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3 Jabs Cross Roundhouse Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workouts with Michael Andreula

3 Jabs Cross Roundhouse Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workouts with Michael Andreula

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18 thoughts on “3 Jabs Cross Roundhouse Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workouts with Michael Andreula

  1. Are you supposed to wait for the cross to return before you throw the round house, or do throw the round house immediately after the cross has landed and before it returns?

    Because when I throw the cross it happens so fast that my hips are already fully pivoted all the way in an instant and since they are pivoted I cant throw the round house unless I return to stance 1st, and I cant throw the roundhouse before the cross is fully pivoted because it happens so fast. ??

    Great vid thanks

  2. Hey mike could you do some clinch based stuff? i know your more into the kickboxing but just wondering if you could. thanks for another great vid!

  3. I need to get my Striking Coach "The Punch Doctor" to give the real clinch break down. What context would you like to see the clinch done on. MMA fight, Thai Boxing, Dirty Boxing, and/or Street?

  4. Yes and no? If you set up the combo well the person you are hitting will have to cover up because of the 3 jab and cross. Then you are moving you whole body especial you head out of his striking range and you should safely be able to release a strong kick on the move. So if you a going to launch a combo like this you would put less power in the build up strikes and focus on the final strike. If it was a single cross I would get it back then release the roundhouse. TBC

  5. Let me know what you dig! Keep commenting and liking it and I will get you more cool videos. Thanks Brother!

  6. I would like an opening combination to a fight something to see what the opponent can take with out showing your full capability? Urgent I have a fight soon thanks

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  8. Hello brother,Could you give me an example of 4-5-6 combinations I can practice on the bag,because 1-2-3-4 is too easy for me and also I really can't do myself any combination of them.

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