12 unexpected times Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music

Shawn landing on his feet.>>My God in heaven. My God in heaven. That sweet chin music! It is academic.>>How’d he kick his head off.>>We don’t know what controversy.>>What do you mean we
don’t know controversy? Are you kidding me? We don’t know.>>I don’t believe this. You Buddy, what’s your name?>>Stan.>>Stan.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>See, I just kicked Stan.>>Calm down Shawn.>>Don’t tell me to cam down,
nobody tells me and I don’t know controversy, you got to be kiding me [INAUDIBLE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>A double you can’t see me.>>Five knuckle shuffle from John Cena.>>He’s gone! Sweet chin music on
John Cena outta nowhere! Where did that come from?>>Shawn, you’re fired. Mr. McMahon has fired
Shawn Michaels as Commissioner.>>That was great! Look, he took it like a man!>>Sweet Chin Music!>>Whoo!
>>Shawn, with Sweet Sweet Chin Music to Mr.
McMahon. Shawn has knocked out the owner of
the World Wrestling Federation. Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels.>>I told you King,
I told you, I called it!>>Look at the look on Cena’s face!>>[LAUGH]
>>People’s elbow coming up here, King.>>Perfect! Most electrifying move in
sports entertainment today.>>Here it comes, it’s on-
>>What the hell. Shawn Michaels just super kicked the Rock.>>What?>>My God, what did we just see?>>That garbage can placed right on,
it’s the chin.>>My God.
>>[SOUND] For the love of God! In midair,
Michaels got sweet chinned music.>>Razor is taller.>>A kick and Razor goes down.>>Yeah, let bygones be bygones.>>Oh!ì What the.>>Shawn Michales devestating kick, taking down the five hundered pounder.>>Talk about family values. You would like to hit me but
you dont have the insides to do it. [APPLAUSE]
>>You can play on our team any day of the week. So I started to think to myself.>>God!>>What?>>Michaels just superkicked
Booker T’s head off!>>What the hell?>>Good grief!>>I thought to myself,
well, you’re the problem! Ladies and gentlemen, the Rockers.>>Told you, told you. You see,
one without the other isn’t any good. He knew was gonna do that. I just knew he was gonna do that.>>[INAUDIBLE] [SOUND]
>>My God. Right through the glass
window in the barbershop. [SOUND]

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