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250 Yo Mama Jokes – Can You Watch Them All?!

250 Yo Mama Jokes – Can You Watch Them All?!

– [Narrator] Yo mama so fat. Donald Trump used her as the border wall. – Oh it’s perfect. It’s huge. – [Narrator] She takes
selfies in panorama mode. That she wakes up on
both sides of the bed. She doesn’t need Internet. She’s already worldwide! Yo mama so stupid she thought Instagram was a weed delivery service. She went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth. She tried to climb Mountain Dew! Yo mama so ugly when Santa Clause saw her he said. – Ho, ho, holy shit. – [Narrator] When she signed
into GTA online she got an instant five stars. (police sirens) Her reflection said. – I quit. – [Narrator] Yo mama so fat when she sat on the
iPod she made the iPad! When I pictured her in my head she broke my neck. She wears two watches. One for each time zone she’s in. She got arrested for
carrying 10 pounds of crack. (police sirens) – Just get in the freaken’ car. – Yo mama so old she pre-ordered the Bible. She was a waitress at the last supper. She sat next to Moses in third grade. Yo mama so hairy when she gave birth to you (screams) you got carpet burn, bro. Big foot took her picture. She shaves with a weed wacker. Yo mama so stupid she thought a quarterback was a refund. She spent 20 minutes staring at a carton of orange juice because
it said “concentrate”! She put paper on the TV
and called it paper view. She put two quarters
in her ears and thought she was listening to 50 Cent. Yo mama so fat when she went on a diet
she ended world hunger. When she died she broke
the stairway to heaven. When she stepped on a scale it read my phone number. When she sat on a rainbow
she made Skittles. Yo mama so poor when I stepped on a
cigarette to put it out she said, “Hey, who turned off the heat?” She hangs toilet paper out to dry. She takes the trash in. She took the job at Freddy
Fazzbear’s Pizza twice. (creepy chuckle) Yo mama so short when she smokes weed
she can’t even get high! She hang glides on a Dorito! She broke her leg getting off the toilet. You can see her legs on
her driver’s license photo. – How do you even freaken’ drive this car? – Yo mama so fat Darth Vader (Darth Vader’s theme music) couldn’t even force choke her. She’s Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball. People jog around her for exercise. Snorlax evolves into her. (techno music) Yo mama so stupid she thought that Starbucks
was alien currency. She thought seaweed was
something that fish smoke. (laughs) When I told her Christmas
was around the corner she went and looked for it. She threw water at the computer
to put out a flame war. Oh! Yo mama so ugly when God said. – Let there be light. – [Narrator] He shouted. – Oh me! Never mind. – [Narrator] She’s the
reason why the Ninja Turtles hide in the sewers. Scorpion said, “Stay over there!” She makes blind kids cry. (sobbing) Yo mama so fat her blood type is Nutella. She jumped up in the air and got stuck. she fed an entire zombie apocalypse. Her farts cause global warming. (farts) Yo mama so stupid she tried to take Snoop Dogg for a walk. – Stop pulling so hard. – [Narrator] When she
heard it was chilly outside she ran and got a bowl. She got fired from the
M&M factory for throwing out the Ws! She studied for a drug test
by taking all of the drugs. Yo mama so old she knew Gandalf before he had a beard. She knew Chica when she was just a chica. She used to babysit Apocalypse. – No. It is not my bedtime. – [Narrator] She knew Burger
King when he was just a prince. (romantic music) Yo mama so ugly when she took a selfie the picture said “censored”. At the strip club people pay
her to keep her clothes on. She was an extra in Thriller. (Thriller music) When she looked out of her
