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20 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout (MASCARA WILL BE RUNNING!!)

20 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout (MASCARA WILL BE RUNNING!!)

Hey, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo, and today I have something
awesome for you. We’re doing a 20 minute cardio kickboxing
workout. We’re going to involve a little bit of the
spin bike, and then also a little bit of on your feet, jump rope, high knee stuff as well. So, if you don’t have a punching bag, that’s
okay. You can punch in the air, all right? You ready to go? Let’s do it! So I have a stop watch here. This is going to be timing me as we go. So the first one we’re going to be starting
with, just some air squats. Ready? 20 seconds. Let’s warm those glutes, get that heart pumping,
and time. Hit it. So, first off, we’re just going to get some
blood pumping, get that heartrate up, and get warm. Get ready for some punching. This is a great workout. It leaves you breathless. No wonder why boxers are in such good shape. Three seconds left. Two, one. Let’s take it to high knees. High knees up. 20 seconds here. Almost done. 10 seconds. Five, four, three, two, and one. All right. A little bit of stretching. Reach down. Right leg. Right arm, left leg. And switch. Opening those hips up, reaching for the ground. 20 seconds here. Nice job. One more. All right, time. Then left leg. All right. Okay, square your hips toward the bag. We’re going to crush, punch. Punch. All the way extended. I want you to kind of bend with it. Bend in the knee and we’re going to go 30
seconds here. So I want you to tap it, cross over, down. Punch with your palm facing down, kill, out,
all the way. 10 seconds left. Squat, and extend. 10 seconds. Nine, eight, seven, si, five, four, three,
two, and one. We’re going to speed this up. Right here, one foot forward, one foot back,
as fast as you can. Go. Speedbag. Fast as you can. Lean into it. Contract the abs. halfway. Hit, hit, hit, hit. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six. Aim for that same spot. Four, three, two, and one. Good. Combination. Punch, punch, and grab the bag, knee. Hold it. Punch, punch, grab the bag, knee. Ready? Same leg. Go! Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee, left, right, knee. 20 seconds here. Hit it. Punch, punch, knee. Crush. One more. Good. Now we’re going to switch. Opposite side. Left leg is back. Right, left, left knee. Ready? Right, left. Watch that time. Halfway there. Five seconds. Three, two – one more in. All right. Go back to the beginning. Cross, punch. 20 seconds here. 20 seconds here. Nice. Cross it over. Come up. It’s almost like you’re ducking under a punch,
and then hitting them on the way up. Here we go. Eight seconds. Six, five, four, three, two, and one. Speedbag, ready? Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Lean into it. Three, two, one. 20 seconds. Go! Twist. Abs are tight. You’ve got to twist at the core. Five, four, three, two, and one. All right. Combo. Right leg is back. Punch, punch, knee. Ready? 20 seconds and go! Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. Left, right, knee. One more in. left, right, knee. Here we go. Other side. Right, left, knee. Right, left, knee. Go! Right, left, knee. Right, left, knee. Right, left. Right, left, knee. Right, left, knee. Right, left, knee. Right, left, knee. Almost there. Five seconds. One more in. right, left knee. All right. So this one, you’re going to squat down and
elbow, high knee, high knee, high knee, high knee. Ready? 20 seconds. Go! Squat down, left knee. One, two, three four. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Squat down, up. Come on! Two more of these. Squat down, elbow. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. We’ve got to switch sides. Ready? Squat down, knee. One, two, three, four. Squat down, knee. One, two, three, four. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Three more. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Two more. Squat down, elbow. One, two, three, four. Last one right here. Elbow. One, two, three, four. Great job. Okay. Let’s do jumping jacks with a kick out, break
it out from the bag. 20 seconds. Kick it out. Give your hands a break. 10 more seconds here. Three, and two, and one. All right. So this guy here is going to be a knee, holding
the bag, knee, come up, other side. Switch, knee. Switch. You’re going to do a little dancing with your
feet. Switch and switch. 20 seconds. Three, two, one, and go! Knee, knee, knee. Contract the abs. at the top. Other side. You’ve got 15 seconds left. Hit it. Knee up. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, and last one. There we go. Jumping jacks again. Kick it out. One more round. Then we’re going to finish on the bike, and
that’s your round one. Almost there. Five, four, three, two, and one. Ready? Knees again. And go! Right leg. Dance it out. Left leg. Dance it out. Right leg, dance it out. And if you want to go down here: knee, dance
it out, knee, dance it out, knee, and dance it out. If you don’t have a bag. Dance. Drive it up there. 10 seconds left. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, get one
more in, one. Okay. Just jump on that spin bike. Last round, right there. Jump on the spin. And ride it out. You’ve got 60 seconds left. We’re going to do one full, all you’ve got
60 seconds. That completes your one round. You’re going to stay, do that exact workout
for another round. That gives you a full, 20 awesome minutes. Ready? Set? And go! You want to stay seated, stand up, whatever
it is. 60. Push! Push! Halfway. 30 seconds left. Push. Heels down. 20. 16, 15, 14. Nine, eight, seven, six. All the way there. Five, four, three. Ride it out, ride it out! Two, and one. Pedal it out. Great job. So, if you do not have a spin bike all you
can do is 60 seconds hard of jump rope, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and get right into
your cardio kickboxing workout. Great job, you guys! There’s your round one. Repeat it a second time. Third time for a crazy 30 minutes. Thanks for joining me. I’m trainer Amy Jo. Get sweaty. Get after it. Leave us a comment, thumbs. We’ll see you next time. Bye!

