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35 Min Strength Training for Women & Men at Home – Weight Training Workouts for Men & Women

35 Min Strength Training for Women & Men at Home – Weight Training Workouts for Men & Women

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and Claudia from hasfit and 35 Min Strength Training for Women & Men at Home Weight Training Workouts for Men & Women today we’re going to do a total body
strength training routine this routine can be done either at home or in the gym
but don’t get intimidated by all equipment we have here out on the floor
because really only equipment required for this workout is a pair of dumbbells
and then either a chair a step or a box but if you want to do some more advanced
movements we are going to incorporate a barbell into the movement but again not
really totally totally optional we’re going to go a little slower pace than
maybe some of our regular has photos out there are used to we’re going to do a
strength training routine with between third with averaging about thirty
seconds in between each set so about thirty seconds of rest we’re going to do
that because we’re going to use more weight so our muscles are going to need
more time to recover in between sets so you know the focus of this one isn’t
over all rush rush rush rush rush overall conditioning but instead it’s
two up the way in to work on our strength Claudia and I today are going
to do everything four sets of eight repetitions just to keep it nice and
simple and sets of eight will help you really with your strength and a little
bit of hypertrophy work which is the building of muscles but if you’re really
just focused on getting bigger then I recommend you go ahead and do twelve
repetitions of everything we’re doing here to make it a little bit more of a
bodybuilding routine but either way don’t be afraid to use some real weight
today that’s right so we’re going to push the pace and we hope you hope you
enjoy it all right so let’s go ahead and get started I’m going to do a bench dip
with my feet elevated so we’re going to neither use that box or that chair that
you have and Claudia is going to just do a normal bench dip so like I said we’re
going to do eight repetitions I’m going to do the harder versions all day you
know because I’m a gentleman I’m gonna let her do the easy one I don’t know
what you want for me okay so we’re gonna do we’re going to do those bench dips
we’re doing eight repetitions like I said I’m gonna put my feet elevated just
cuz you know a masochist and I want to make it
I guess so quality’s going to come down to those elbows are a 90-degree angle
your knees bent again it’s eight reps breathe the nice full range of motion
again we’re not rushing through any of these today so I want you to feel both
that eccentric and concentric portions of the movement eight reps counting on
your own and here’s my last one nice okay good go ahead and take a seat
take a second rest it out like I so we’re going to aim for about thirty
seconds in between each one so for me that wasn’t too much of a challenging
set so I don’t want to go elevated so I think on the next repetitions or in the
next set I might just have my feet my legs straight out straight out so yeah
with the knees bent is a little easier not easy but easier correct when you
going to do that face in this this way okay they can see ya right they’re gonna
move your chair back okay so getting ready for that next set getting right
back into it like Claudia said she’s gonna her legs out straight for this one
and so that’s probably more of an intermediate I’m probably doing advanced
you pick the one that’s right for you today but we’re doing eight reps nice
trying to get down to those elbows hit that 90-degree marker three all right good oh yes you sir definitely
more of a challenge yes ma’am it is so it’s important on that when they really
keep your core tight and straight which he was but you don’t want that but
sinking you also don’t want to try to like use your legs on this one really
make your body do the work that’s right yep so let’s go in about 15 more seconds
we’ll get right into this one a couple deep breaths
and let’s hit it and five four three two one
nice here it is last set of these like it we’re going to do three sets of each
movement today so third and final set right here eight reps or twelve like I
said if you want to hit a couple more for bodybuilding purposes nice last one
and good okay yep feeling good all right we’re gonna move and pick it out shake
it out we’re going to move into some lower body work next we’re both going to
use dumbbells for this one I’m going to use my bench as well
Chloe’s going to do a stationary lunge so she’s going to grab her dumbbells and
get into that and I’m gonna do a little harder movement I’m gonna do a Bulgarian
split squat with Dumbo no I didn’t make up the name make my jumbo set here not
Bulgarian just yeah it’s true so like coach Kozak I’m not gonna do