window she got arrested for mooning. (police sirens) – It was your face, huh? That’s what they all say. Get in the car! – Yo mama so short she pole dances on a candy cane. (techno music) Yeah! She travels on a toy train. She ice skates on an ice cube. She uses a Tostito as a boat. Yo mama so fat Cupid’s arrows couldn’t pierce her. When she climbed into a monster truck it became a low rider. The horse on her polo shirt is real. – Get me down from here. – When she went out in a green bikini everyone shouted “Godzilla”. Yo mama so stupid she brought a spoon to the Superbowl. Yeah! She returned a doughnut
because it had a hole in it. She thought Taco Bell was
a Mexican phone company. She played got your nose with Voldemort. (intense music) (screams) Yo mama so damn ugly her face could stop the Juggernaut. – Oh no! – [Narrator] Her
portraits hang themselves. (screams) When she bought a new car
it transformed and ran away. – Let’s get the hell out of here. – [Narrator] The Devil saw her. He started going to church. (organ music) – God. It’s, uh, me. The Devil. Yeah, sorry about all that stuff I did. Feel like I’m just a real, real asshole. So uh, just please, please take me back. Come on, God. We used to be buddies. Oh God, oh she’s here. I’m sorry a thousand
times, just take me back. Come on, Man, stop being a dick! – [Narrator] Yo mama so hairy the only language she speaks is Wookie. (growls) (growls) She stars in Donkey Kong games. (Donkey Kong theme music) When she woke up she found herself in a cage at the zoo. When your father took her out to eat, the waiter said. – Sorry, no pets allowed. – Yo mama so fat when she wears her yellow rain coat people yell out “taxi”! She’s a citizen of every country. Her school pictures were
taken by a satellite. Even Kirby can’t eat her. (squeaks) Yo mama so stupid she heard Orange was the New Black and thought Donald Trump became president. – Yo mama is a stupid, disgusting animal. – She took her computer to the doctor because it had a virus. She thought light sabers had less calories. Yo mama so ugly that Minecraft Creepers are afraid of her. She made the Illuminati close its eye. She made Jeff the Killer frown. Neither Jacob nor Edward
want her on their team. (screams) Team Brody, yeah. Yo mama so fat she uses the highway as a slip and slide. (explosions) She puts on her belt with a boomerang. Her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard. When she fell in love she broke it. Yo mama so poor she went to KFC to lick people’s fingers. She eats cereal with a fork to save milk. When I asked her “what’s for dinner” she took off her shoelaces
and said “spaghetti”. Yo mama so stupid she thought chicken strips
was a strip club for chickens. – Take it off, you chicken slut. – [Narrator] She thought
fruit punch was a gay boxer. She stays up all night
trying to catch some sleep. She went to the Apple
store to get a big MAC. Yo mama so old her birthday candles
caused global warming. Her memory is in black and white. Her birth certificate says, “Expired”. When she went to the museum she saw some of her exes. ♫ Yo mama so fat ♫ Not even Superman ♫ Can lift her She occupies Wall Street all by herself. I took a picture of her
last Christmas and it’s still printing. She broke the 256 block
limit on Minecraft. Yo mama so ugly she made the Joker stop laughing. (bright music) (laughs) When Ice Cube saw her he melted. (growls) – Ah shit, I’m melting, melting. – [Narrator] When she
joined an ugly contest they said. – Sorry, no professionals – She turned Medusa to stone. (screams) Yo mama so short she became Ant Man’s side kick. She bakes cookies with Keebler elves. She can do back flips under the bed. (applauds) What’s going on down there? Yo mama so fat when she jumped into a pool
NASA found water on mars. Even her clothes have stretch marks. Even Dora couldn’t explora. When she posted a naked
picture of herself online she literally broke the internet. (sirens) (techno music) Yo mama so stupid she thought KFC was UFC for chickens. (intense music) She went out for drinks with Bill Cosby. When the doctor told her
to burn some calories she sat a fat person on fire. Yo mama so freaken’ ugly the Terminator said. – Ew, I won’t be back. – Her pillow cries at night. – Why? – [Narrator] Bob the Builder said. – I can’t fix that. – [Narrator] When she
