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10 Early SummerSlam Rumors YOU NEED TO KNOW!

10 Early SummerSlam Rumors YOU NEED TO KNOW!

You know why you’re here. Let’s check out 10 early Summerslam rumours
you need to know. The Undertaker’s performances have left
a lot to be desired over the last few years. When The Streak came to an end at Wrestlemania
30, a lot of people thought that it would only be a matter of time before The Phenom
retired from in-ring competition. But fast forward to today, and The Deadman
is still very much wrestling. WWE uses him sparingly and he mostly features
on the glorified house shows the company puts on in Saudi Arabia and Australia, but he is
very much a part of the roster. His match with Goldberg at Super Showdown
in Saudi Arabia was a botch filled mess that could have very easily seriously injured both
men. After the match, tens of thousands of people
from the internet wrestling community began clamouring for both men to retire from in-ring
competition. While Goldberg apologised for his performance
at the event, The Undertaker returned to team up with Roman Reigns and take on Shane McMahon
and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules. Finally, after years of poor matches that
exposed Undertaker’s failings, WWE figured out how to use him right. ‘Taker hadn’t looked that good in a WWE
ring since his match with Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31, so naturally, fans expected him to return
for Summerslam and probably face off with Drew McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath teased tension with
the Deadman which suggested they would be facing off down the line, however latest reports
state that as of now, there are no plans for Undertaker to appear at Summerslam. This report is surprising considering Vince
McMahon wants an absolutely stacked card for the event, and having one of the most popular
Superstars in the history of the industry would go a long way towards elevating the
pay-per-view. Once his alliance with Matt Hardy came to
an end, Bray Wyatt was inexplicably taken off TV for months. He was fully fit, but WWE didn’t seem to
be interested in using him and it seemed like Wyatt would end up wasting the best years
of his career sitting at home. But then we got the Firefly Fun House and
everything changed. Not only did Wyatt reappear with a new look,
he quickly became the best part of Raw. Reports stated that Wyatt had a lot of input
with the segments and it was obvious because the Firefly Fun House was unlike anything
else in WWE. With the introduction of The Fiend, Wyatt
had a frightening avatar behind which he could dominate the WWE landscape. When he returned to Raw on the 15th of July,
he laid out Finn Balor, which means the two are going to be feuding heading into Summerslam. Balor is slated to go on hiatus so the coming
weeks will tell us if that happens before or after the pay-per-view. Assuming it happens after, a match between
The Fiend and The Demon is pretty much guaranteed at Summerslam. Balor has never lost as The Demon on the main
roster, and if Wyatt hands him his first loss as The Fiend, it would make him one of the
biggest stars on Raw, while Balor would be free to take a break after putting him over. Expect this match to happen at Summerslam
and cross your fingers and hope WWE doesn’t screw Wyatt over again. Shane McMahon has been dominating WWE programming
for what has felt like decades, but has really only been a few months. Ever since he became the biggest heel in WWE,
Drew McIntyre and Elias were relegated to being his lackeys, losing a ton of heat and
momentum in the process. McMahon’s push has baffled pretty much everyone,
as WWE has wasted its immensely talented roster to highlight a 50-something part-timer who
barely qualifies as a true wrestler, regardless of his ability to entertain. Kevin Owens has taken exception to McMahon’s
over-exposure cutting pipe-bomb-esque promos that have quickly made him one of the most
popular faces in WWE. There is no doubt that the two will face off
in a match at Summerslam. The match will likely result in Owens beating
McMahon after overcoming a ton of distractions, which will bring Shane-o-Mac’s reign of
tyranny to an end. Summerslam will probably mark his last appearance
on TV, or the following Raw or Smackdown will, as McMahon assumes his rightful role backstage,
where he belongs. Hopefully, this will be the last time he is
given an extended run in the ring, because the roster and the audience, both deserve
better. When Drew McIntyre debuted on the main roster
alongside Dolph Ziggler, pretty much everyone knew that their alliance would be short-lived. McIntyre carried himself like a star and it
would only be a matter of time before he was put into the main-event picture. Once he split up from Dolph Ziggler he floated
around on Raw, doing generally bad things, but not really become a main-event heel. Then he entered into a feud with a returning
Roman Reigns and lost to him in a generic match at Wrestlemania. After that, he was inexplicably cast as one
of Shane McMahon’s henchmen. In a matter of weeks, the aura surrounding
McIntyre was dead, and now he’s just another guy. But hopefully not for long. Shane McMahon is going to be written of TV
sooner rather than later, which would allow McIntyre to return to his dastardly ways. For a week or so, it seemed like the Scottish
Psychopath would be getting a marquee match at Summerslam against the Undertaker. The two had faced off at Extreme Rules and
using the Phenom to put over a young star would be the perfect way to catapult McIntyre
to the main-event. But now, with reports surfacing that The Undertaker
is not scheduled to appear at Summerslam, McIntyre has been left without an opponent. His summer plans are now in flux, but hopefully
