’t matter if
you are or aren’t this I still consider you this so three two one all right so
you guys from now on will be called Aki so it stands for aspiring k-pop idol and
I was actually after I thought about it I was like just you know for a few days
in a few weeks I’m like okay I can definitely see calling you guys Aki so
from now on it’s Aki and it’s spelled Aki Aki so yeah oh thank you
mmm-hmm yeah cuz like I mean I’ve been wanting a fandom name for a while but
I’m just like well you know nothing was like coming to mind like I know like a
few years ago I thought ally cats but then once Katy Perry came out with Katy
cats I’m just like no I don’t want to use it so like yeah I’ve been wanting
like a fandom name for a while so I’m glad that I finally just I’m gonna
just happened and I feel like it’s very fitting for you guys and I like the name
oh yeah oh my god yes I love it oh that’s so cool yeah I think it fits
you guys yeah Hi Midori yeah and then it’s kind of
funny though too because like it’s not a Korean name which it doesn’t have to be
of course and Aki is actually like a Japanese name but I like it and I think
it sounds really cute too so yeah I have to drink water – yeah I’m glad that you
guys like it yeah so #aki or #akisquad I like it too it sounds adorable it does yeah I like it a lot so mm-hmm
so you know I actually never typed here so yep now the only thing though is if I
say like ah keys if I make it plural I still don’t know if I just want to do it
s or like two E’s and s I’m not sure on that part yet but one thing at a time
but yeah for right now it’s gonna be Aki so so now when I make my new videos I
can say hey Aki’s you know what’s going on you know things like that so it’s not
just you know oh this is AllysseTV so I feel like it’s more like more of a
connection with you guys too – mmhmm yeah I’m like hecka juiced right now and like
happy that you guys are here and I’m able to like tell you guys like what the
name is so you guys are the first to hear it so I’ll definitely make sure I
remember your guys names yep so before okay oh I didn’t know I’ve
been streaming for like almost 11 minutes already okay so your name is
Taylor alright Mexigirl04. I’m so happy
finally have a freaking fandom name this is so great. do you guys like have
any questions I could stream for like a little bit more and then I’m gonna start
recording some videos for you guys yeah like I’m trying to think what else can I
share with you guys for December what’s your favorite Korean Street food oh you
know actually to be honest I’m actually kind of scared to try Street food um but
I will say that when I was in Myeongdong last year I got something like very
simple that you can’t really mess up it was like I think was just like fried
tempura fried shrimp I know it’s not really anything like Korean but I think
that’s like the only really Street food that I remember trying it so far in
Korea but yeah like I don’t know I’m just kind of like scared to try it
because I just feel like you know you’re gonna get sick but I mean I guess they
have Street food and people are buying it so I guess it’s probably okay I mean
korea is really not that dirty at least of course that I’ve seen I mean there
are some like dirty parts but for the most part like the main parts that people go
to it’s like pretty clean but if I could say I have like a favorite Korean food
it’s a Jjajangmyeon I don’t know if you ever heard of that but it’s pretty much it’s
a like a really dark black to brown sauce with noodles sometimes I put
the shrimp one is the one is my favorite I think it’s like a soybean paste or
something that they use I don’t really know how to make it I try to make any
years ago and it does not come out how it was supposed to come out but that’s
like one of my favorite dishes when I was living in Korea and the last time
that I went like that’s like my favorite Jjajamyeon? or jjajangmyeon? but
yeah it’s actually from it’s like a fusion with the Chinese but it’s really
good Mexigirl04 I’m filled with support for you you’ve
helped me through a lot of stuff and insecurities about wanting to be a kpop
idol my parents don’t really support you may have remembered me oh oh yeah I
remember you saying that your parents you were the one that said that your
parents didn’t support you but because of me it made you like want to try I
believe because I could do get a few of those comments and like you know before
making that video well for one before I get into what I’m gonna say I definitely
like love seeing comments like this and you know you telling me that you know
you pretty much we’re gonna give up on your dream and because of my video it
like gave you the encouragement to try like that’s like like touches my heart
like I almost really want to cry right now I’m just trying to like be very calm
right now but like you know like it makes me feel really good that I can
like give like do that for someone else you know crying right now you know I
can’t even talk. you know just it just really touches me and makes me feel
really happy to know that I encourage someone to do something
they really want to do and then try so yeah like that’s what why I wanted to do
videos like that too for anyone that’s like insecure because like you know
there’s some people that don’t have like that support um like follow their dreams
or to do kpop because you know there’s mainly just Koreans or Asians and I felt
like you know other youtubers that are out there you know they’ll give you like
tips or talk about the industry and stuff but what makes me different is
that I don’t you know just do that but I also want to encourage you guys because
well for one you guys and encouraged me to give you guys the encouragement
because I would see like comments saying how like you know I feel so insecure or
I’m like 15 or 13 or however old you were and I’m just like blown away like
really like for one you’re like super young like you should be feeling
like man I could do anything like instead of feeling like the total
opposite so I’m just like you know what can I say or or do to give them
encouragement so like follow their dreams and just go for it like when I
was doing kpop and getting into it and stuff like I never thought in my mind
like this is not gonna work out because I’m not Asian like they’re not gonna
want to work with me or anything like I just kept going like okay you didn’t
want me okay I just keep fighting until you know something happens like I I know
I was just like super duper confident like I just had no doubts in my mind
whatsoever and I mean I didn’t even care to like you be living in a foreign
country by myself no family don’t know anybody and it’s like I was you know
thinking back at it um I think it was like one of my family members they were like
you know that was like really brave to like you know go all the way to some
other foreign land that you’ve never been to barely know the language and you
know I wasn’t like not scared at all or anything to live there so you know and
it’s pretty safe I mean I feel like it’s more safe there than here in the States
and oh and I’m gonna finally read your guys comments because just talking. ok
Donnie’s here I had passed you by one feet I know I know
I saw your video too and then can a foreigner become an actress
in Korea yes I can actually make a video about that there’s some foreigners
actually in Korea like there’s so many different up my videos I’m gonna be
making to inform you guys too about like foreigners that that are in the music
industry and other parts of like entertainment and stuff cuz I know that
some of you are probably really young – we’re probably people that I have heard
of you probably wouldn’t have heard of because you’re too young to know so yeah
I don’t mean to make you cry oh no it’s okay Taylor like it’s it’s fine I just
yeah it’s just like yeah I can’t like I used to be like a really sensitive
person but like just certain things like especially when it it’s with you guys
like you know it touches my heart I can’t help but cry okay yeah I mean with
a lot of things in life like not just you know following your dreams and stuff
but just with anything you just have to like just be on a positive like you
