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10 Huge SHOCKING WWE 2019 Rumors You NEED To Know About The Rock Returns, Jon Moxley Royal Rumble!

10 Huge SHOCKING WWE 2019 Rumors You NEED To Know About   The Rock Returns, Jon Moxley Royal Rumble!

Today we present you with 10 Huge
Shocking WWE 2019 Rumors You
NEED to Know About
The Rock Returns, Jon Moxley Royal Rumble! 10: The Rock to return to SmackDown As one of the most iconic stars in
wrestling and entertainment as a whole it’s no secret that Dwayne ‘The Rock’
Johnson had a huge impact on SmackDown during the show’s
early years. After all, the term SmackDown comes
from the Brahma Bull himself and the blue brand was often referred
to as The Rock’s show. Competing in the main event of the
very first show in 1999 it’s clear that the Fast and Furious star
has a history with the show and according to rumors, could be
returning very soon. Though the Hollywood megastar
currently has his hands full with
Hobbs and Shaw, Joe Peisich of Barnburner Radio
Network recently said how WWE are trying to bring in as many
big names for the first SmackDown when
the brand moves to Fox this October,
saying: “I have also heard that for the first SmackDown on Fox in LA they’re
trying to get The Rock, they are trying to get Brock Lesnar,
they are trying to get Ric Flair into it” Whilst seeing the Beast or the Dirtiest
Player in the Game for the show would
still be great, it is the rarely seen People’s Champion
who would make the first SmackDown
on FOX a night to remember. 9: Big Van Vader for the Hall of Fame Despite his Super heavyweight size,
Leon ‘Vader’ White was one of the
most nimble and athletic stars of
his day. Weighing in at close to 400lbs,
Vader achieved most of his
success outside of WWE, holding gold in All Japan, New Japan,
Pro Wrestling Noah and WCW. A three time World Champion in both
WCW and New Japan, Vader definitely had career to be inducted into the WWE’s
0Hall of Fame, but is yet to be
given a spot. In a Facebook post, Mick Foley, a 2013
Hall of Fame inductee revealed his
reasons why the Super Heavyweight
should be inducted, saying how Vader was always a money
draw, and brought out the best in
opponents, whilst adding that his matches stand the test of time,
and when needed, the collosal Superstars was able to play the Sympathetic
Underdog. Sadly passing in 2018, any induction
for Vader now would be posthumous, though many fans feel not only would
the 2020 ceremony the night before
WrestleMania 36 would be the right time but it’d be Vader time as well. 8: The New Day breaks up There have been few acts as
consistently popular with the crowd
in recent years than the New Day. First appearing as cheering smiling babyfaces in 2014, fans were quick to
turn on the group, though once the
company eventually turned them heel, the WWE Universe began to get behind
the Power of Positivity.2019 has been
a huge year for the group, as it was Big E and Xavier Woods who
helped earn Kofi Kingston a shot at
the WWE Title at WrestleMania 35, and the Ghanian Superstar made the
most of the opportunity, succesfully
winning the title from Daniel Bryan
at the show of shows. This positivity may soon come crashing
down though, as rumors have
circulated recently WWE are planning to split up the
five time Tag Team Champions, and have Big E, the largest man
in the group, turn heel. Though rumors of E turning heel is
nothing new, Joe Peisich of Barnburner
Radio said in July that this is again a
possibility, saying: “Big E, there are several rumors
going around, Big E may be turning heel. Yes, E’ may be turning heel in
the WWE.” This turn would echo Seth Rollins
betraying the Shield in 2014 and if done correctly, could see the
former Powerlifter capture the WWE
title in the near future, possibly from his former friend. A Big E heel turn would definitely spell
the end for the longest reigning WWE
Tag Team Champions, and it would be
interesting to see how the three Superstars fared as
singles stars after being in a
team for so long. 7: AJ Styles becomes Universal Champion Since joining the WWE at the 2016
Royal Rumble, AJ Styles has had a
career most wrestlers could only
dream of. Facing Chris Jericho in his WrestleMania
debut, Styles would beat John Cena
clean at Summerslam, before capping off his first year in
the promotion by claiming the WWE Title. Holding the most coveted gold on
SmackDown twice for a combined 511 days, it’s clear the Phenomenal One knows what
it takes to become champion, and now as part of Monday Night RAW, Whilst having Styles as the top star
on the red brand would definitely
be a great sight, there are a few hurdles that the
Phenomenal One would have to overcome. For one, Styles has already faced
champion Seth Rollins for the gold and came up short against the
Beastslayer at Money in the Bank 2019. In addition, the former TNA star
recently started a feud with
United States Champion Ricochet recently reuniting with Luke Gallows
and Karl Anderson to dismantle
the high flyer. With the Club by his side though, it
could only be a matter of time before
Styles works his way back into the
main event and it’s easy to see why the Universal
gold may become Phenomenal by
the end of the year. 6: Donald Trump on SmackDown WWE have had it’s fair share of celebrity
guest stars, from Hugh Jackman to
Muhammad Ali but being able to have the President of the
United States would probably be the
company’s biggest ever score Trump, who took office in January 2017,
certainly has a history with
Vince McMahon hosting WrestleMania’s 4 and 5, as well as
being one part of WrestleMania 23’s
Battle of the Billionaires Even outside the ring, Trump is linked with
WWE, as it was Linda McMahon who
served as Administrator for the Small Business Administration from 2017 to 2019,
whilst WWE was the biggest
donor to the Trump foundation until it’s closure earlier
this year due to several legal and
ethical violations According to reports, FOX are hoping forTrump
to appear on the very first SmackDown on their
network, which is set to air this October Though having the President of the United States
would be a huge score for WWE, we’re not sure
if the company is ready to pull that trigger as Trump has become one of the most
divisive presidents in recent history. With studies from national media inc showing