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74 thoughts on “20 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout (MASCARA WILL BE RUNNING!!)

  1. You have an amazing body. I know I can never truly attain it due my injuries. I can't really lift or do too much cardio. But I try

  2. I'm contemplating helping to get my wife in shape but I don't really know what to have her do since my workouts are geared towards muscle gain and not really what a woman would be looking for but I am pretty well trained in Muay Thai and other martial arts so maybe I should just have her do something similar to this video except maybe more intense?

  3. it would be great if you actually had someone who knows how to punch correctly. thats a wrist injury waiting to happen. also might want to move around a bit more and not be so grounded.

  4. "If you don't have a punching bag, you can just punch the air." That's what told me she had almost no idea what she was doing, also she was punching incorrectly. It's a miracle she didn't sprain her wrist.

  5. no gloves or wraps???!!! yeowch! i'm a kickboxing trainer and I learned that is a BAD idea… PLEASE PROTECT YOUR KNUCKLES AND WRIST.. good workout overall… nice mixture of planes of motion

  6. work out looks good. 👍👍 I would be seriously punching that bag though… even bare handed i hit it hard… knees.. Id be pounding that thing…. take the cardio level up ⬆

  7. 20 second squats
    20 seconds high knees
    20 seconds stretch hips
    30 seconds punching and squatting
    30 seconds speed jabs
    30 seconds left, right, right knee
    30 seconds right, left, left knee
    20 seconds cross punch
    30 speed jabs
    30 left right right knee
    30 right left left knee
    20 seconds squat, elbow left, left knee
    20 seconds squat right elbow, right knee
    20 seconds jumping jacks with kickout
    20 seconds kneeing both knees
    20 seconds jumping jack with kickout
    20 seconds kneeing both knees
    60 seconds on bike

  8. It's funny to see what passes for technique in a fitness oriented cardio kickboxing setting versus a martial arts oriented kickboxing setting.

  9. I think I will consider trying this I have a standing cardio punching bag and an elliptical bike so it might be worth improvising. also I would agree with those who mentioned you should be using some form of protection always for knuckles and wrists. so wraps and/or boxing gloves for me! thank you for the great video.

  10. This is a great routine, I have a free standing punch bag and it's not always easy to figure out how to work it into a workout. Thank you!!

  11. Thank you for this video. Its so informative especially since I just got myself a bag and I'm not sure where to start. This helps.

  12. If you want a real high intensity kickboxing workout where you actually hit the bags and hit them hard with proper form, check out the 10in30 channel.

  13. This workout is so unsafe. Wrong punching technique and her bike setup is too high. Also she should either use the pedal straps or use riding shoes.

  14. Love that you're motivating people to train, but you are going to end up doing yourself some serious Injuries or even worse, someone trying this at home will.
    Please take some beginner kickboxing classes at least and Learn correct form. It would really help with your demonstrations and limit your risk.
    Also I'd recommend you invest in some gloves and wraps otherwise your wrist and elbows are going to take some serious damage.

  15. Is this supposed to be taken seriously? You are not wearing the correct gear, you are not defining your punches ie. jab, cross, hook, uppercut… and the bag is barely moving. So why use the bag? There are several other issues I could point out.. but I’ll stick with what’s most important. Along with using wraps and gloves… each type of punch/ kick should be accompanied by correct posture and footing for maximum impact with the bag. Yes kickboxing is fun cardio but it is also an amazing tool to learn self-defense and self confidence. Ladies.. I can guarantee that correctly hitting the bag with power will not make you bulky, but give you strength and agility while leaning you out. It will also shorten your reaction time and give you the tools necessary to protect yourself if God forbid you ever come to that point.

  16. Luckily she’s not punching hard enough to hurt anything but seriously good form will give the most effective workout while minimizing injury. As a pro fighter this is really hard to watch.

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