don’t have to be super optimistic or anything like that you could be a
realist you know and you can just keep it real with yourself you know but at
the same time you want to have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts jongkook’s
Shea wow you’re so pretty thank you she called my name oh no don’t die please
come back japanese fan actually have fun shared with you
guys like who I’m married to or anything like that but
I can tell you guys that I’m married to a Japanese man not Japanese
American but Japanese and this is the fan that his family gave to me all ahh
people who just came the fan name is oh yeah you’re late to the
party it’s okay yes thank you me go to you for
that mm-hmm yep so you guys can hashtag Aki Aki squad yeah I’m gonna start using
it to in my videos and stuff I do have a question for you guys actually cuz I’m
thinking of doing like um like a skit I think you guys would probably think it’s
funny I was thinking of doing a skit for like how kpop auditions are kind of like
picking fun at the judges I guess just a little something because
I’m sure that some of you that have been to kpop auditions you definitely be like
oh my god they are just like that mmm yes I am you’re married well I did
know that yes yeah yeah I got married in March actually I know I think probably
the newcomers like if you haven’t been subscribed to my channel uh well I
hadn’t announced it I don’t even remember what video it was but I had
said it in one of my videos yeah that I’m married but yeah usually you’ll see
me wearing this ring on my finger the only time like I won’t have it on
and so if I’m like trying to hurry and rush and I record a video and I forget
to put it on but other then that I always have it on and can you guys hear me pretty
good? I think you guys can cuz earlier I was trying to check the levels on here
oh crap I was trying to check the levels married to Japan while doing yeah
backwards you know it’s funny that you say that because my husband he has a
friend she she’s not married but she’s with a Korean guy but likes Japanese
stuff and he’s like he felt the same way he’s like what the heck he’s like come
on Japanese man and then I told him like well you’re winning because you know I
mean I still like Japanese stuff too don’t get me wrong of course but of
course my channel is based on mainly like Korean stuff but I told him I’m
like well you’re winning cuz you know most of the stuff that I talk about and
like is like Korean stuff yeah but yeah like I’ve been watching more J-dramas
actually because of my husband and they’ve been really good. I used to
watch J-dramas like a long time ago like there was this one J-drama that I
was watching years ago but I don’t remember the title but I know it was
pretty good it was like this girl she went to an all-boys school but she was
disguised as a boy but I don’t remember the name so probably if I look it up
like that and I might be able to find it if I put like girl disguises herself as
a boy too like all Japanese boy school I probably finding like that but
yeah I honestly can’t stop looking at your stuffed animals in the background
oh well this one this piggy here I actually got that for my husband for
Valentine’s Day so that’s actually his but I thought that it’d be cute because it’s
it’s pink well that’s why I bought it too because it was pink and it had a
little bow tie but yeah I just felt it went with what I have going on it’s like
all everything’s like pink it’s kind of like the theme of my my banner here
so yeah and then the little teddy bear back there i actually bought that from
japan a few years ago so it’s like a little teddy bear the Sanrio i have to
tell you guys if you love Sanrio the japanese Sanrio stores are the best
whether it’s online or in person like they have the cutest Sanrio
stuff ever liked me for me personally though Hello Kitty’s not my favorite
actually my melody is my favorite so anything my melody oh my god I love it
but yet I like see the stuff they have like online and stuff compared to the
u.s. I’m like this no yeah I’m just like no I don’t know
why it’s like that I guess certain things are may be exclusive in Japan I
guess I don’t know but I think the bear actually is like limited-edition I think
or something but they never sold it here in the States and then this little bag
my in-laws got for me actually in Kyoto and then this is my pokey sticky right
here I just didn’t want to show the name cuz I’m not sponsoring them or anything
so yeah yeah that’s all I have my background and then just this box that
the purse came in I actually haven’t even used this the purse yet but I
like it I love sakuras so it’s like really
cute kawaii yeah it’s really cute though there was something I was going to tell you I totally forgot I
don’t remember what I was gonna say yeah I don’t remember what it says I have ten
people watching right now and I can’t believe I’ve been streaming for almost 30 minutes
really? what groups do you stan well oh well
right now I like blackpink actually I’ve been liking them for a while and
BTS I have to say I didn’t really become a
stan like I don’t know if I want to say a true fan like I just like their
music but I’m trying to think what song really it’s gonna sound weird but and
say what song really turned me on to BTS like I know blood sweat and tears I
think was what really caught more of my attention because I actually saw like
their first songs when they first debuted and when I first saw them I’m
like okay like they’re a little like BIGBANG but not quite like BIGBANG there
was just something different about them like I felt like they were more hip-hop
then pop hip-hop so that’s what caught my attention with them but I didn’t
really like follow them that close when I first came out and then this year was
it as here a relation this year I started like following them more closely
like what they have you know what they’re putting out and stuff and yeah I
mean I see why people like him and stuff and then I was reading about like what
they were you know the type of songs that they make and I was like well
that’s very different than what a lot of artists do so I see why they’re really
popular so good for them she says yes Valene what about pentagons
oh yeah I actually like pentagons their songs shine but the song after that one
I didn’t really like that one too much I only like listen to it one time though
so maybe I have to listen to it again to give it another shot but I feel like
shine was really a big hit for them that song is just everything about it is just
catchy it’s simple and I like the video Eden is my favorite whoa I mean he’s on
a pentagon anymore but he was my favorite member like he he almost has
like a little bit of like that I want to say g-dragon but he’s not like you know
100% like g-dragon but there’s just something about him that gives you like
that a little bit of a g-dragon I don’t know
what’s the word I think you guys know what I mean though
vt is what time is it by you it is 6:00 at 13:00 p.m. and then BTS you’re so
amazing beehive or bate I’m sorry not be Bey hi babies do you like black pink yes
and favorite song it’s onset vibe favorite song by black pink I always
want to say oh man well before did it do to do came out it would have been boom
bhaiyya but since the new one came out mm-hmm it had to be out of the new one
or boomba yeah probably so boom by yeah I think I could say that’s probably
still my favorite yeah “banggaweoyo” I believe I mean it’s nice to meet you I
haven’t studied my Korean a little while but I’m pretty sure that means that what
about got7 I’m actually I don’t want to say I’m not a fan of got7 it’s just that
I don’t really follow them or follow their music so I can’t really say I’m a
fan but I’m also like not a non-fan or anti fan or anything like that but I
know they released like a new song maybe a week or two ago but I haven’t had a
chance to watch it yet oh yeah boom booyah there’s actually a game there’s a
dance game and they have k-pop songs and they have that one on there I’m like oh
my god I like I love picking boom boy yeah like every single time I play that
