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3 Kickboxing Moves That TORCH Belly Fat For “NON-Fighters”

3 Kickboxing Moves That TORCH Belly Fat For “NON-Fighters”

Hey, everybody out there! Coach Dan Long with
Get Lean in 12. And today we are live. And I just want to say a
couple of things to you. Today’s workout is inspired
by my kick butt session from my buddy Mike Zang
that he put me through. This workout was unbelievable. It’s shredded calories and
fat like you wouldn’t believe. Honestly, I lost two
pounds in just one day. Now, it’s all about kickboxing. He’s a [INAUDIBLE] champion. And I learned some moves that I
want to share with you that you can incorporate right
in your own living room and/or your kitchen, and all you
need are some light dumbbells. Now I’m a big dude, and
all I’m going to use is five pounds
because honestly– I don’t know did you see the
McGregor and the Mayweather fight? They used eight ounce gloves. OK? This is five pounds. So again, do yourself a
favor, don’t overdo it with these exercises. Now before I get started
and I give you these moves– because they’re so kick butt. And you’re going to be sweating
like you never have before. Up here at this link up here– don’t click it just yet– I have something that goes with
these moves and exact protocols with zone training and
also nutrition advice that’s going to help you get
the dream body that you desire. But I want to show
you these moves first because they’re so awesome, and
I cannot believe how much sweat came out of this body. It’s going to
happen for you too. So get your dumbbells. Now with that, all you’re
going to have to do is do these certain stances. So what I want you to do is
take your right foot back. Put your left foot forward. You’ve got your five
pound, or your two pound, or your one pound dumbbells. Now we’re going to start
by protecting the chin. So you’re going to
bring your dumbbells up. Now, this is already engaging
biceps and shoulders. When you’re doing this,
you’re in a fight stance. So now I’m going to kick
this arm just a little bit back because my leg is back. And I’m going to keep this
one– which is my leg forward– with my dumbbell
right by my chin. So protect your chin. Because if you get hit
here, you get knocked out. So hold this up here like this. Now we’re going do
a jab and a cross. So going to go one, two. Keep these up though. One, two. Now just with that
alone, your shoulders are going to be on fire. They’re going to be on fire. But we’re going to incorporate
some lower body in a second. So again, one, jab, two. So imagine hook or boom. Hook, boom. You’re coming across,
keeping it just like so. Now with this being said,
you’re doing cardio. So the intensity is
all about how fast you want to make the move happen. And then recoup and
go back and hit again. So it’s boom, boom, boom, boom. Coming across, boom, boom. Now he taught me when I do
cross like this that I’m supposed to flick my wrist. So again, it’s like
this, and you come out and flick your wrist straight. Don’t ever hit like this. Hurts your wrist way too much. So you’re going
to come up, boom. Come across and flip, boom. See that? Boom at the last second. Now that’s an amazing
move, but watch this. This is what really ups the game
and makes you shred calories like it’s going to
go out of style. Again, back, fist up,
over, cross, knee. Just like so using dumbbells. Now we’re doing
combinations and now you’re shredding some serious fat. Here we go again. You should remember,
cover the chin. Cross, cross. You’re going to bring
this back a little bit. Cross, knee, knee. Here we go. Boom, boom, boom. Here we go. Boom, boom, boom– kickboxing. Holy cow are you going to
shred some serious calories! Now I was doing up to
a minute at a time. You do not have to go that long. Try– I’m already
out of breath– 30 seconds. Try 30 seconds on and then
take a break for 30 seconds. That would be beginner. 30 seconds on, 20
seconds rest, that’s going to be intermediate. 30 seconds on, 10 seconds
rest, that’s way advanced. And trust me, you’re going
to have to catch your breath. You can use a timer for this. So set your timer on your
phone, your stopwatch, whatever you’ve got. Now let’s go for another move. I’m going to do this kind of
to the side so you can see. You’re going to come
down, drop your dumbbells. Don’t break your floor,
just drop your dumbbells on the ground like this. Down, frog-style burpee,
back up, fight stance. Grab dumbbells, back down,
frog stance, back up. Boom, boom, back down, boom. So you’re doing like
a half a burpee. You’re not going all the way. Grab your dumbbells, hook, boom. Just like so. Back up, up, back up. Boom, just like that. Again, remember what I
told you as far as tempo. If you speed it up
and you do explosive– so watch this. Down, one, up. Just like that, I
went into advanced. See the tempo? Now, if you’re
over the age of 35 and you’re doing
these exercises, it’s going to make
you feel young again. It’s going to help you shred the
unwanted belly fat that I know that you don’t want anymore. You’re sick and tired and
tired and sick of having that belly fat hanging over your
waist, hanging over your jeans, bulging out of your dress. No more. That all ends today. You incorporate those
simple movements with just a simple dumbbell, and
guess what’s going to happen. You are going to be blowing
your family, your friends, your co-workers all away. And that is a fresh fat
shredding, kickboxing, little simple workout that
you can implement right now. Now you’re going to need a full
system to make this happen. Yes, those couple of
exercises will help you. But you’re going to
need a full system, and I have that exact
system for you today. It’s called the Over 40 Ab
and Flat Belly Solution. So if you’re over
the age of 35– you don’t have to be 40– over the age of 35, this is
system specifically designed with movements– with metabolic
bursting and so many other protocols inside of
it with nutrition advice. It’s going to give
you the exact system that you need to get the
body that you desire. So if you want a flat stomach,
if you want the six pack abs– guys– you need a system. And it’s up at this link. Now before you do
that, do me a favor. If these exercises
were kick butt to you, and you are going
to implement these, put a big yes down
in the comments below with some
exclamation marks. Tell me how fired up you
are about these new moves. I was fired up when
I learned them. I want you to do the same. If you love these exercises,
hit a like, hit a heart, hit a share for me. Get it out to the world. This is what this is all about. We’re supposed to be
sharing our purpose. And when I learned
these, I couldn’t wait to share these with you
because they really work. I was drenched. I have a ton more exercises
that will help you at this link up above. Click that link now, it’ll take
you to the Over 40 Ab and Flat Belly Solution, where you’re
going to see my great friend and also partner Shawn
Hansel 46-years-old that is a grandpa– and his wife who’s 57-years-old
and she’s a grandma. She beat colon cancer
using this exact system. And my wife– she’s 41. We have three beautiful kids. We use this system, and
we kick fat in the butt. Click this link now. It will take you there
where you need to go. And thank you so much for
stopping on this feed. Don’t forget to say hi. I’ll see you again real
soon, and keep going strong.

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