#2 READY – SET – FIGHT | Raise your game

[Music] sunshine boom it I think we have message voice yeah yeah so since you’re aiming to be the best in the world I’ve arranged for you to train with a world champion her name is Padma Pinto and she’s a world champion in but remember that you have each other you can support each other and I want you to promise me to never give up give it your all today show me what you’re made of and yeah kick ass I think we’re gonna get our asses kicked tonight I want to fight you can make that happen I fixed you some new shoes from Lucca which I think will come in handy nice weather it’s actually pretty crazy we’re gonna be trained by world champ in Thai boxing and I’m actually really excited because I think she can bring it up to the table that we don’t know and that we can really use when I play for nine I’m trying to get like in my own zone or can only focus on the game so yeah I would love to like learn her mental bubble that would be really nice I really hope that we’re gonna fight I really want to fight I don’t know why [Music] fuck bruises gonna kill me her cheeks are higher than ourselves the tone of this is how they want to do it I’m gonna die hi come into fights and Diet hi [Applause] I think hi nice to meet you nice thank you okay so I’m a Thai boxer I’m well champion yeah but I heard you also complete gamers no no we have to focus a lot so getting enough sleep is important for us yeah be active and just be as focused and we can on the game when you play but that’s because you can be strong and you’re kind of tough that you can be all those things but if you don’t keep your mind in the right place yeah we don’t stand a chance absolutely it’s like when you get this on you just want to fight I don’t know what it is it’s just like it’s like a mental you get this and you’re just like ready to punch someone in the face and that’s what I’m gonna do hopefully not too hard though [Music] [Music] [Applause] they’re like oh hell no what thing I think it’s the worst no you feel like giving up you feel like I don’t want to do this anymore it hurts you can always do a little bit more yeah you can always push yourself that little bit of extra if you’re gonna get good yeah you’re gonna do a little bit down fighting so who wants to start yes I can start I surely hope that she will go easy on us because I think if she decides to go all-in we’re not coming home [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] for yeah eight seconds who knew it is my rival I ready to go go oh I didn’t mean to that but I hate to lie it’s okay [Music] [Music] Oh Rosie my head my face like my knees [Music] I have no bad feeling city girl but I know she could beat me at this second she wants she would kick my ass without fast [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] she makes so fast decisions and that’s a really good thing to do in Florida so I would really like like to learn it on that Street okay did you guys have fun yes yeah I’m gonna pick a winner are you you’ve got a wheely good punch right in my forehead oh no no no that wasn’t that was a nice one you had really very pretty city might make the best of them I think but you gave me the hardest time the one that gave me the most difficult time should be the winner it’s gonna get a break that’s his prize yeah well and we’re gonna find out who’s the best one of you and you’re gonna fight the champion okay boys I want to see a clean fight much blood let’s get this going [Music] [Applause] yeah you just hit me right in my ball sack and I’ve never experienced anything that hurt like that I wanted to cry actually it’s like that but you should protect yourself at all times so even though you hit the groin you need to go in with a roundhouse kick and he is supposed to protect himself so he was it I’m sorry I think you happy about that yes winner [Music] Frederick is really scary because he looks fearless and he comes right at you and especially when he comes right at me [Music] okay okay 47 time boxing champion so calm facility hey what up guys welcome to in room like my room no aardeen to utilitarianism and fetish gusta click Pavilion in red harder and like I said for episode that some if all other attendees [Music]

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