game how do you get over nervousness for an audition like if you have a dark skin
tone oh stop worrying about what you look like with your skin tone or your
weight pretty much with nervousness like if it’s your first time you’re gonna be
nervous regardless I would say probably your first couple of auditions you’ll be
nervous but the best thing to do like to give you confidence is just pretty much
know that song inside out to where it’s like it’s
second nature to you where you’re not thinking as you’re singing the lyrics
like if you don’t have to think and it just comes and pops out of your mouth
like it’s effortless that’s like the best the best I don’t know I can’t talk
right now that’s like the best I don’t want to say
best advice I’m like not technique I don’t know why I can’t think of the word
right now sorry but yeah I would definitely just say practice that song
in and out so that you have the confidence to go on that audition even
if you’re nervous like just don’t worry about being nervous cuz you start
thinking oh my god I’m nervous like you’re gonna miss here you’re gonna mess
up with your brain and you’re gonna just yeah it’s not gonna be good for you so
do you think a 12 year old has a chance to get any company yes because there’s
companies that are looking for like 11 year olds and 10 year olds sometimes I
cannot believe you broke up with well I actually still have my Africa TV account
actually um earlier before I did a live stream here on YouTube I actually was
using a different streaming software where I got to livestream on different
platforms at the same time but it wasn’t doing YouTube for some reason so I
actually did just um do a live stream on an Afreeca TV but yeah YouTube wasn’t
happening so I had to just do a TV and then come here to tell you guys the
offending do you know the group Kristen yes I do there’s actually a song that I
heard recently like a few weeks ago it sounded like like a hip-hop type of song
and kind of remind me little bit of jay Park and if you
I can just excuse me for a second I actually have to plug my laptop before
this cuts off and I don’t want that to happen okay I’m back
how are you I remember oh I know what I was gonna ask you guys that I couldn’t
Coop’s earrings falling off I remember what I want to ask you guys so I never
tried doing one of these videos but I’m thinking of possibly trying mmm just to
kind of see like what I guess reaction I would get would you guys be interested
if I did like in ASMR video like it doesn’t necessarily have to be like kpop
lyrics or whatever like I was actually gonna do one today
as a reaction video because I don’t think anyone has done that before and
I’m I know I actually have like the voice for like that type of stuff too
but I mean I probably wouldn’t do like a lot of ASMR videos on this channel just
like maybe I would just probably be selective but I would also like to try
it with the Korean pop songs too can we move black to join the Black
Label it would be very weird if they didn’t you’re called the Black Label but
oh yeah that is a video actually then I’m gonna be making um I don’t want to
give too much away I mean this information is already out there though
but uh I guess I can just kind of tell you so at the black label there’s
actually a half black member in a group they’re supposed to be debuting probably
sometime next year and the trainee that’s how black is I don’t know if some
of you are familiar with 21 you just gotten into kpop or you’re very
young not to know who 21 is but Dara Sandara her cousin is half black and
he’s in well he’s pretty much a trainee so I don’t even know how this
information besides it being like posted on kpop media websites I don’t know how
they knew this or I guess maybe because he’s Dora’s cousin I guess that’s how
they know but her half like I’m assuming black in Korean but you know he’s at the
black label and actually someone come in and on one of my videos I’m not sure if
they’re a subscriber or not but he had said that there was somebody that was
mixed with black sign to uh it was on my will the big kpop company sign a black
k-pop idol or trainee and yeah so that was the video that he come I think it
was he yeah and he had said that and I was like oh I guess I was kind of right
because I said yg would be most likely the first one to sign somebody black and
it says what did you see okay so oriental or II said yes I really
like ASMR okay oMG really a half black member yes do
you see many black trainees do I see many black trainees well of course when
I was living in Korea like I could tell certain people that I saw were trainees
but I think in nowadays you’re gonna start seeing like as time goes on you’re
gonna start seeing a lot more foreigners and there’s actually a girl she’s not
black but she’s like she’s Swedish but she’s Native American and some other
stuff but she could have been a trainee but she turned it down but there’s gonna
be some videos that I’m gonna have actually in December where I’m telling
you guys people that have been signed as trainees and then were idols that were
not Asian so look out for that so yeah but a lot I
haven’t I can’t really say I’ve seen a lot I just know one girl right now from
the video that I made if you happen to see that one it was talking about kya
she’s the only black trainee that I know of and you’re actually not gonna really
hear about oh you know when someone’s a trainee a lot of time it’s like top
secret stuff I mean it’s not really something that a lot of people are gonna
put out there on the internet because for one it’s like you’re just a trainee
so it’s not like official official but once it’s official then you know you can
tell whoever you want but yeah like when people are trainees they’re not gonna
really say that they’re a trainee so I mean there could be more black
trainees out there but we just don’t know cuz they’re not like saying
anything or sharing their story and then and thank you Alex for your question
Alex I don’t know if that’s not just the spelling
when I become big in the kpop industry I’m gonna make sure to shout you out oh
thank you Taylor just don’t die again okay oriental Rory says yeah I saw that video
and jay says do you know if there’s a needed height and weight to become a
kpop idol well next week or well yeah this coming Friday I’m going to be
posting three ask a k-pop trainee questions and one of them does have to
do with height now wait I could just answer that here but of course I can
make a future video about it too from what I’ve seen I mean at least for me I
was like the company I was with I was fine I mean I’m already petite anyway
and so I mean I was told like that time when I performed the my performance here
on my channel like the people couldn’t believe that I was like American like
some of the girls and the performers my boss’s daughter was telling me because
she knew English and he did but the daughter she was like yeah like
they didn’t even believe that you’re like Americain I guess cuz I’m like
petite and skinny and stuff but like some reality shows that I’ve seen and
even on YouTube I’ve seen it where like they’re like you know you have to weigh
this much before you go home today and like but I would say like beyond strict
like okay it’s one thing to be on a healthy diet but like some of these
diets like an all water diet or something like that I think that’s
ridiculous like that’s not even a diet at all
you’re not eating you’re not getting any nutrition into your body and like I
can’t really say what’s a healthy kpop weight cuz like everyone’s body is
different like I know one time one of you guys actually asked me about like
weight and stuff and I was just like well you know you’re gonna have to
exercise and be in shape you know cuz you need the stamina and then I was just
like you know you just need to ask your doctor to see what is a healthy weight
for your body type is like you know I’m not a doctor so I’m not about to give
any like weight advice because everyone’s body is different so yeah and
then nexi girl why why do you keep killing me shutting on my name like that
my heart okay Mexi girl zero for yeah no problem
J you know the only thing though about doing like YouTube and doing live