that the vast majority of WWE fans identify
as Democrats, it could definitely be the have the Donald appear on the Blue Brand
when SmackDown joins Fox
later this year 5: Queen of the Ring In the years since WWE kicked off their
Women’s Evolution in the
Summer of 2015,
  a lot has changed for the
ladies of the company No longer referred to as Divas, women in WWE
are being treated the best
they’ve ever been treated, now having compelling stories instead
of cliche poorly-written
soap operas Over the past four years, WWE have
strived for equality for women,
culminating in Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair having the
first ever female Main event in WrestleMania
history earlier this year According to reports though, the company
could be continuing this move with a rumored Queen of the Ring tournament,
a female equivalent of
the King of the Ring Speaking in late 2018, Dave Meltzer said
how the WWE were considering a tournament
for females, and given the talent of the roster nowadays,
there’s no shortage of women who
would make fine queens The obvious pick would be Charlotte Flair,
who already refers to her as the
Queen, and given her heritage being the daughter of The Nature
Boy Ric Flair, already comes from
wrestling royalty Whilst there’s been no major hints of an all female
tournament by WWE this year,
expect the Queen of the Ring tournament to be the next step in
the company’s Women’s Evolution 4: Hulk Hogan to return to SmackDown Whether fans love him or hate him, it’s hard to
argue with the fact that Hulk Hogan is arguably
the biggest name in wrestling history Winning his first WWF title in 1984, Hogan helped
propel professional wrestling into new heights,
becoming a key player in the company’s formative years as well as
main eventing 8 of the first 9
WrestleManias Fired from WWE in 2015 after racist comments
made years prior came to light,
the Hulkster was re-instated into the company’s Hall of Fame last
year, but has been seldom used since Appearing at Crown Jewel last November and as part
of WrestleMania 35 this past April, the WWE are
reportedly planning on having the Hulkster be one of the various guest stars for the
first edition of SmackDown when the
show moves to FOX The liklihood of Hogan appearing on the blue show
has increased considerably recently
thanks to Eric Bischoff being Executive Director of the show, and the two
working together in the past, in
WWE, WCW and TNA With that said, many fans haven’t forgiven Hogan
for his comments that were leaked in 2015, and
though bringing the former World Champion back may be a bad call from a publicity
standpoint, we all know to never say never
when it comes to WWE 3: The Undertaker Vs. Sting Over the years, the WWE Universe has
seen plenty of dream matches though one match that alluded fans for years
was the Undertaker Vs. Sting For years, the two would remain in different
companies, as whilst the Deadman was
building a legacy in WWE, Sting was doing the same in WCW, remaining loyal
to the now defunct promotion until it’s
dying day in March 2001 After the Stinger joined WWE at the 2014 Survivor
Series, fans were quick to speculate
on finally getting this dream match and though Sting is now retired,
it seems the bout could be a possibility Recently, WWE posted an image of the
two ready to face off in the ring,
simply captioned “Imagine”, and this has only added fuel to the rumors that
the pair are set to face off The Undertaker, who has had a handful of matches
over the past year, is still in trememnedous
shape, and though Sting said he was done with
wrestling as part of his 2016
Hall of Fame induction did tell Wrestling Travel he would come out of
retirement for a match against
the Deadman Though unlikely, it seems a match between
the two is a real possibility and fans can only hope that the match and
story would be worth the
years of speculation 2 Goldberg To Return For
One More Match When fans last saw Goldberg in a
WWE ring, it wasn’t a pretty site. After a two year break, the former
Universal Champion returned 2 Goldberg To Return For
One More Match to face The Undertaker At Super
Showdown in June, but struggled
to keep up. Busted open and barely able to lift
the Deadman at times, Goldberg
struggled greatly in the match, a far cry from the unstoppable force
he had been just a few years earlier. Post match, Taker was clearly unhappy
with how the match went, as what had been considered a dream match
ended as a mess. In response, Goldberg
has dropped hints about returning once
again, claiming he needs to erase the frail
image of his last match in Saudi Arabia. Though he may not have seem quite
like himself in Jeddah, there’s no
shortage of fans who would want to
see Goldberg come back for one
more match, though given how badly his last return
played out, another encounter for the
former WCW World Champion may still be a huge risk. 1: Jon Moxley for the 2020 Royal Rumble Given everything Jon Moxley has said
about WWE since leaving earlier
this year, it seems impossible that the former
Dean Ambrose would want anything
to do with the company ever again After telling Vince McMahon and
Triple H that he would leave for one
year before making his big return, the plan was reportedly for Moxley, then
still Ambrose, to return to the WWE at
the 2020 Royal Rumble according to, though it’s
unclear whether the Shield member
would have won the historic 30
man match. Obviously, these plans seem to mean
very little now, as Moxley has become
wrestling’s hottest commodity since leaving WWE, capturing the
IWGP United States title in his
first match in New Japan, and recently signing with AEW,
debuting at their Double or
Nothing event, and attacking both Chris Jericho and
Kenny Omega. Moxley’s contract with
the new company is a three year deal, though the former WWE Champion
would be able to leave after one year
if he didn’t feel happy in the new promotion. hough this get out clause could lead
to Moxley returning to WWE at
some point next year, we can’t see that happening, as
after everything Moxley has
said about WWE and especially Vince McMahon since
leaving, it seems this bridge has
been truly burnt. Well guys, that’s our list!
What other rumors have you heard?
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