100 thoughts on “10 Early 90’s WWF (’90-’95) Wrestlers Who Refuse to Retire -Where are they now??

  1. This video described one of the wrestlers as "feuding with Barry Horrowitz". Really never thought I'd hear that sentence.

  2. Been watching wrestling since 1995, never heard nor saw tantaka, not even in 05. Never once heard the name until watching this. That's crazy

  3. Those weren't tattoo's on Hakushi it was paint. They used like a stamp roller. I thought they were real at first cause they never peeled off or smeared

  4. #1 on this list SHOULD BE — HHH! He is an arrogant ass who is past his prime by a long shot! He should be eating grass by now in his retirement pasture!

  5. DX was the best team. Great skits and humor plus amazing wrestling with storylines. They were crucial to the attitude era and the WWF's success.

  6. Bret Hart is a punk…. wants to thrash on WWE but like a mangy dog keeps coming back fro a free hand out.

  7. Gunn is a true freak of nature. I saw him wrestle in April and father time hasn't come close to catching him. He still moves like a cat and never gets tired

  8. 123's upset over Razor was not his television debut. He was on tv 2 or 3 weeks in a row, as a jobber, specifically to set up that "omg a jobber beat Razor Ramon!" storyline.

  9. Hakushi could have been sooooo fucking good lol He had THAT look. He was awesome in the ring. Give him a great mouthpiece and he could have been something amazing. Buuuuuuut…..Vince was (is, but toned down somewhat now) a massive racist, so that could never have happened lol
    Also who first put the name The Klik into writing? Who came up with that spelling for the word Clique? Obviously at first they would have just referred to themselves in speech as Clique (for those who may not know that means a small close knit group that don't easily allow others to join them), but who actually first wrote it down?! Someone who sends in questions to podcasts, do a solid for me and see if you can find out! Don't forget to come back here to tell me!

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