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11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!

11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!

you just like talking to me from over there or you want to come visit to? if its to much manliness It’s alright I’ll see you later belle *blows kiss from broken heart* *girl: two things! *gaston: two things?! your a girl, you should never more than one thing on your mind! *girl: first thing… *gaston: yes two things, cooking and cleaning yes *girl: look at yourself in the mirror, now back at me *girl: now back in the mirror! now back at me! *she is hyping him up for something* *gaston: I like the mirror a lot better *grins at his wit* girl: two I challenge you to an arm wrestle *gaston: you challenge me to a what?! *girl: an arm wrestle *gaston: an arm wrestling?!!! girl, I am the arm breaking champion of this town see this lovely town, I have been the arm breaking champion since the day I was born NO! since the day I was born!!! The doctor, he tried to check me for a pulse Ten seconds later, they were checking him for a pulse *gaston tries to change her mind* gaston: I dont think you want to do that your sure about this are you? *not knowing what he’s doing* gaston: THE GIRL HAS CHALLENGED GASTON… TO A CHAMPIONSHIP ARM WRESTLING IN MY VILLAGE! *he addresses the whole croud when he says that* right there *hits garbage can signaling where he wants this to take place* are you ready? have you been practicing? *girl: I don’t need practice *gaston: someone….. in the meantime of gawking at me… say go *peyton the camera man that buzz feed called a girl…. I’M A BOY!: ready…. *girl licks her hand, catching gaston off guard, causing a win, and the audience to start laughing* *gaston: *gives look of horror, then wipes his hand on his shirt* WHAT WAS THAT NO! THAT DOES’NT COUNT! I WANT A REMATCH RIGHT NOW! I WANT A REMATCH, NO! THAT DOES’NT COUNT! *the audience continues to laugh* *gaston: disgraced… publicly humiliated AGAIN!… GIRL THAT DOES’NT EVEN COUNT! YOU CHEATED! THAT DOES’NT EVEN COUNT!… IF I HAD DONE THAT TO YOU, YOU’D STILL BE PASSED OUT FROM SWOOING

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100 thoughts on “11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!

  1. You can see the hand on the next is actually a counter of how many people visit him its part of the characters rules to press it when someone comes to meet them

  2. no one~ shoots like Gaston, loses a arm wrestling game to an 11 year old like Gaston, gets publicly humiliated like Gaston!

  3. People forget this is not the real gaston this is why i dont trust disneyland

  4. 1:16 when my brother is about to touch me:
    Me: not this time

  5. Gaston: wanna come visit? If It’s too much manliness, it’s alright
    Me: No, it’s too little humbleness

    This actor is amazing! He should get a raise! Not once did he break character, or chuckle, he was always acting like Gaston would’ve, ego and all
    ( not saying the actor playing Gaston has an ego)

  6. I hate the character and the cartoon and live action gastons are ugly, but this dude looks HOT, of course he's probably wearing a muscle suit, but still

  7. There are plenty of videos of super nice guys and girls playing Disney characters. Wonderful actors, super professional. Always out a smile in my old face

  8. this girl is gonna grow up and take womens studies and screech about how much better at everything women are now, thanks gassy

  9. Girls have the force. even though boys don't believe that, there's a trick to make them believe. So what you do is lick your hand. Then chase after them

  10. I don’t like the girl she’s like “ I don’t need practice” if he actually tried she would of gotten really hurt

  11. You just know he went back to the change room and told this story "Guys you wont believe what this little girl did today!"

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