77 thoughts on “10 MMA Misconceptions With Pro Fighter Oliver Enkamp

  1. Have you seen the MMA where they fight on an obstacle type of course or the 5 on 5 stuff they have in Russia I think. They are both freaking crazy!

  2. your brother is so cool he didn't even come and attack you at the end of the video LOL good list I think those muscular guys gas on the way to the ring

  3. Can you do a vid on the hand techniques in karate and where should they be used to aim for to be most effective?

  4. Hi guys, would love to see a video on how to adapt Karate for MMA such as Oliver and others like Wonderboy and Machida have done. Keep up the good work!

  5. thanks oliver san. i request jessy to share me knowledge about gensairyu's sansai kata because i want to know about it.

  6. I used to find MMA quite brutal but it's evolved very quickly. I think it's a natural progression in an era of relative peace and stability through most of Europe , the Americas and beyond that has allowed this idea to grow. Because you reach this point where fighters look to properly test themselves under pressure to the most realistic standard that they can even though there is no real reason to fight as such. So you have to do this in the context of a sport. I do still find some MMA guys to have very distasteful conduct but they are in the minority and it is a business as well as you say. Without the business side it's very difficult to put the best fighters in each division together in the cage.

  7. Great video. However, the point about fighters being traumatised isn't completely true. I would say for someone To be ultra competitive to the degree that top fighters are and for that matter top sportsmen and women are, some kind of trauma will act as your drive to "succeed".
    GSP was bullied at school, nick Diaz had problems with being understood and social anxiety, Tony Ferguson has mental health issues, cormier came from poverty, bisping had a rough upbringing in a military family.
    All forms of trauma.

  8. I think the way the sport MMA is promoted, especially in the US, that it may create misconceptions very easily, many viewers aren't able to either fully understand or are fully informed about the rules, the different fighting style's, the biomechanics behind for instance a ground punch, etc. They watch it just for pure entertainment and are exposed to all the pre fight rumble, and they take it as the truth. Many of the pre fight meetings and weigh in of the heavy hitters both in boxing and MMA are scripted, in UFC, thanks to Dana White, an expert in pre fight marketing to generate more income for both UFC and the best MMA fighters. So my point is, one thing is to watch MMA as a sport and another thing is to watch it as pure entertainment as many people all around the world. Nothing wrong with either of them, but it is easier for misconceptions to surface when you watch something you don't understand but you like it as entertainment. Please let me know if I am totally lost and on the wrong track.

  9. Agree on everything but Krav maga.
    In a street fight, would you bet on the MMA athlete or on the Krav maga practitioner?

  10. I understand what your saying but I make a differential between a fighting system that’s designed to seriously injure antagonists and MMA which is a sport. Both BJJ and Karate have a sport aspect but I see it as part of the mother system and I would not say that MMA is its own fighting system

  11. I agree on all except number 1. In a nutshell Mma is basically sport JKD. And the true definition of martial wars was fighting systems of war. So in other words muay boran is a martial art but muay thai is not.

  12. One of the major misconceptions I had about MMA was that people aren't humble. I was surprised to see people in the gym I joined to be so kind and thoughtful when it came to practice. It made me feel happy to be amongst people who like martial arts and want to become better fighters. The second misconception is that MMA people hate traditional martial arts. Based on my experience I've found that if it works, then they'll use it. I've received a lot of praise for using unorthodox karate techniques while grappling or free sparring.

  13. Is It a good career to become a professional fighter ?Can anybody get into professional fights? Are there some benefits besides the money?

    Thank you

  14. This is amazing!
    These are some great ways to explain how MMA works!
    While MMA is not meant to be an self defense based art, there are some great moves!
    It is better then nothing!

  15. If I want to watch "ground and pound" I ll go to my local school yard… It's not an art. Horses for courses I guess… But if ya knock someone down… I don't think there is any honour for want of another word… Of knocking someone down then jumping on top and punch elbow or knee your opponent while they are down… Choke out or arm bar etc fine… Thats technique…

  16. Number 10 also applies to traditional martial arts too. I’ve seen so many martial artists over the last thirty years that absolutely perfect technique but have no interest whatsoever ever getting into a fight.

  17. Excellent job breaking those down. I have had a lot of the questions in my head and never had answers. Thanks!

  18. Regarding self defense, I've seen people claiming grappling, BJJ or ground fighting is the best option. Considering "on the street" you don't actually know if the attacker has hidden weapons or if he has more buddies hiding around, taking someone to the floor seems like the worst option to me.

  19. Well presented, Oliver! I heard on another channel that the UFC should eliminate the "respectful" glove touch between fighters after the fight has officially started. What do you think about this? He makes a convincing argument.

  20. Es verdad que es uno de los deportes donde hay más accidentes con riesgo de dejar secuelas graves en el cerebro?

  21. Great video and both brothers in the same channel is amazing. Oliver Ive been looking at your fights as well. TY for bringing Karate into cage fightering. Jesse thank you for teaching so much about karate as well..not just the moves but the history of it.

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