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10 WWE Wrestlers With Surprising Hidden Talents

10 WWE Wrestlers With Surprising Hidden Talents

Here are 10 WWE Superstars
with surprising hidden talents 10: The Miz (Sewing) Everytime the Miz enters a
WWE arena,   fans can expect him to be dressed
in some elaborate garment, feeding into the former Champion’s
ego as the most must-see WWE
Superstar in history. After over a decade and a half
since his WWE debut, it’s hard to imagine The Miz’s
life outside of wrestling, and fans know that behind the
championships and cocky
demeanour, the A-Lister is incredibly talented
when it comes to sewing. Revealing this skill in a video for
WWE’s official YouTube channel, Miz is apparently so good, that he
has even been able to fix issues
with his own attires, sometimes just minutes before a
match, without consulting the
costume team. Despite his many years on WWE TV, this talent for sewing has never
been included as part of his
on-screen character, but if his and Maryse’s daughter
Munroe Sky ever wants to
step in the ring, she knows who to see for a costume. 9: The Brian Kendrick (Stop
Motion Animation) Brian Kendrick has been one of
WWE’s most unique stars
throughout his WWE career, from his 2003 debut as Spanky, all
the way to his comeback and
Cruiserweight title win in 2016. With decades in the ring to his name,
and honing his craft in many
promotions and on many continents, Kendrick has established himself as
the resident veteran of 205 Live, and fans always enjoy when the former
Tag Champion shows his true personality. One aspect of Kendrick’s life that
only a handful of fans know about is his skill at Stop Motion Animation
that was honed over many years, as before re-signing with the WWE,
Kendrick made short animated
movies about fruit. Anyone who’s attempted Stop
Motion Animation knows just how
long and tiresome the process can be, but that didn’t stop the former
Cruiserweight Champion from
using his skills to the max, showing his dedication for
what he enjoys. 8: Jeff Hardy (Painting) Known for being a free spirit
both in and outside the confines
of a WWE ring, it’s not too surprising that Jeff
Hardy has a passion for painting. After all, Hardy is often the person
who decorates his face in war
paint before matches, and he often creates pieces on
canvas, and whilst we’re not going
to tell you what is good or bad, we here at slat rock find his unique
style and work to be very impressive. That isn’t the only creative talent
that the Charismatic Enigma has
displayed in the past, as Jeff also leads his own
band Perox-Why-Gen, which he founded in 2003
alongside fellow WWE alumni
Shannon Moore. It’s unfortunate that in recent years, Jeff’s name has been making
headlines for all the wrong reasons, but if WWE does decide to let the
former World Heavyweight
Champion go, it’s clear that Jeff will still have
plenty to do on the canvas,
outside of the ring. 7: Baron Corbin (Boxing) He may have only been on the main
roster for a handful of years, but Baron Corbin has done plenty
since his 2016 call-up. A former US Champion, the lone wolf is also a former
Money in the Bank and
Andre battle Royal winner, and has several Pay Per View
main events to his name. Outside of the WWE though, Corbin
initially tried to make it in the NFL, but after coming up short on the
grid iron, had much more success
in the boxing world. Holding the elite title of being a
Golden Gloves Champion, Corbin’s past as a boxer has been
addressed on commentary, but Corbin himself hasn’t used a
boxing character as part of his
gimmick. Though Corbin has his fair
share of critics, its clear that WWE are big fans of
the former boxer, and in his mid 30s, fans should expect plenty more of the
Lone Wolf for many years to come. 6: Lacey Evans (Yodelling) When WWE released a series of
videos asking NXT Superstars
about their hidden talents, nobody expected what was going
to be the answer of Lacey Evans. As a former Marine, the Sassy
Southern Belle has no shortage
of talent to her ring but Evans has also perfected
the art of yodelling. Whilst most American audiences will
know yodelling from comedy TV
segments or the Price is Right, yodelling is actually a very difficult
skill that Evans has been able to
master. Interestingly, Evans isn’t the only
keen yodeller on the wwe roster, as fellow RAW Superstar Cesaro
has also yodelled in the past. The main difference between Cesaro
and the Sassy Southern Belle, is that whilst the Swiss Superman
has performed on WWE TV, Evans is yet to put yodelling as
part of her character Whilst the idea of Evans yodelling
on TV seems odd, it does mean she’d have an instant
Mixed match challenge partner
when the show returns. 5: Angelo Dawkins (Beat boxing) Like many Superstars on this list,
Angelo Dawkins hasn’t been a
part of WWE for long, but has made a big impact in his short
tenure. As part of the Street Profits,
Dawkins and Montez Ford