WWE will figure something out so he isn’t lost in the shuffle for one of the biggest
shows of the year. WWE has had a strong reliance on part-time
talent to get butts in seats. Brock Lesnar is the ultimate part-timer; he
barely shows up, wrestles a couple of matches here and there and makes a boat-load of money
in the process. But the fact remains that his presence at
a show sells tickets, so WWE will continue to use him in that capacity. Wrestler such as The Undertaker, John Cena
and Triple H form the rest of the frequently used part-timers in the company, but if reports
are to be believed, as of now, there are plans to have Lesnar be the only part-timer wrestle
at Summerslam. The Undertaker was initially expected to feature
at the event as well, but now that plans have changed, The Beast will be alone with his
part-timer status on the show. Of course, these reports are true for right
now, but things could change in the weeks leading up to Summerslam, and wrestlers such
as ‘Taker and Cena could be brought back into the fray. But hopefully that doesn’t happen and WWE
finally begins to rely on its full-time roster to put on a good show. Kofi Kingston’s ascent to the top of WWE
came out of nowhere but resulted in one of the best moments at Wrestlemania. Since winning the title at the biggest show
of the year, Kingston has been the best booked star and champion in the entire company. Not only is he a fighting champion, he has
taken down some of the biggest names WWE has to offer, but that could change at Summerslam. It seems like Kingston will be facing Randy
Orton with his championship on the line at the event, and there is a distinct possibility
that Kofi will lose. While his reign has been relatively enjoyable,
he has also gotten stale, so the time may be right to take the gold off him. Randy Orton is one of the most decorated stars
in the company and has history with Kingston. His infamous tirade, calling Kingston ‘stupid’
in the ring years ago, pushed the current champion down to the mid-card for years. The company could easily tap into that discomfort
between the two for a feud that ultimately results in the Viper being crowned champion
at Summerslam. The Women’s tag-team championships have
had their fair share of drama for all the wrong reasons. After Sasha Banks and Bayley became the inaugural
champions, the Boss went on an extended hiatus when the company decided to end their reign
in favour of the IIconics. While the Australian duo has been pretty entertaining,
Kay and Royce have failed as champions, failing to elevate the gold or even feature it consistently. The IIconics will most likely be facing The
Kabuki Warriors at Summerslam and it is time they lost the gold. Kairi Sane and Asuka are a couple of finest
performers in the world and have been severely underutilized on the main roster. It is about time they got a run with the gold,
and with Paige as manager, the team will be featured regularly and the belts will finally
receive the exposure they so richly deserve. Asuka and Sane can definitely be trusted to
bring about the next step in the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE. Sane repeatedly impressed in NXT and we all
know just how intimidating Asuka can be with the right booking. ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey has been missing
from WWE programming since the night of Wrestlemania where she was pinned by Becky Lynch in the
main-event. But the one wasn’t a decisive one. In the match, Lynch rolled up Rousey for the
count, but people began wondering whether the referee made the right call as it seemed
that Rousey had her shoulders off the mat for the entirety of the count. With Lynch still as champion, the story is
there for Rousey to return looking for revenge, and that could happen as soon as Summerslam. Becky Lynch is slated to defend her Raw Women’s
Championship against Natalya. Natalya is not one of the most exciting number
one contenders to have, but the match should be good. However, Natalya’s presence in the match
could be a part of a bigger story. During her run with the company, WWE repeatedly
played up Rousey’s friendship with Natalya, and if she were to return to WWE after Natalya’s
defeat, it would make perfect sense from a storyline standpoint. Lynch and Rousey have unfinished business
that could easily result in a match at Wrestlemania 36, with the slow build starting at Summerslam. After destroying Baron Corbin at Extreme Rules,
an exhausted Seth Rollins fell prey to Brock Lesnar who cashed in his Money in the Bank
briefcase to become the Universal Champion once more. It brought an end to an average reign for
the Architect, but he will try to win back his gold at Summerslam. Don’t count on him winning though. Brock Lesnar has been booked too strongly
for years to lose so soon after winning gold, and beyond that, Seth Rollins beating The
Beast twice in the same year is pretty much ridiculous. The Architect is going to fail at Summerslam,
and Lesnar will go on to face his next opponent, perhaps a certain Monster Among Men who is
reported to be in line for a massive push on Raw. Summerslam is one of the biggest events of
the year but there is no clear way forward for Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan, two of the
company’s biggest stars. Bryan has indicated leaving the tag-team division,
while Reigns has been used sparingly to protect him after his return from leukaemia. Both men are lacking any sense of direction
heading into Summerslam, but maybe WWE already has the solution to its problem. Bryan and Reigns both need opponents, so why
not have them wrestle each other? Bryan has been a revelation as a heel and
Reigns is finally the sympathetic babyface WWE wanted him to be. A match between the two would be fantastic
and would surely be one of the highlights of the night.