streams it’s like I don’t really get to see you guys his face unless you like
have like a picture of yourself on your like your name so it’s like sometimes I
want to like I wonder what my as I say like I wonder what my people look like
my Aki soon so yeah but I’m sure I’ll be able to meet a lot of you guys in the
future so what’s getting hot in here it’s so crazy though like when I I used
to do well I know some of you are pretty new to my channel but a few years ago I
used to be on Africa TV and I so stream like think at least once a week and I
always had a lot of fun doing that and yeah my longest dream was like I think
like five hours or something like that some crazy amount I think it was like
either five five to like seven hours and yeah that was like the longest dream
ever I’m 12 years old and I have a Airy light voice how can I make my voice less
airy are you getting vocal training most likely it’s Airy because you’re pushing
too much air you’re not using your diaphragm
Mexi girls are for are you more eastern or western oh I’m on the west side on
the west side of the USA California California yeah I’m a Cali girl and then
some of you actually might be following my other youtube channel which is my
cover channel I haven’t posted on there for a while but I’ll start posting again
on there not as frequent as this channel here this channel is going to always be
every Friday but that channel I mean it’s only covers – like for me I always
feel like you know I feel like with doing covers I guess in some ways the
reason why I haven’t really been doing covers because I feel like it’s a waste
of time because I would much rather use that time to create original songs than
to practice a cover so that’s all I reason why I haven’t really been posting
covers but I do want to post like as much as I can on there like just for
covers and stuff like that but I’m more all about just you know putting my own
stuff out there so that’s really why I haven’t really been doing covers for a
long time mmm
Florida oh wait let me go back up it says hi you are so beautiful what is
your race um I mixed I just say black and Mexican and Mexican four so you’re a
Florida girl and then oriental or E New York oh I’ve been to Florida and New
York actually Florida it’s humid like Korea during the summer and then New
York that was like springtime so weather wasn’t too bad it was a little chilly
and then was a world I’ve asked my parents if they could sign me up for
lessons but they said no I’ve been practicing a lot and I’ve seen some
improvement in my voice okay well that is definitely good and I’m glad that
you’re still practicing even though your parents are like nope so that is good
well I’m going to reread this let make sure okay good okay yeah good good
what’s up world then Cynthia I’m a San Francisco girl ha ha
Frisco I’m actually born in San Francisco that is where I was born
what’s the world says KY so Kentucky right I hope I’ve never been there are
you ever going to go to Korea again yes I plan on going next year but I’m not
100% sure on that only because there’s some things that are going on where I
actually might be going to Japan next year so I don’t know if I can fit Korea
in which I do it probably like the end of next year because I want to go back
and collab with more producers and writers and stuff that I know and that
I’ve met there and one there’s gonna be some new music though coming out next
year so I will keep you guys updated on that any original song
any original music videos will be on this channel like I said the other
channel is just for covers so this channel is gonna be you know all about
original content and things like that my parents are the same as hers
except they tell me to be quiet because I’m singing to hounds yeah I I mean yeah
I always try to sing from my diaphragm do you like living there in Korea I mean
did you like I mean yeah there were things I liked and disliked there’s
actually gonna be a video I’m gonna be making like things that I liked and
things that it didn’t like about Korea like just from living there and then
from visiting the last time I went there some things happened to me that I never
thought what ever happened in Korea but it did but yeah I’ll be talking about a
specific story I actually talked about it on a live stream the last of my life
streamed here the Seoul station all I have to say is don’t go there by
yourself I’ll just say that but yeah I will tell you guys that story at a later
time that’ll be in a video form for you guys I have tried a DNA test how about
you well I’ve seen like a lot of youtubers doing the DNA thing but I
actually wanted to try it but after thinking about it I don’t know I’m like
50/50 on it only because it’s like okay it’ll probably tell me things that I
already knew but then didn’t know and at the same time it’s like well what are
they doing with my DNA exactly you know it’s like I don’t really feel
comfortable with that part so I don’t know if I’ll ever take one I don’t know
and then to like I saw some youtubers were there like comparing like the
different companies and they got like different results so it’s kind of like I
really just I don’t know maybe it’s just all for fun really and they’re not
really accurate and then and it’s just like a waste of money like if anything
you might as well just go as far as you can in your family tree and you could
figure it out okay hmm I’ve never been to Kentucky at all
they’re still like states I haven’t been to I’ve only been to Nevada and Florida
New York I’ve been to Georgia but that was the air for it so that price doesn’t
count it says my parents probably would sign me up for vocal lessons but I
haven’t really asked they know I want to be a kpop idol and my dad supports me
but my mom is a little iffy I wonder if you’re the same person that oriental
Orie cuz I remember I don’t know if it was
you or someone else but they’re saying that their dad supports them but their
mom doesn’t but I don’t know it could have been you but I mean I would just
say ask them I mean what’s the worst thing happen they say no I mean and then
let’s see it said that I am part UK Southwest Africa
okay my last name is from a white family so something so something is lying to me
hmm did you meet a lot of people in Korea
and did you see any stars what about shopping where did you live what city so
I guess you mean this like me living there well actually the first time that
I went to Korea and was living there I didn’t really meet a lot of people but I
did see like celebrities Korean celebrities there was an actor that I
saw I saw a few members from 4-minute and I saw keyonnah
she’s like heck of small who else did I see then I saw like other like either
they were trainees or a part of groups cuz I was living in Seoul and the part
of Seoul is Kangnam and inside Kangnam the area that I lived was chungdam-dong
and there’s a Family Mart like right around the corner where I was living and
I’ll show you guys to where I used to live and stuff
I don’t have like camera footage from like outside of the actual apartment
building like I don’t know why I didn’t really record like I should have been
vlogging like daily vlogs like seriously I should have been doing that but at the
time I just wasn’t really that into like making YouTube videos and documenting
everything and I was just more in the moment and focusing on what I was there
to do but I kind of got sidetracked now Oh shopping I already said where you
live shopping um yeah Co X was my place COEX
mall was like the place for me I mean I’d mall is super huge it has a freakin
subway underneath there’s plenty of stores to shop there’s American brands
Korean brands I mean like yeah definitely recommend that mall it’s the
underground mall it’s like the biggest one in the world and it has an aquarium
so if you like aquariums then you can also visit that too there and see I’m
from so oh my gosh so technical I’m from South Africa Nicole that’s cool and then
oriental my mom sometimes says no because they treat trainees bad but I
don’t know she’d let me she knows it’s my dream well I mean for one I would
just say you need to research and I’m gonna talk about companies that you
