3 Hitchhiker Armbar Escape Counters

Ciro’s doing the intro…no he’s not.
We’re going to do three ways to stop the hitchhiker escape. Dead simple, so the
hitchhiker escape’s going to look something like this. I’m here, maybe even
before I get his arm straight, he makes like a hitchhiker, he runs and then he
has to worry about coming up into a triangle or an omoplata but
he’s escaped my arm bar. So there’s a few things we can do to stop him. So let’s say
I’ve not got his arm dead straight yet maybe he’s gripping his hands together. One thing I can do is keep my heel curled at his hip. If
he tries to run away now, I can make that much more difficult for him with a curl
here. I can combine that with holding his pants or holding his leg. If he tries to run
away now it’s completely impossible so that’s step one…that curl
with the hamstring, curling my heel into his hip and controlling the pants in
some fashion. We can also combine that with step two, which is he starts to go
for his hitchhiker and I very quickly fall on this side and I use my elbow at his
wrist to take his arm in this direction. If I just hold Ciro’s arm here and
tell him to do the hitchhiker escape… He actually ends up kimura’ing himself.
So he tries the hitchhiker escape I lean in this direction…
I bring his arm here and then I can go back into my armbar finish. So from here he tries to go…I bring
his wrist with me in this direction and then I can pick his leg back up a lot
of the time or go back into my finish. Number three is when we get to here, fully extended and he still tries to run and he can
get out. What he’s doing is he’s changing the angle of his elbow in number three, his arm is already straight, so he now turns as best he can so that if I put my
hips straight up and finish the armbar as normal it actually just bends
his arm and he ends up getting out. So instead of trying to finish
conventionally if I have his arm straight all I do is I take his arm
towards the camera. His arm is straight and he runs, I just
finish the armbar against my right leg now. He’ll either come back flat into the regular armbar, or he’ll tap in the middle. So three simple counters to that really annoying escape. It’s really annoying, you’ve done all
that hard work, you’ve got the armbar position then all of a sudden they
wriggle out, especially in nogi…very very annoying. So if you liked the
video, like the video, share, subscribe, You know, do it, do it all!
Thanks Ciro, see you guys again! 😀

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