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2020 Subaru Outback XT // Is the Turbo WORTH the Extra $4,000??

2020 Subaru Outback XT // Is the Turbo WORTH the Extra $4,000??

All right, so the focus of this video is going to be on the XT We’ve already reviewed the main Subaru Outback lineup. We’re focused on the XT trim that being said The differences visually here on the outside to the XT are going to be basically non-existent There’s nothing here to visually distinguish this So up front needs to have got the same kind of rugged look with the new cladding That’s a lot more aggressive this year in 2020 We do have as the limited model. We have the adaptive full LED headlights as well But otherwise you’re not looking at anything different up front Then around here in the back. You’ve got exactly one difference here for the XT Outback That’s this nice badge here that says Now other than that tiny badge you’ll be looking at the same styling. So you’ve got the new boomerang partially LED tail lights There are some ik an exhaust pipe down there. They’re both hidden And we do have a little silver accent here to make things look a little bit more luxurious on the limited and touring models The checking out the wheels here. These also are not changed from the regular limited or touring model They are 18 inch contrast Cowboys now if you do get that XT exclusive onyx edition that’s going to come with 18-inch alloys with a special all black down the time So if you really care about having unique wheels that’s going to be the way to go It’s otherwise subaru leaves it up to the engine feel and the way it drives that’s going to speak for itself So start out with right off the bat here every XT Outback is going to come with their smart entry system including the Onyx edition which is on the lower end of the spectrum than this limited And of course checking out the cabin here the xt isn’t different than the standard model So in this limited you’ll be looking at a really quite beautiful cabin with a lot of upgraded materials and luxury features Now that xt onyx edition comes with a durable type of cloth seating However on this model as well as the touring we’re going to come with full leather seating as you can see a really attractive Looking seat with gray on the inside black on the outside. The touring can also get a brown interior if that is your jam As far as your door trim those same materials carry over there as well So you have nice leatherette material across there. All four of your windows are one touch automatic And you do have two-person memory seating As far as the seats themselves, these are 10-way power adjusting but you do also have a manual thigh extension No materials in this cabin are going to be the same between the two point five and the XT So I’m not going to just go through them obsessively, but you will notice some special touches Compared to the premium model we did earlier in the year. So on this limited we have this from very very realistic-looking beau. Wood trim And we also have some more stitching details all around the cabin Now every XT will have push-button start Starting it up here. You’re going to notice anything different audibly upon first start up But once you put it in drive and get out in the road, I assure you you will definitely notice the difference Now coming back to the steering wheel of course you do have electric power assisted steering as well as a nice leather wrap steering wheel however, one of the things to point out Is the difference between the 2.5i limited and this XT limited is that you will have a heated steering wheel and then both of the Touring models have that he just during meal Now checking out storage briefly here it is the same as in your standard Subaru model So you’ve got two different tiers that you can open up like so you have an adjustable cup holder? And then you’ve got this really deep area where you can kind of hide something down in there as well as your two charging USBs And your aux jack, but you also have an electronic parking brake And a traditional shifter here, of course as you’d expect since this is the sporty out back You’ve got manual shifting via 8 simulated gears and these paddle shifters Now heading into reverse we just have the standard backup camera We do have active trajectory parking sensors as well as rear cross-traffic alert However, there is a front-facing camera option that will come on the XT touring Now of course this is the big thing without backs, I’m not gonna go super into this giant display here Because we did talk about it in our full review video But just kind of hitting the highlights here. We do have physical climate controls located right here And then the rest of the controls are down here in the touch display we’ve also got a three-stage heated seats and Additionally it would have three stage inhalation of you up for that XT touring model Now we have not sampled the upgraded 576 watt 12 speaker Harman Kardon sound system so far this year in the all-new Outback. So we’ll go ahead and sample that right now Sound quality is great with this system up top we do have an auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes and a compass And then looking up here at your moonroof This is another one of those areas where the XT limited is going to come with standard with one Whereas the 2.5i limited would not have that standard All right So I was a quick look around the cabin and I pointed out what was different with the XT about limited versus the 2.5 I so now we’ll go ahead and hand it to Mason who will quickly check out the back areas Before we take it out on the road, which is what really is important So of course checking out the backdoor trim on this limited XT you are gonna find a really nice one So they’re wrapped all the way through here and down in the armrest portion. You have a fully automatic window some door storage as Well as your lovely seat design And getting inside you will find nice features back here So you do have vents on this model and down below that you have two charging USB ports as well As two stage heated rear seats, which is a nice touch Now, of course your seats do also fold just push this little button and they do fold right down And on this limited xt model we do have a power tailgate and it is also hands-free So just put your hand up next to the subaru emblem and it will open right up And once inside the trunk you are gonna find a large amount of space Of course This is an Outback so it’s a wagon so you have plenty of space back behind the second row seats as Well as with the seats folded and you also have these little handles right here. These will fold the seat backs So as you can see, lots of space you have a cargo cover as well And here on the limited XT you do have a power seat on the passenger side as well So, there we go, that was our initial acceleration here in the XT 2020 outback And I have to say really felt strong off the line You know and then as we built in the turbo and the RPMs And you can really kind of feel the the torque, you know So we are looking at 260 horsepower and 277 pounds of torque with this XT this new XT model and the Outback And if you’re looking for a comparison to the regular boxer 4 You’re going to get quite a bit of a power increase because that’s going to be The base model is 182 horsepower and 176 pounds of torque. So you can do the math there That’s over a hundred pound feet more torque and about eighty more horsepower I’m not exactly sure when this video is going to be uploaded in the spectrum of videos, but As far as when we’ve filmed this video is the right after Being in a forester. So I just drove a forester a matter of minutes ago actually and that shares the one point or the 182 horsepower base engine that the base Outback has So I’m a little really You know have these kind of back-to-back and you can really tell a big difference in the power as soon as you take off Of course, it is strong off the line but where it really succeeds is Where the Forester or the base Outbacks engine kind of tapers off in power This is still surging is still be ushing. That’s the biggest difference you Know when we first took off on that first acceleration I was very curious to see you know, kind of how different it would feel. I knew that numbers work quite a bit different But that’s see it. Definitely the biggest thing that you’ll notice. Is that when you originally takeoff I don’t think it even feels too much different when you originally take off