don’t want to sign with and then I’ll have stories to back it up and
everything but you know just research the companies that you want to sign with
kind of see the history of them and like how they’re other artists have been
treated things like that I can’t really say trainees get treated badly but I
mean you’re gonna be training for a lot of hours like I would say eight would be
like the least amount hours but you could be training for like 12 hours
maybe even more than that but it’s gonna definitely be hard if you have to like
go to like high school or school but I mean is what it is
have you ever seen Kong Hyunjoo from Pentagon he’s such a visual well I don’t
know his visual I don’t know what he looks like so let me look him up he said
from ok oh yeah he’s cute but I don’t know if I remember him though in shine
that’s the only thing like I don’t remember that face favorite songs at the
moment well I do like the new kiss and makeup song from duo Lipa and be like a
pink I like that song there’s another song though actually that this is kind
of an well I won’t say all but a few years old
it’s called emotion from Carly Rae Jepsen I like that song and there’s
another one it is from it’s some new artists she’s like I don’t know how old
she is but she’s from Germany and moved to LA I like 14 I think and her song is
called a O heart to break from kim fortress petrus I don’t know how you say
her last name but yeah those are like my 3 songs right now that’s like my
favorite and I guess I could say there are my favorites cuz they’re like new to
me like the other two songs are like not super new but I just like recently I
came across them I like oh my effing god she owned my Christian Way you said she
is a hue Anna I don’t know if that was a misspell oh okay it says hi Raquel hello
Raquel I I’m done with celebrity crushes it was a
trip though like the first time when I went to Korea like listen I don’t
remember what I said in the video that I made but I’m pretty sure was like the
first four days or like within like the week or a week and a half of just living
there I was already seeing like celebrities and stuff but I guess it was
because I was in Gangnam but I know the last other times that I went there I
didn’t run into any celebrities or anything at all but I mean I did get to
meet newer people the last time that I went I got to meet some producers and
writers there so and then oh I missed this question do you know how to speak
Korean write it yes and I almost was thinking Japanese right now I was about
to say hi because I’m learning Korean and Japanese at the same time right now
so sometimes I want to say hi instead of neh so I’m like kind of backwards my
brain what’s the world says I really want to audition but I know I’m not
ready for it I have a lot of maturing to do well I mean I guess if you feel that
way yeah I mean you still got a practice and then Raquel says I will love your
channel well I’m glad you love my channel
oh and for anyone that just joined the live chat here or the live stream um you
guys are known as Aki now I think some of you are late so yeah so it could be
Aki Aki squad hashtag never going to meet the mix of MVP concerts to Steven
and Cheyenne his part is baby only yours oh oh okay I was born in Italy but I
came to Brazil when you were five okay that’s cool let’s see oh it says I
really caught this icon wide mm-hmm favorite song from BIGBANG
BIGBANG my favorite song oh man well I can always say that bad boy is always my
favorite not even because like I won the best vocal like it I just feel like that
song has always just been my favorite and one last dance I like that song it’s
like hecka sad and I was actually going to cover that if around the around the
time but like when it came out I was actually going to cover it because any
of you guys that have been to my livestream on Africa TV if you saw like
that really really long stream I did my dog came into the live stream and I
showed her and I was actually gonna like do like a tribute song like with that
song to her cuz she actually passed away a few years ago I never like of course
like announced it or anything but like if you guys are familiar or I think I
still have her on my Instagram I should like my older Fisher’s the big boxer
that my family had yeah but yeah that would be my favorite and then the
weather in Korea depends on the time of year like if it’s a summer time it’s
gonna be humid and it might be raining and humid like yeah the last time I went
you guys I’m sure saw that story time about my nightmare at kpop residents
yeah it was it was a little rainy when I arrived in Korea that day but then after
a while was fine and then I was in my room for like 10 minutes and then also I
started raining really really hard and then all of a sudden it’s like my window
is leaking I’m like no and yeah wind stopped so then I was like yeah I got to
get out of here so yeah ended up finding a place though thank goodness because I
was out there in the rain I was like I felt like I was in like a kdrama like I
was like this cannot be happening to me right now I’m by myself
with my backpack on with this big suitcase and another bag and it’s
pouring raining but luckily I did buy an umbrella at the airport and it was a big
one but it was like puddles everywhere then I had these flats on of course no
socks cuz it’s hot and I’m just like this is the worst ever but yeah yeah
that was not fun my favorite company was yg but I don’t really like what he did
to 21 well I hate to say but it’s called the business
so pretty much I felt like the reason why 21 pretty much disband and they he
didn’t resign them as a band was because they just weren’t making the type of
money that he wanted from them I mean they were always competing with BIGBANG
and you know before they came out they’re like oh it’s like the female
BIGBANG and I mean if I compare their popularity it’s a black pink I mean it
seems like black pink is more popular than 21 but in reality black pink is
actually still growing they’re still like not like big k-pop stars like if
you really look at like the sales are making and things like that and Plus
nowadays there’s more k-pop fans like what six eight years ago when 21 was out
like kpop wasn’t as popular as it is now worldwide so you know there’s just more
reach but yeah I mean of course I still wish 21 was around but that’s what black
pink is for to be honest they’re like a newer version of 21 because it’s the
same writer same type of style things are just a little updated it’s just
different people oh thank you oaky I’m a comment on
Friday remember me yeah I always remember your name cuz its Mexi and I’m
I’m assuming that’s like you know a slang for Mexican right I’m part Mexican
so like that’s what I think when I see that name do you like pets
what kind yes I like pets I like dogs I like goldfish the fancy goldfish yeah
I think those are the only T type of pets I would have I mean if I ever had
anything that’s like I don’t want to say like exotic or anything well yeah okay
well I was gonna say chinchilla but no actually there is something that is an
exotic pet that I think is so cute it was actually in the doot-doot-doot video
I was really shocked to actually see it in video like oh my god no one’s ever
look like use that before I don’t know if you guys are familiar with a phoenix
fox but a few years ago I saw like videos online like I never seen them
before until like seeing a video or a picture or something I’m like oh my god
they’re so adorable but then when I like saw a video of like the noises they make
I’m like that might get annoying for me so I don’t know if I would ever own a
phoenix Fox but they are very very cute and then says what’s the weirdest
compliment you received the weirdest compliment huh I don’t think I’ve had a
weird compliment not that I can think of I don’t I would remember that if it was
like a weird compliment will you be planning on collabing with other
youtubers I’ve actually thought about it so possibly sometime next year you’ll
see me collab with some more creators here on YouTube but
there’s actually a few people that I’ve been wanting to work with for a while on