plays Super Smash Bros (screams) the characters run off the stage. – [Narrator] Go! (gasps) – [Narrator] Yo mama so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii Fit. When she went to school she
sat next to the whole class. She volunteered as tribute
for the hunger games because she thought it
was an eating competition. The cops use her as a road block. Yo mama so hairy she gots afros on her nipz. – Can you dig it? – [Narrator] They filmed
the National Geographic in her bathroom. She plays Five Nights of Freddy’s the animatronics thought
she already had a suit. Yo mama so stupid she thought high school was
a school for drug addicts. She thought Nickelback was a refund. ♫ Look at this stupid bitch When she saw the McDonald’s
drive through sign she drove through the building. Yo mama so old when she listened to Skrillex she died. Her breast milk is (stutters) powder. When she farts dust comes out. (farts) When I told her to act
her age she freaken’ died. Yo mama so fat Jabba the Hutt said. (laughs) – Ew. – [Narrator] Elephants
throw peanuts at her. Every time she turns
around it’s her birthday. When she dies in Call
of Duty the player gets the five-person kill streak. – [Radio] Airbag is ready for direction. Show us where you want it. – [Narrator] Yo mama so ugly when she played Majora’s Mask. (spooky music) The moon yelled. – No. No. No. – [Narrator] She made an onion cry. (gasps) – Put her away, man. – [Narrator] She needs
a steak around her neck to get the dogs to play with her. One Direction went the other direction. Yo mama so stupid she tried to buy drugs at the high way. Stopped at the stop sign and
waited for it to say “go”! She thinks that Jar Jar
comes with pickles pickles. She made an appointment with Dr Pepper. (crickets chirp) Yo mama so short she limbos under the door. (applauds) She committed suicide
by jumping off the bed. She hooks up with LEGOs. (dance music) Yo mama so fat Nappa asked how much she weighed Vegeta said. – It’s over 9,000! – When Dracula sucked her blood he got diabetes. When she bungee jumps the bridge breaks. Steven Hawking based his black hole theory on her asshole. Damn it, Hawking! Yo mama so poor she chases after the garbage
truck with a shopping list. She waves around a Popsicle
and calls it air conditioning. The ducks throw bread at her. Nigerian scammers wire money to her. (gasps) (whimpers) How did you afford that? (car engine running) Yo mama so ugly when Darth Vader looked at
her birth certificate he said. – Bitch. I am not your father. – [Narrator] She’s the
reason why Sonic runs fast. When the Kool Aid man
busted through her wall he said. – Oh no. – [Narrator] When she watches TV the channels change themselves. Yo mama so stupid Kylo Ren couldn’t force read her mind. (intense music) – [Kylo] Tell me where they are. Wait. No? There’s, there’s nothing. There’s nothing here. There’s nothing here. – [Narrator] She bought tickets to Xbox Live! She thought Dunkin’ Donuts was a basketball team. She uses Old Spice body wash to cook. – Smells like power! (stutters) Power. – [Narrator] Yo mama Mia so fat in Super Mario Galaxy she
was a freaken’ planet. Half of her is in a parallel universe. Her belly button gets home
15 minutes before she does. Sorting hat assigned her to the House of pancakes. – So old your mama is. Babysit me she once did. Change my diaper she still does. – Yoda, oh, oh no. (music box music) Yo mama so ugly the Walkers from the Walking
Dead refuse to eat her. When she played the scary
maze game the picture said, “I quit.” When she tried to take a bath the water jumped out. – Oh, fuck this. I’m out of here. – Yo mama so stupid she tried to eat Creepypasta. (creepy music) When she worked at Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza she stuffed herself in the suit. She returned a puzzle because
she thought it was broken. She thought Call of Duty was a game about pooping. No! No! No! ♫ Yo mama is so fat In Steven Universe she’s
a fusion of all the gems. (piano music) When she goes camping bears hide their food from her. In Indiana Jones she was the boulder. (intense music) She asked for a waterbed they put a blanket over