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100 thoughts on “10 Early SummerSlam Rumors YOU NEED TO KNOW!

  1. A Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns match sounds great already! No offense, but both Rollins and Kofi's title reigns have been getting a tad bit old. So yes I do think it is time for Kofi to drop the WWE title to someone like Orton. Still believe that Ronda might as well just go ahead and retire from any sport she tries to participate in, since her main goal is to start a family and the biggest reason for her "WWE break". Hopefully Shane does get written off of TV. It was cool seeing him come back and fight UnderTaker at Wrestlemania inside HIAC, but now I feel like his return was one of the causes for WWE's downfall. Also really have high hopes for Drew to get the push that he so needs at the moment.

  2. i hardly watch wwe anymore, to me they just became boring, i would like to see miz, braun, drew, ethan carter with a championship, however, i have been enjoying kevin owens, and i don't like how wwe brings up nxt stars and then basically books them poorly and makes them forgetable, the 24/7 championship i feel would be better if it wasn't just running around paranoid and everybody just getting rolled up or hit once and then pinned

  3. Ronda needs to stay away as far as I’m concerned

    Unless she’s a heel and a very savage one.

    Also, I’d love Randy to end Kofi’s run, it’d be a great turn.

  4. Hell no to rousey returning but if she does I hope she learns to lose….her matches were boring and too predictable

  5. The bray Wyatt an undertaker match taker look slow like he was just gassed

    He needs to go home an stay home nothing more to proof

  6. It’s not like ronda is returning for natalya I think the storyline is more like it is natalya’s farewell summer slam is a great pay per view natalya loses to Becky and retires or natalya is Canadian and the pay per view is in Canada so they put natalya

  7. Yep we need Finn balor as the demon for this one he needs to go demon of having enough chances of beating the fien

  8. I would like to know when will the wwe give drew McIntyre a shot at brock lesner the Scottish psychopath deserves to prove himself against the beast I'm sure he will give brock lesner an iconic battle plus other superstars who are being held down despite their great talents like boun stroman bobby lashly randy orton kevin owens somoa joe even tho he lost last time to lesner he did give lesner a battle he wouldn't forget and roman reigns and nakamura and ruseve and the undertaker once again they have history together and baron corbin he to deserves a shot at lesner and dolph ziggler he to deserves a shot at lesner ziggler was one my favorite superstars and he's been kept down lately thereu have it these r de superstars i would like to see face brock lesner.

