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10-Minute Kickboxing

10-Minute Kickboxing

Captioning provided by
Disability Access Services at Oregon State University. Danielle: Welcome to the
Move More 10-Minute Break. I’m Danielle, and I’m going to be leading
you through some kickboxing. Alright, before we get started I’m going to show you a few
of the basic kickboxing moves. We want to stand with
our feet hip-width apart, neutral spine and shoulders pulled back. Get your guard up, and I’m
going to teach you some punches. We’re going to start with a jab. Jab comes straight out in the front. Keep the elbow soft. Right jab, left, right, left. Great, the next move we’re
going to use is a hook. Hook comes up the shoulder
and across the body as if you’re going
to punch a wall there. So across, across. It’s important here to turn
the hip with that punch. So turn, turn, turn. Nice job. Next move is a cross. We’re going to take that right
arm and take it across the body. Again, the hip turns so that
it’s facing the side wall. Left cross, right. Cross punch. Alright, the last punch is an uppercut. Uppercut, your first
turns towards your face and you punch up, out and away
as if you have an opponent there and you’re going to
get them under the jaw. Left, right, left, right. Upper cut. Great, now we’re going
to learn a couple kicks. Front kick, side kick and a back kick. The front kick comes right
to the front from the hip. We lift the knee, extend
the kick, and put it down. We want to flex that toe as we kick. Good, keep the knee soft
when we extend those kicks. Side kick, same thing to the side. Nice job, toe points to the
front of the room on that kick. And then last, a back kick. Back kick is at an angle. And we kick back, and back and back. Alright, were ready to go. [music] Alright, let’s take
those shoulders back. Roll them back. And bob and weave, here we go. Dip and tap. Drop the hips. And tap. Let’s add a shoulder roll. Loosen up those
shoulders, bring it front. One more set. We’ve got four. That’s two. We’re going to take it to a jab. Right jab, left. Good, straight out from the shoulder. Four times. Two. Let’s try a hook. Out across the body. Turning the hips. Four times. Let’s put that together. Four jabs. And hook. Jabs again, four times. And hook. Let’s take it to two of each. Jab, and hook. Again. Two more. Last time. Bob and weave. Dip, tap. Guard stays up by the jaw. Let’s double bob, give me two. one, two, one more. Bob and weave. Cross punch. To the side wall with those punches. Turning the hip. Good, upper cut. Out in front. Keep those legs going. Last three, two. Back to cross. Give me four, right cross. Upper cut. Four, three, two, and cross again. Upper cut, four, three,
two of each- cross. Upper and again, upper. Two more, just like that. Bob and weave. Good, dip. Work those legs. And let’s double up. To the left. One more. Taking it to a march, march. We’re going to add a knee lift. One, two, three lift the knee. And lift the knee. One, two three. Back stays tall. Pull the navel in. Good, use arms, pull down. Four times, three, two. Single knee. Just reach, pull. Arms can stay low if you need. Up to you. Eight times. Four, three, two, bob
and weave, nice work! Alright, we’re going to
learn our first combo. We’re going to transition
to a side stance. Bring that left hip towards the screen. And give me speed bag. Right here. Elbows are high. Keep going, make it fast. We’re going to add a jab. In three, two, here we go. Speed bag, jab. Speed bag, jab. Speed, there you go. Keep it up. Moving on. Knee lift, back kick. Knee, back kick. Back kick goes to the angle. Last two. Speed bag, and jab. Let’s do four! There we go, three, two. Knee lift, right here! Back kick, four times. Three, two, alright speed bag, just two! Two times. Knee lift! Try that again. Give me speed bag for two. Knee! Alright, one of each, here we go. Speed bag, jab, knee, kick. Again, knee kick. Two more, one more. Nice job, bob and weave. Take a deep breath. Bring that other hip towards the screen. Speed bag. Elbows high. Add the jab, here we go. Speed, jab. Soft elbow with that punch! Two times. Knee lift, back kick. Knee, to the corner. Doesn’t need to be high. Keep that toe turned down, two! Speed bag, jab, four times. We’re going to add a double jab. Two, one. Knee lift, and kick. Alright, two times! Speed bag, double jab, and knee. Try that again. Speed bag, double, knee lift. One of each, here we go. Knee lift, again. Two more! Last time. Bob and weave, good. We’re going to take it
to a shuffle in four, dip those legs, two
– shuffle left then right. One, two, three, tap. Good, bend at the hips and the knee. Keep going. Hold here. Jabs, high low. Sit back into a squat. Four, three, two, switch arms, go right. Four, three, two, back to shuffle. Four times. Two more! Last time. Jabs, high low. And switch. Guard stays up. One more, switch. Last time. And march, good! We’ve got one more combo. It’s got some punches and kicks. March it out. We’re going to do that
march, two, three, knee. Here we go, one, two, three, knee. This time we’re going to kick. So alternating. Knee and knee, now kick. Try it again. One, two, three, big knee. Now front kick. Right out from the hip. One, two three, big knee. We’re moving on. Triple jab to the left. One, two, three, cross. It goes left arm then right. Give me four, three,
two, turn those hips. March it. Go one, two, three, big knee. Now kick. Triple! One more time. Watch it! Elbow strike, side kick. Elbow like you’re whacking
someone with that elbow. Four times, three, step out, two. From the top, march it. One, two, three, knee. Now kick, right left, triple jab. Elbows strike, side kick. Nice work, let’s do it again. March, two three, big knee. And kick. Triple jab. Elbow, one, good. Bob and weave, nice job. We’re going to bring it down now. Double bob. Two times, ten! Alright take it to a step. Inhale. Exhale. Last two! Nice job, plant those feet. Bring your shoulder across. Pull gently above or below the elbow. Good, take it down, turn to the side. Sit back, weight
shifts to that back leg. Hamstring stretch. Flat back. Let’s switch sides. Shoulder. Turn it. Shift that weight back. Support our weight on that bent leg. Good, come front, and
let’s open up the chest. And thumbs down, open it up. Great job, inhale. One more time. Alright, nice job. Don’t forget to check
out the rest of our Move More 10-Minute Breaks. Thanks! [END]

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