the mute on the music in my butt yeah you guys will be hearing about all that
stuff once I reveal it to ya I’m just over here with my nail because it hurts
really bad I sliced it with this uh it’s like this thing that you slice like
vegetables on and I didn’t wear like the special glove and like it sliced my my
nail like almost halfway through my nail so it’s like this little parts like
bending I should just wear a band-aid though and then do you have any songs
you wrote are produced I do it is on iTunes and Amazon and my Korean song one
is on all the Korean music websites and of course you know I’m creating new
music and you guys actually will be hearing a song that I never got to share
actually but like I told you guys from earlier but in case you guys are just
tuning in it’s about well I don’t think I told you what it was about but well
you’ll just find out one when I tell you guys um I’m trying to think when I’m
gonna actually post it but probably like December 1st
I think December 1st and then the next day after that then I will have the
story time for that like the whole story behind the song and everything like that
I think you guys will like it you’d be like oh yeah um no it’s just
some random Keys I pressed and this is what came out sorry to disappoint
oh do you have any favorites of favorites like what because I wasn’t
reading it when I was talking wabi-sabi life get a girl thank you Alex are you under Korean label and if
so who are your label mates no I am not signed to any label I’m independent and
I am solo I don’t know why you like the second person asked me that I think
you’d like the second person because I don’t remember seeing your name with
that comment yeah someone had asked me if I was signed and if I was with like a
group or something but no I’ve always been solo
so I know oh my gosh I’ve been streaming for like almost an hour in seven minutes
time surely went by super fast well I can say in the next like five to nine
minutes I do have to cut this livestream off only because I do need to record
some videos before my husband gets home so it says oh who do you want to collab
with hmm I don’t know but there is two rappers right now that I want to collab
with one of the rappers we’ve been following each other on Twitter for a
few years now I don’t know if you guys ever heard of shinbe but I really like
her rapping voice and I’ve been wanting to work with her for a while but I just
don’t have a song to put her on it just yet but the other person that I just
came across on YouTube like maybe a month a month and a half ago and I’m
gonna talk to uh talk to her I’m gonna talk about her on my channel – Gracie
grey she’s from unpretty Rapstar season 3 and I really like her rap voice – and
I already like have a song to put her on if you guys go to my soundcloud actually
have it but I think it would be better to add a feature on there on the song
that I have so yeah and who else I’m trying to think well
there’s like writers and producers that I want to work with
and yeah but once all that stuff happens I will let you guys know and you’ll get
you know behind the scenes and all that juicy stuff see okay that’s cool do you
think kpop would change in a few years yeah I think definitely I feel like it’s
changing like more faster than I expected it to I feel like it’s gonna
accelerate because I mean like before when I was like trying to do kpop there
wasn’t really a lot of foreigners kpop wasn’t really like the thing to try to
get into and nowadays it’s like a lot more foreigners are like wanting to get
into the industry so eventually more foreigners are going to break through I
mean of course it’s not gonna be rampid where you’re like you see foreigners and
every single group that’s just like I’m not gonna happen but I believe that it’s
changing and I believe that we will see another foreigner non-asian Idol whether
they’re in a group or solo so yeah yes I know she be she was doing things in New
York I am surprised that she responds to all of her YouTube comments yeah that’s
that’s really good when someone can come consec compliment when someone can
comment on their like video their messages and stuff like that’s why like
I try to reply back to as many comments as I can there’s actually still some
comments that I have to reply to so I’ll have to do that later tonight
who is your oldest and highest well I can’t really say I have an ultimate bias
I mean okay maybe I guess because I feel like BIGBANG group for me I guess because they were
like one of the First’s like boy groups I’m pretty sure they were before SHINee
so meaning like me liking Big Bang before SHINee because I got introduced
to yg on accident so they were my first label so I don’t know if that’s why I
favor them I don’t think so he’s just the style that I like but yeah
I feel like I’m going so far like I mean I don’t know I just have lots of things
to say I guess have you heard of rocky write her songs are amazing
you should collab I think she is in Korea right now I’m not sure ever heard
of that name but I’ll have to look at it are you part ajun I mean I could be but
no I don’t think so I don’t think I am but I think some people probably think
I’m my part Asian I think I think because of my eyes but I don’t know it
could just be the Native American side I think though is what makes people think
I’m like part Asian I’m so glad that people like you are putting black
artists on the map and K kpop genre yeah this is you’re inspiring well thank you
I don’t want to just be inspiring you guys know that like I also want to like
give you guys encouragement and you know I’ll try to make up other videos and
think of other videos for you guys for like motivation so like anytime you guys
feel like oh I can’t do this is just just watch my motivation videos and just
keep listening to it and you know hopefully it’ll help you know help you
get through with whatever is making you not feel like confident in at least
trying like I say like you know you’re already failing if you don’t try so yeah
may you please tell shim be that I wanted to but if I can I can tell her to
give you a shout out what have you ever heard of the group that has only
American guys and yes I have I guess you probably didn’t watch my why
do for ins when it be k-pop stars cuz or k-pop idols because I actually put them
on the thumbnail for that video is exp edition right mm-hmm I saw a lot of your
stuff and your voice is beautiful the industry is – it’s not to get you well
means their loss you know the group called now United now United is a global
mixed group of pop music are they from the UK actually does it have like a
black guy and then the other three are like european alex encouraged me right
now go well like i said you know you can’t okay let me put it like this i
don’t know if this is like a quote cuz i don’t know i just feel like this is
something i came up with but i always just haven’t told myself of course this
in a long time but there was a kid once he had asked me something and I told him
well it’s better to try and fail then to not have tried at all and like after I
said like said that he didn’t even like have any type of response cuz like
whatever it was that he was talking about he was saying something about like
why even try anyway or something and then after I said that like he didn’t
really have like a rebuttal to say or anything so pretty much all that means
is like you know at least try out something and if you fail then you fail
but doesn’t necessarily mean you know to give up either but it’s like you’re
already failing if you don’t even try because it’s like you’ll never know like
what could have happened like say you know you’re like I’m a foreigner it’s
not gonna happen for me and then like a few years later you see some foreigner
or a group a whole group that’s foreign and they’re doing
kpop like oh if you would have just kept going yeah that could have been you and
also I can open other doors too so you know anything is possible and I’m gonna
make another video actually see I’m giving all these ideas and I’m gonna do
I don’t want to do that this is not that type of livestream but it’s gonna be a
video actually now I just got sidetracked my brain is like I don’t