  9. Honestly, stuff like this has killed the love 4 wrestling. Its ok 2 shut up some times 😂. Everybody got an internet show running their mouth, telling everything head of time. Crying about young guys, when it doesn't matter if young or older, let all fans enjoy what they love about wrestling. Back in the good ole days, everybody had to stay tuned 2 see what happens next. That made the shit fun. All this internet crap kills the interest in even watching the show😔 but nobody sees that so i blame you mark ass fans 4 the lameness of wrestling these days. Nobody would watch movies, if some nerd was always online telling the whole damn movie before anybody can see it😕

  10. Shane loses to Owens, Miz comes out and finishes off Shane with "career ending injury". Steph returns to ring as a face. Ronda returns, attacks Becky, all is right with the world again!


  12. It’s so sad how back at the Royal rumble, Becky was white hot and now they completely ruined her momentum.

  13. oh man I SURE HOPE Ronda returns to beat the day lights out if that annoying woman(Becky). her attitude n arrogance is sickening 👎

  14. Randy has had 13 world title runs…. I know its killin some of yall to see kofi as champ….. Some of these comments say it all…. FINALLY get something different and yall ready to go back to giving someone who has had many title runs another….. 11 FUCKING YEARS…….. Just for kofi to get one……… Keep the reign alive.. Randy killed Kofis push 10 years ago… Pay back time

  15. ALL of the issues The IIconics have had as far as title defences go is purely because of poor booking and a lack of legitimate tag teams. Don’t get me wrong Kairi and Auska are both incredible in the ring individually but they aren’t a real team. They haven’t properly earned a title shot yet. They debuted in a fude (if you can call it that) agents The IIconics then disappeared for a month or so then got thrown straight into the title picture again. I don’t think they have actually faced any other team besides The IIconics in a televised match. No other team in the entire company (male or female) have both the passion and chemistry of The IIconics. They are two of the best in ring competitors in the women’s devision they just haven’t had a chance to prove it yet. When The IIconics lose the titles at this point I think Mandy and Sonya are next in line. (Or the Riott Squad if that’s still a thing) they have at least been a team for more than a year.

  16. Oh this stupid McIntyre instead you kiss Shane's ass start to win something, you poore bastard I really don't understand whtf you doing in WWE…..

  17. শেষ নবী মুহাম্মদ সাল্লাল্লাহু আলাইহি ওয়াসাল্লাম says:

    What happens if the fiend hits sister Abigail to demon and refree counts one two and black out both disappear . The fiend takes demon with him .

  18. while i haven't enjoyed kofi as wwe champion i'd rather have seen someone new and fresh beat him for the best like andrade rather than orton benig champ again. and i don't think balor will be the demon king as he is undefeated as him on the main roster and the fiend needs to win as its rumoured finn is taking a couple of months off after summerslam. while it would be a big surprise if ronda rousey did return she did say she wanted to start a family after mania so i doubt she will return but it would be cool if she did.