have already held the NXT Tag Team Titles, and have
been one of RAWs most
popular teams. Not only a talented Superstar,
Dawkins is also an
accomplished beat boxer, and has showcased his talents at
several appearances he has
made as part of the company. In the same video we mentioned
earlier, Dawkins showed off his
hidden skill and judging by the shocked reaction of his Tag
Team Partner, it seems even
Ford didn’t know about it. As part of one of RAWs most
popular and charismatic tag
teams, Dawkins already has a bright future ahead of him, and
this musical side of him is only going to help the Cincinatti
natives career down the line. 4: Finn Balor (Lego Builder) While he may be decimating
the competition as one of NXT’s
top heels, most fans will remember when Finn Balor
was a fun loving baby face. The Irish Superstars sense of
fun isn’t just confined to the
ring though, as Balor is a self confessed LEGO fanatic,
and frequently builds sets. Sure, being able to build LEGO
sets may not be the most
practical skill in the real world, but when you consider how
many people give up on
builds out of frustration, Balors ability to carry on
deserves to be recognised. During his initial run as part of
the Gold Brand, WWE did a
series of videos about Balors life, and several completed builds
can be spotted on the shelves
inside his house. In an industry where so many
Superstars get hooked on
drugs, it’s wholesome to know of Balors Lego love, and those
tiny plastic bricks could make a
painful weapon in the ring. 3: DANIEL Bryan (Gardening) Daniel Bryan has never been
shy of talking about his eco
friendly lifestyle. During his recent heel turn that
saw Bryan regain the WWE
Championship in November last year, Bryan berated the fans for
not following on his environmental
ways, and his love of Mother Earth is
more than just a gimmick. Bryan and his wife Brie Bella’s
personal lives has been covered
greatly in the Total Bellas series, and whilst D-Bry isn’t always
featured, viewers know of his
love of gardening. Not only can be Bryan often be
found tending to his garden, but the former World Champion also
grows his own food, alongside
his wife. With baby Birdie being the latest
installment into the Bryan Bella
family, it’s clear that the young tike is going to have a
fantastic diet, thanks to her
Superstar parents. 2: Zelina Vega (Belly dancing) The intense persona of Zelina
Vega on WWE television has
helped make her part of an outstanding and entertaining
double act with Andrade. With her beautiful looks and
charismatic personality, it’s easy
to dismiss Vega as just another valet, but her ruthless skills have
shown a darker side, and has often helped the former
NXT Champion win some big
matches. Not many fans will have assumed
that Zelina has a more graceful
talent outside of the ring, but in the NXT Superstar talent
video, Vega revealed her skills
as a belly dancer. It’s no secret that if you want to
make it in the world of
professional wrestling, having a good core is a great start,
and it’s hard to argue that anyone has more core strength
than Vega herself. At the age of 28, Vega’s career in
WWE is still in its infancy, and if
she does eventually split from Andrade, it seems she’ll have the
looks, the charisma and the ability
to make it on her own. 1: Shinsuke Nakamura (Surfing) When Shinsuke Nakamura chose
to move to the United States to start new chapter in WWE this was a
huge shift for the Japanese star. After dominating New Japan Pro
Wrestling in his homeland, the
opportunity to move was viewed as tempting for the bigger stage
in WWE and also the lifestyle changes of living in the United
States for a while. In the States, Nakamura has shown
a passion and talent for surfing. The
option to surf more often in his new home added to the fun extra
bonuses of signing with WWE.
Nakamura’s social media pages show some of his
moves as he clearly is great at it. This love of surfing hasnt always
been a good thing for him though,
as reports by the Wrestling Observer recently claimed that Nakamura is
only still in WWE because he can
keep surfing in the US, but for now, the King of Strong
Style remains the King of the Waves.

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  1. I have my own hidden talent. Producing garbage tv that people complain about endlessly but can never stop watching. I'm kind of like the crack dealer of entertainment. After your first hit of wwe you will think "oh wow that was a great buzz I think ill try that again soon" After the 200th hit you will feel different but won't stop. After a full on 3 hour session of Raw for the 1000th time you will be praying for the grim reaper to end your misery but it's too late. You'll be mine…… FOREVER…. MWAHAHAHAHA, MWAHAHAHAHA

  2. What a cool video learning about some of the other talents superstar have, my favorite one was with Cesaro as a yodeler I can remember him doing that on Monday Night Raw.

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