the Atlantic ocean. Yo mama so ugly Ben Drowned drowned himself again. Her birth certificate is
an apology letter from the Trojan Man. Not even Goldfish Crackers smile back. Freddy and his friends hide from her. Yo mama so hairy when she auditioned for Planet of the Apes they made her pack leader. People wonder why she wears
a fur coat to a nude beach. When she posted her sex tap online it got flagged for bestiality. (growls) Yo mama so stupid the zombies walked past her
because they didn’t smell any brains. When I said drinks were on the house she went and got a ladder. She tried to drown a fish. She got hit by a cup and told the cops she got mugged. – Stop resisting. – [Narrator] Yo mama so fat Google created the Google
Mama to explore her. She broke the family tree. Last time she saw 90210 was on a scale. Her splash attack does damage. (Pokemon music) Yo mama so ugly when she went into the bathroom she scared the shit out of the toilet. Forever Alone Guy denied
her friend request. She’s the reason why Waldo is hiding. When she died the Grim Reaper refused to take her. – I’m the Grim Reaper. Master of the forces of life and dead. Oh, God. I’m not taking that ratchet thing. – [Narrator] Yo mama so stupid she tried to
wake up sleeping pills. – Wake up, you sleepy head. – [Narrator] Rebecca Black told her Thursday comes before Friday. She spent the whole day
saying “am not” to R2 D2. (beeps) – Uh, am not. (beeps) Uh, am not. – Yo mama so short she’s Ray William Johnson’s stunt double. She drives Hot Wheels. Oh yeah! Criss Cross Crash! When she plays Five Nights of Freddy’s the animatronics jumped out at her and they hit the wall. (screams) Shenron! Tell me your best Yo Mama joke. – Hmm. Yo mama so fat she asked me to make her thin, but it was far beyond my power. – [Narrator] When she played Candyland she ate the board game. When she made a PS3 account
the entire network crashed. Yo mama so stupid she threw baseballs at Batman. – I’m Batman. Ow. Hey, lady, stop throwing shit at me. Ow. Stop it, lady. Ow. I’m a, ow. I’m not that kind of Batman. Ow, ow. Stop it. – [Narrator] She goes to the post office to send an email. When she got locked in a grocery store she starved to death. (clock chimes) She got hit by a parked car. (intense music) Yo mama so ugly government decided to move
Halloween to her birthday. She made my Happy Meal cry. (sobs) She gives Freddy Kreuger nightmares. Hello Kitty said goodbye. Yo mama so fat Rick and Morty thought her belly button was
a portal to another dimension. When the Flash tried to run around her he died before he could even get half way. She’s a map on Call of Duty. (explosions) The first time she played Miitomo Drop she collected all the prizes. Yo mama so old her first Christmas was
The First Christmas. She still owes Jesus five bucks. Her first cruise was on Noah’s Ark. When she was in school,
there was no history. Yo mama so stupid Bill Cipher can’t even possess her. (chuckles) – [Bill] Good one. Is that Joe from Family Guy. Wait, what? Woah. There’s nothing here. – [Narrator] She thought
the star of Austin Powers was Michael Myers. She sold her car for gas money She yelled into an envelope. (screams) because she wanted to send a voicemail. Yo mama so (gags) ugly when she went into a haunted house (vocalizations) she came out with a job application. When she joined Myspace (retches) everyone switched to Facebook. Slenderman runs from her. (intense music) She’s also the reason he has no eyes. When Deadpool saw her, he said. – [Deadpool] Oh. Oh, God. Uh-uh. I can’t even look at this bitch. And here I thought I was ugly. – Yo mama so fat she doesn’t fit in a yo mama video. She’s on both sides of the family. When she walked by the TV you miss the entire show. When she played Five Nights of Freddy’s Freddy found her (screams) and couldn’t fit her in the costume. She had to be baptized at Sea World. What I’m trying to say is
your mother is a whale. A whale of a good time. Yeah! (techno music)

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