remember so I guess I’m not supposed to share it yet let’s see I don’t know how
to say this name but well Britney yes I know how to say Britney Jimin hello but
the next name I don’t want to butcher this name I don’t know if your name is
supposed to be like maybe it’s Mahad I don’t want to say your name wrong haha
who’s Huff is I think it’s Huff it’s are Hafiz
hello sorry if I’m like messing up your name cuz I’m sure I did Britney G min
I’m late yes you’re late you’re an hour and 16 minutes late oooh exp guys are so
fine hmm can I say they’re well not not for me not for my personal taste the XP
is kind of cringy they are good singers but I’m not sure if kpop is for them
I’ve seen like some of their stuff I know at first I thought like you know I
didn’t really know what to think about them actually because I didn’t even hear
about them until I went to New York and I had a show there and the guy doing the
show he was he had asked me if I heard of them cuz they’re actually based in
New York and I was like no I never heard of them and
he was saying that there was two black members and then of course there’s not
any black members at all now but I don’t really know like what happened like why
they weren’t part of the group of course a lot of people be like oh because
they’re black I mean who knows maybe they just didn’t want to do it I don’t
know but I I really want to like investigate this because I’m like really
curious as to why those two guys are no longer a part of exp like I’m just
curious like was it their personal decision or was it on the companies in
they didn’t want them to be a part of the group because originally there were
six members it is hard is it hard to be a cabel oil are your diets as they’re
Kaori Nene I can’t even breathe right now
Carini that’s a cute name though so I mean of course it’s not gonna be easy
being an idol I mean I’m not on that status yet where I’m like a big k-pop
idol or anything but you know you have to know that it’s gonna be hard because
people don’t see you as like a normal person and you’re a star so people want
to be around you and get pictures and meet you and everything and sometimes
you may not want to be bothered like I mean I’m another person I mean so far
I’ve I’m not like I said I’m like not on that status at all but I’m pretty sure
like I love interacting with my fans and meeting you guys and stuff like that so
I don’t think I’m gonna ever have like that type of a issue where I’m like I
just don’t want to be bothered today it’s like you’re putting yourself in the
limelight so you already know what’s going on so you can’t really get mad at
your fans for like you know wanting to meet you or take a picture with you cuz
it’s just like you know it’s just part of the game so get used to it like I’ve
seen some pictures actually one of the I don’t know if you guys are gonna be
familiar with this group but I’ll just give you guys his name that he goes by
I think the he’s a Korean from TVXQ and I think well one of the names he goes by
I think is Jia and I saw like this picture he was like in a cafe or
something and outside the windows you see all these Korean girls like looking
through the window and just looking at him and it’s like pretty much like he’s
a goldfish in a fishbowl that’s kind of like a nightmare photo they’re like if
you’re like that big of a star where it’s that bad and then the diet thing I
was talking about that earlier actually I mean they probably will have you on a
diet unless you’re naturally blessed to be petite and have a fast metabolism cuz
I mean some of the girls I’ve seen I’m like dang like they’re like way too
skinny and then I’m sure you guys have heard about like like outrageous diets
like where they just have them drink water like that’s not what’s doing like
really bad stuff to your body like your body’s pretty much in survival mode it’s
gonna be eating away at your muscles and I’m trying to see if I missed anything
you think there’s a place for a big girl like me well I can say right now I mean
right now I mean if it’s like gonna be k-pop idol stuff I mean from what I’ve
seen it looks like all the girls are like thin but there’s some the only
there’s a few of them though that are like well I would say thick for like
Korean standards one wasn’t secret the group secret I don’t remember her
name but she had that goodnight kiss song and then there’s another girl she’s
in mamamoo I don’t remember her name even though and I’m trying to think who
else like those two are ones that are like known to be big and then you have a
li too so but for k-pop industry standards like they always want like I
can’t say that we want skin girls they them to look like skinny girls let’s put
it like that like unrealistic oh it is Mohamad okay because it just was no a
there so I was like I don’t know how to say it
Oh Hafiz happens hopefully you’re right – yeah I have a weird name breathe to me
is it Brittany or it’s not Brittany then it’s Brittany or are you just like
playing with me what’s your nickname well depends who’s talking to me but my
mom calls me Lele or like back in the day though like I would be called like
little mama but my husband he calls me anytime
mm-hmm do you have more foreign or Korean bands hmm
guess I depends on what area but I could say like for right now like from the
fans that I’ve been gaining now recently they’ve been foreign fans Donna MSP if
you have braces can you still be a kpop idol hmm I guess a as it came up train
well it depends though like well if you have like those clear braces then you
should be okay but I’m the beauty standards in that industry I haven’t
seen anyone actually with braces I know in Korea they have braces like the old
wall to me I would say they’re like the old school braces like the metal braces
but they have like the Invisalign errs also like the clear braces so I’m pretty
sure Korea has that too so I would say no for braces if they’re if you can see
them if they’re like invisible braces then you should be fine and I would eat wait no that’s gonna
sell the Korean I was a buddy Denis I can’t do my sins right no what did you
use the city Korean any tips well I have like this like integrated Korean book I
can actually I’m gonna be making a video really soon about that like what I have
used in the past and like what I’m using now to study so you’ll have to wait for
that video I think Vernon from SVT had braces
Vernon I have no clue who that is is that a Rikki group omg omg omg you
answered my question I think he had them for a while I don’t know who Vernon is oMG that’s funny yeah but I haven’t seen
any k-pop idols with braces at least not yet
nah seventeen they’ve been out 400 that’s what you oh I’ve heard of 17 one
of the members I’m gonna talk about actually uh in my video on Friday oh
okay okay oh not SVT oh well that’s what I thought
you meant because that way it was spelt yeah have you heard of ETS yes behind
the scenes oh you know before people actually started using that as behind
the scenes I was actually started using that BTS thing on my other channel but
now I see like other people using it I’m like that’s funny because no one else
was using that BTS standing for behind the scenes yes I know I mean I don’t know them
personally but yeah I know black pink have you heard about the young jyp group
i think they are based in china the oldest is 14 no I have not
do you watch kpop mean / cracks no I do not
well I’ve seen a few memes but not that I remember the ones that I’ve seen I
thought BTS stood for born to sway what about twice or red velvet yes I’ve heard
of them I’ve heard of all the popular ones if they’re like rookie groups that
like just debuted and maybe not I mean there’s only started like ones I’ll
either keep up with or that I know of because like you know my time is very
precious to me so you know I can’t be on the computer for heck hours like reading
like every latest news or like those quizzes and everything so it’s like if I
don’t know yeah don’t know yeah have you ever had local crack while performing
live yes I have before but this was like when I was just starting out like the
first lady took me like of course it took me years to develop like the voice