but like Drew said, you know you just continuously have that torque that kind of pushes you back in your seat for a long time and it almost feels Unnaturally powerful for something like this, you know Maybe it’s because we’ve been on the base outback engine before but I don’t know. It seems like really powerful. We never have driven these Six-cylinder one if you’re an owner of a previous 3.6 boxer 6 Yes, she really moves she really moves You know, that’s one thing super that’s not really known for Powerful, you know you usually 90 percent of people you know end up with usually the two and a half liter four-cylinder bucks or four and You know being in this one, you know, this really just feels like one more special You know you like wow, this is really cool. You just because this engine is in the Ascent but it wastes so much that you just don’t really it Only feels adequate Where isn’t this you start to actually get a performance benefit Now the XT Outback just like the normal Outback does come with the lineartronic CVT As far as going around in your normal mode, there’s not really any shift simulation going on However, we do have paddle shifters, which I already mentioned that can shift through eight simulated gear changes This model does also have the auto start/stop system just fire back up Pretty smooth It’s gonna take in that corner there Just reminds me this isn’t necessarily all that different from the standard outback that we drove but This generation is taking a huge step in the structural rigidity area seventy percent more rigid in the past generation And you know, usually when I see big numbers like that, I’m skeptical. Yeah, right But I’m really not for this It it definitely feels a lot more balanced and A way more button-down than the previous generation It’s kind of the thing about the outback that’s really so unique I think is that really you balance Car like features and SUV like features. Yeah. So this of course has as much storage as like a lot of Large midsize crossovers but yeah, you know You still kind of have a a wagon and you’re still looking at sedan light driving characteristics So it does handle a lot better than your average Midsize crossover. Yeah Yeah, the CVT and this application feels extremely responsive yeah, it doesn’t funds immediately Housing your typical one, right and The throttle response I wasn’t really like some super is that in the past have been really really aggressive actually to the point of it being Like an issue just to drive around in a parking lot or something But I says have to say it’s not the case here It definitely seems about right, you know, it’s still kind of aggressive enough. So you’ve really get a good take off But it’s not gonna interfere with when you’re just trying to drive around real slow My apologies for the traffic it’s getting towards the Afternoon, you know what that means? But this is a real-world scenario here You know You’re going to be driving your Outback XT and traffic And I would like to just go ahead and mention that I know it’s in our regular full review because this isn’t really having different ride quality than a regular Outback but the Outback is one of those cars that it really does write great Light drew was talking about it does kind of feel like a sedan in here which is actually a great thing because it doesn’t have any body roll or anything like that and it’s just a really comfortable place to Spend time in the back you have tons of space and I’m just super comfortable. The seats are great It’s quiet in here and it feels like a luxurious ride Really that is an important point by choosing the XT you’re not sacrificing the right quality You know, this is far from a hard-edged might you have Sport thing you choose this because you you want that extra oomph and you don’t really want to be penalized in any way and besides for the extra money that you’re paying a little bit of a fuel economy penalty You’re honestly just living the same exact very comfortable you know very luxurious how back experience and Speaking of the fuel economy. You might be curious as to how much worse this car is the knee or the regular 2.5 liter boxer for You’re going to have a it So the regular this one is rated at 23 city 30 highway 26 combined whereas the standard one is rated at 26 that City 33 highway 29 combined So that is three mpg different That’s really not bad. Especially for those power figures that I was talking about earlier how much more power and I mean like that then take off like that. You’re getting a lot of benefit for that three mpg And it is worth noting. Of course. It does have standard all-wheel drive. So you have to worry about that. I Also want to note that the auto start/stop system Seems to be a little bit smoother here in the XT versus the regular one that we drove about a month ago I’m not sure what that has to do with it could just be units unit, but Or it could just be that this engine has an easier time with these starting and stopping but it definitely feels smoother to me I definitely heard with that the the boxer for the standard one in the Forester it seems like when you come to a stop like when it turns off, it has like a shimmy or something and then When it takes off it has like a almost a lunge forward with this car. It definitely blends into the background more So I’m definitely more pleased with this xt auto start-stop, of course like the regular one. You don’t like it You know within the setting here somewhere right here and turn it off right there Even though I’m sure not too many Outback owners are going to ship with paddles. I did put it in the manual boat So let’s give it a try You know, I mean, it feels kind of silly but You know, this is a car. It’s fun enough that You know if you want to have a little bit of extra enjoyment, why not? Why not and It does respond quite well As you can see it. It does actually listen to what you’re saying with the paddles And give you a good deal of simulation Enough that it actually has some feeling to it, you know The engine note sounds pretty good It’s still kind of just shocking to me, you know with this xt model just how powerful it is and you know It’s not even not even that bad to kind of do a little bit of fun driving with this car it just kind of is a New concept but this XT does a good job like drew was talking about Got good downshift simulation. You actually do have a number they’re off to tell you. What fake your your But overall, I mean I guess if you’re wondering is the XT the outback to get In my opinion, I would say yes You know Is every Outback owner going to care about having this extra power? No, certainly Not in the most of the Outback owners are going to choose the standard powertrain and there is nothing wrong with that Powertrain at all. I was actually very impressed by our drive with that as well about a month ago, but as far as what I like I definitely More power than merrier right? And you know, it really does bring this car alive This is a the most agile and sportiest Outback. That’s ever Been developed and I think that it pairs really nicely with this upgraded engine It makes for a nice combo, you know in the standard version It feels like it could handle more and this is the more that Subaru is offering All righty. I’m not going to give you guys like an itemized breakdown at the pricing Since that is an hour for review so what I’m going to talk about is the limited XT versus the regular limited model you’re going to be looking at a $4,300 price increase For opting for this XT model and the Touring XT versus the 2.5 Touring is a $2,350 price increase and the reason for that is of course as we’ve gone through in the review the XT limited has more equipment than the 2.5 limited but the two Touring’s are identically equipped and if you’re looking for the final price for those models the xt limited is 37745 with the destination. I’m pretty sure that this one as equipped is like 39,000 and the XT touring starts at 39 7. So it probably like 40 41 and then the Onyx Edition Brings that as the entry level of the XT Well guess we’ve been joined watching this quick overview of the changes for the 2020 subaru forrester xt model as opposed to the regular one as always if you want to go check out that Regular full review that covers a lot more details. There is a link in the description And be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons If you enjoyed this video, we appreciate you and we look forward to seeing you next time Take care!