  19. Kofi should lose to a heel that’s associated with Shane that baby face KO can beat for title. Drew seems most likely

  20. They keep pushing that when brock is on raw or a ppv he puts high numbers out……. Ummmmmm no he doesn't get ur facts straight bro WWE universe does not like seeing this dude especially cuz he is a barley part timer

  21. That's why they call it rumors but it can happen though but I believe it would be Ronda Rousey causing Becky Lynch the title

  22. Undertaker does not need a huge lead up to a match! He could show up next week saying it's time to take care of business he didn't at the last PPV and call out Drew. Matter of fact thats what I suggest WWE to do or something like it! Have Elias try to interfere and Taker take him down too. Drew gets over even though he loses to Taker. Keep Elias out for a show and have him return cowarding in fear that Taker could come around, then Drew tell Elias stop it that Taker took something from him that made all worth while and I feel better. From there Drew can still return to heel as he was before or turn babyface. Only thing then (if baby face is finding a good enough heel to face him) unless he turns on Elias to build him up!

  23. Kofi does not lose at SummerSlam! Unless he wins the title again. He is being advertised for a title defence in late September. Though WWE shouldn't pre-advertise matches like this especially 2 months out from the event. It's enough to say who will appear or be featured.

  24. I dont want randa to come back😝 i with team becky 😀 she is a better champ 😌.
    Is randy wins ill be happy 😃 sorry kofi 😛 stared in wrestle ends in summer slam

  25. It would be a bad idea to put reigns vs Bryan on the card. The fans are so used to Bryan they will cheer him and just start booing Roman again

  26. I bet at summer slam it's going to be the fiend vs Finn balor not the demon king because they don't want the demon king to take a lost or the fiend to take a lost it makes more sense to have balor take the lost since he's going to take time off then when he comes back maybe they can build up a match with the fiend vs the demon king

  27. okay let's be realistic here for a moment. Ronda Rousey hvae had 2 showings in WWE. First at WM 31 with the Rock and then at RR 2018 where she joined the WWE. Both those times it was a suprise that she was there and nobody knew. If Ronda comes back it will be at a time and at a match that NOBODY expects. And since everyone is talking about it for SS it's probably not gonna happen

  28. well if WWE was smart they would make a triple threat because roman bryan and drew all need a match so make it a anything goes triple threat


  30. Randy will be champion Seth will be champion and The Big Dog will clam it’s his yard ones again BELIEVE THAT!!!

  31. I'd have Drew try to help Shane during the match and Kevin overcomes both men and wins clean. After the match, Drew is helping Shane up and walks to ropes to make sure Owens isn't coming back and turns around to hit a claymore on Shane.

  32. Don't want Ronda back she's boring to watch use the wrestlers thats there Liv Morgan Mandy Rose Nikki Cross are a few that need to be pushed

  33. It would be nice to see randy as the world heavyweight champion but i would prefer to see him beat brock lesnar and become universal champion

  34. Things I want out of Summerslam

    1. Kabuki Warriors winning the Women's Tag Titles
    2. Kevin Owens to kick Shane's Ass setting up a Survivor Series match (Team KO vs Team Shane) if Team KO wins Shane has to leave as SD GM
    3. Trish to beat Charlotte
    4. Bray Wyatt to beat Finn Balor and later on in the night have Balor help AJ beat Richoett and join the OC
    5. Sasha Banks return after Becky beats Natayla and attack her setting up a fued
    6. Randy Orton beat Kofi and win the WWE title and hold it for a long time
    7. Brock Lesnar beat Seth Rollins to set up Strowman vs Lesnar either at SS, RR or Wrestlemaina where Strowman will win

  35. KO is the best thing in WWE 2nd only to the Imperial Jinder Mahal and his harem (Alexa, Lacey, Mandy, Lana and Asuka).

  36. I think strowman should get a big push.Rowsey comback ifee but would be good.I think all title's should change hands not put on the same wrestler's all the time.

  37. I hope Kabuki Warriors win. Iiconics are just eye candy. No talent. Kabhku warriors are talented and hot. They never back down

  38. I hope Ronda returns, it'd make sense for her to come back. I hope to see Lesnar vs McIntyre at some point too

  39. Iconics already lost. Demon King is not going to be at Summer Slam. Wwe will build this feud until Wrestlemania. With The Fiend winning Summer Slam but losing at Wrestlemania

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