that I have now but it isn’t of course crack anymore but before like when I was
like learnt just learning how to sing and stuff like that like yeah my voice
would crack even like during a live performance oh just wondering how do you
feel about Zico leaving Block B I don’t really like have like a feeling about
Zico but recently he was actually in San Francisco but I didn’t get to catch the
show but I mean that’s the thing too about being a part of a group is
sometimes they break up or sometimes members leave or the
may not want a certain member anymore so yeah that’s thumb no I can’t say that’s
the only thing but that’s one of the things about being part of a group oh
yeah I do remember now what I wanted to tell you guys earlier but about like a
video I’m gonna make hopefully I’ll be able to put it up in December like I
already have so many ideas of videos for you guys and and even for starting for
next year and I want to tell you guys everything I can’t tell you guys
everything or just like I’m not gonna be a surprise but now I forgot again
the video that I wasn’t tell you it was about yeah I forgot again sorry this is
have you ever felt shy while performing um yes like I don’t think you guys know
but like the type of person I was back then to now like when just growing up as
a little kid to like even in well yeah I guess even in high school too like I was
always shy like now I’m not obviously like I’m talking I can’t hold
conversations like that but uh yeah I used to be super shy like my first time
ever saying in front of a crowd was at my talent show at school and it’s kind
of embarrassing but like I was just like rocking side to side while singing I
wasn’t like moving at all wasn’t working that stage at all and I was like so I
was like nervous as I was singing but you couldn’t really hear it in my voice
I don’t think and then like any time like I’m nervous or like super it could
have been excitement too I guess like any time I’m like after I perform
sometimes I might I call it an aftershock where it’s like I get all
nervous after it’s over so I don’t know if it’s like an excitement thing or just
like nervous thing um but my yeah my very first time after
i did my performance after i got off stage my my friend was there I was just
like give me a hug like I felt like I was just like so shaky and nervous after
oh let me scroll back up cuz you guys were talking while I was talking let’s
see okay I’m one of those universes who refuses to believe you Don is kicked out
until Q release is an official statement even though I know I should oh well I’m
sorry to tell you Maxie girl 0-4 but you know that kpop industry is very strict
on dating and it’s true I don’t mean to say it with like excuse me I don’t mean
to say it like with a smile or anything but yeah it’s it is true and I actually
don’t like though that you know they had to kick him out cuz if anything she was
the one saying all this stuff he wasn’t even like saying anything but I mean it
is what it is I mean from what I seen it seemed like she was like really happy
but not so much on his in which is not good and let’s see what do you think
about jay park’s american debut songs I actually haven’t heard his debut songs
for America I heard his his Korean is less Korean release but I haven’t
listened to them yet like I’ve seen them post up on my YouTube but I hadn’t even
checked them out yet like bodytalk like that was like pretty
much the last song that I heard of his singing anymore I like your hair thank
you very much yeah I did yeah new little hairstyle for me I mean I
might rock this hairstyle for a while actually I was like this might be my
signature look but I’m not sure yet because I still like wearing like my
little my little bangs at the front I just haven’t worn my hair like
straight in a very long time so it’s like I won’t say weird but it’s just I
haven’t wore my hair straight in a very long time
they weren’t curly forehead go on mm-hm you heard twice cover I want you back no
I have not heard that covered same with bong young he is no longer part of VAP I
don’t even think PAP is around though and then same thing with bog be like I
don’t I mean I haven’t released anything in a long time what was your favorite
grade in school my favorite grade was yeah I’m pretty sure seventh grade was
my favorite cuz I had a lot of my classes with my best friend totally joke
around and stuff so I can say that was my favorite Greek he was doing fine on
his own yeah I’m pretty sure he is probably
doing good on his own because like I said he had a solo show in San Francisco
recently I heard the if he’s gonna disband altogether my reform with a new
name like highlight I heard Cara and tiara are coming back to mm okay so then
I guess VAP will be with a different label then yeah I heard about that too
I think like a month ago or something like I’ve always wonder like what
happened to be so I’m like I have but you know and I came across something
where it’s like yeah they change their name to highlight my oh okay you look
great what your hair very nice thank you hopefully King John is staying after
that rape allegation what group is I think I heard about something from like
something I said something or something my poor Eden yeah I think though if he
ona makes her own company though I her and II doubt it’ll be fine but I don’t
know what Eden’s gonna feel like cuz he might feel like he might not feel like a
man cuz he’s relying on a woman but I don’t know but that’s just kind of how I
think what he’ll what how he’ll didn’t feel but I think they would do like you
know great together and make it so but I guess we’ll just find out what happens
if they stay together or not then if she does open her own company or she gets
with someone else and he gets with either the same company she’s with or
someone else do you need us be Korean how long did it take you to learn it
well I’m not fluent in Korean but I mean you have to you have to like study
diligently and I’m gonna be making videos anyway talking about like how to
learn it and I’ll even show you like step by step like things cuz I’m gonna
pretty much starting to get into learning it again myself so because I’m
learning that and Japanese at the same time it says can you show one of your
plushies up close they’re so cute well you can rewind this livestream is either already but you know if you re watch
well of course if you came late you’re gonna want to you know go all the way to
the beginning of this livestream because I explained what this is and where it
came from and all this other stuff for this other stuff came from but yeah I
love this bear so much so cute and yeah I haven’t used my little fan oh my god
it’s almost 7:30 I need to really get off though for sure
because like yeah my mouth is getting dry and I need to know I don’t still
live in Korea and thank you they are very cute maybe cute we’ll just wait
until everyone blows off praise and crosses fingers have you ever met boa
before no I’ve never met before but the building that I used to do recordings at
the the label at icre sign – in Korea the next the building next door was
actually owned by Boas brother but I never like saw her go there or anything
so no I have it not yet anyway well I’m gonna go ahead and cut off this
live stream I want to thank you guys for coming thank you so much and you know
finally at 3k I want to thank you guys for the support
now there’s the Phantom named Aki so you know you guys can call each other Aki or
you know if you not if but when you hear me say hey what’s up Aki’s you know
stuff like that then you get it you know where it’s coming from and if you don’t
know what it stands for then you’re gonna want to rewind this livestream and
I will catch you guys in the next video I do want to read these comments though
before I leave don’t forget to check out rocky road a place where music in Korea
okay I will definitely make sure more that bye ok bye bye remember me okay bye
seas yes remember us hope you never forget me Oh bye thank you I will see
you guys next time on another Elise TV video see you in the next episode and pass me
by these gloves for Mikey love you

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