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20 thoughts on “2020 Subaru Outback XT // Is the Turbo WORTH the Extra $4,000??

  1. Had the 3.6R and while I wish they upgraded the H6 instead using this 4 cylinder, the XT is definitely what people should get. It actually feels like a decently fast car. The fact that it still requires REGULAR gas make it an incredible deal. The same way the horrible and laggy all display functionality makes it a horrible one.

  2. Apples to apples it is really about $2,300 more for the turbo. Limited XT comes standard with moonroof, nav, etc. that is optional on the Limited 2.5

  3. I have to compliment you guys as you always are able to get a hold of Subaru's while the much bigger channels can't review them or get a hold of them at all. Great job on this and as always great review! 200K is next!

  4. I test drove both and "settled" for the base engine limited. Price was a factor but more importantly I didn't need/want the navi or the moonroof and the driver focus camera. During the drive it kept reminding me to look ahead . It got a bit intrusive. The word to describe the 2.5 n/a motor would be adequate. Initial take off it feels underpowered but once the vehicle rolls it feels really good actually. I bought this for the wife and kids and driving around town it's an awesome ride. If I wanted more power I just take my WRX out for a spin 😉

  5. I just got the forester sport yea no turbo but I drive like an old person anyways lol outback is nice but just doesn't have that extra comfort space for me

  6. Please include a review of how well the seats heat and cool in the future. That is a major thing for me. My Lexus has "cooled" seats but you cannot even feel them.

  7. I liked the on-camera stand up you did at the start of the video to show exterior features. Good job. The Subaru’s massive video screen is the best in the business!

  8. When Subaru introduced the Ascent last year I wondered about the future of the Outback being squeezed from below by the ever growing Forester and from above by the Ascent. The Outback XT answers that question. With a curb weight almost 700 lbs (!) lighter than the Ascent the 2.4L turbo is far more suited to the Outback than to the Ascent. Not only in terms of performance but likely in terms of durability, as well.

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