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2 Suspects wanted in deadly shooting of store clerk in Northwest Houston

2 Suspects wanted in deadly shooting of store clerk in Northwest Houston

new developments in a story we first broke last night a convenience store clerk shot and killed what police believe was an attempted robbery yeah new tonight police have released store surveillance photos of two of the suspects are trying to find also new tonight we’re learning more about the victim family members identifying him as Farook Pahoa police say he was working inside that store in northwest Houston when the suspects barged in and opened fire channel 2 Sally Mamta spoke to the victim’s wife this afternoon she joins us live with more on this story selling and Jonathan were affirmed but was shot and killed it was inside this Food Mart right here it’s closed for business today but I spoke to his wife and she tells me Farook was just loved by everybody that he knew and talked to and here’s a growing makeshift memorial for him right now his wife is grieving tonight phyllis bahia still coming to grips with the sobering reality that her loving husband 48 year old Farook bouya is gone I just kept thinking he’s gonna walk through the door Farook was shot and killed Saturday evening by what police say these suspects during an attempted robbery the incident was captured on surveillance video these are the images now released to us by police in hopes of finding the suspects that robbed Phyllis of her husband I hate that he laid in there by himself I can’t even go I couldn’t go hold his hand I couldn’t do anything what do you have to say it’s those men or to the suspects or to the people that did this you took my husband you took somebody’s son you took somebody’s brother you took somebody’s uncle you took somebody’s family for money and again there is a visual that will happen at 6:30 this evening the family right now is in the process of raising funds to help pay for those funeral expenses we are live in West Houston selling them to KPRC channel 2 News Sally thank you and

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  1. we have the lowest unemployment numbers in decades,they are begging for workers,and we still have idiots killing over what is in the cash register?How stupid can you be to not be working today?You kill someone over what you can make in one day working?

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