alternating I’m just gonna stay do my lunches on one one side first so we’re
gonna do eight on each leg and I’m gonna do my Bulgarian split squat one leg up
dumbbells at my side core straight I come straight down and back up try to
get that knee to a 90 degree angle before you come on back up good drop it
straight down on this one I can either be on my ball on my foot or my fore foot
like so you decide which one is right for you
now rushing on this one and when you’re halfway you eat on me one yup switch to
the other side nice full range of motion nice breathe shoulders stay square six for me seven almost there eight yeah
okay good okay so go a 30-second break shag them out in between how’s that wait
for you on this one clay good feel good yeah all right
so important thing is on this just to adjust the way as you go through yeah I
know sometimes it’s not always possible but in a perfect world should have an
assortment maybe two three pairs of dumbbells at different weights yeah so
that you can you know depending on the movement adjust the weight accordingly
yep okay let’s get internet next set one leg at a time all right burn those legs
out that’s why you see me using these adjustable dumbbells kind of make life
easier but one of my favorite purchases I think we made for the June Claudia I
agree with that takes up a lot less space all right a tiny so last one for
me all right burn so good burn so good fighting through it everybody fighting
through it I love both of these because he hit the
complete lower body quads hamstrings glutes calves are all getting it on this
one just to make these movements happen good last one for me all right good sit
him down but one more set like I said three sets of every movement get a
couple deep breaths really focusing on compound movements today so movements
that we’re doing or hitting multiple body parts at once yep
more bang for your buck yes van more efficient total body workout oh all
right brakes go by fast okay let’s hit it
next step it last set burn so good burn so good try get those knees doing 90
whichever one you’re doing still applies who burns so good last one for me on
this leg thank you alright come on stick with us guys you
decide how many wraps are right for you which weight is right for you try your
best to keep up with our pace cuz we’re taking the appropriate pace raps and
breaks almost there yep last one for me ah alright just make sure that you’re
picking a weight that allows you to perform this exercise correctly so that
you don’t hurt yourself is always better as a rule of thumb to
start light correct and work your way up yeah opposed the
other way around yep so we’re gonna do a upper body back
movement next to either a power pole from the Hang so that Claudia is gonna
do she’s gonna need her uh ten pound dumbbells she’s gonna put weight back in
her hips actually you know what I take that back I’m gonna make Claudia kick up
the weight a little bit on this one where’d you go ahead and put those to
the side she’s excited okay this is my workout for tonight but oh
yeah our real work so so we’re gonna give you to use weight so he would
normally use I probably on the lunges would have gone up a little bit um but
power block was in use so yeah sometimes you know maybe do a few more reps if you
need to yeah okay here we go so upped it there’s 24 Claudia’s into a
power pole weights back on our hips elbows high up onto the balls of the
feet big power so I’m definitely gonna be suffering with you guys so you see my
well my son right you know you get a suffering here’s your opportunity if you
have a barbell to grab your barbell let me grab mine
have it over here to the side just because limited space all right here we
go so I’m gonna have you come up for it a little bit and I’ll be back here all
right all right I don’t make it work okay so I’m gonna do the same movement
but with my bar somebody’s a snatch grip wide grip picking up the barber come
down to my knees I’m going to explode hips forward elbows up on the balls of
my feet we’re doing eight reps get reps each okay nice deadlift to get it going
all right let’s hit it one big power on this one explode up all right feels good trying
to knock yourself from the knee with your dumbbells by the way always good
advice that’s just this comes with the territory so on this one you really want
to bring those hips back and then feel those hips come forward and that’s what
gives you that power in your upper body it’s coming from your legs and your hips
and driving those elbows up all right what’s about 30 seconds oh yeah it is
it’s time guys ah hate to be the bearer of bad news let’s get it
let’s go next set big power almost there ah good job Thanks okay
just one more everybody one more like I said total body workout get it all today
the great strength day this one’s working everything from your upper back
to your lower back hamstrings glutes you name it all getting hit about five more
seconds huh okay let’s do a good Claudia’s pushing the pace today what
the heck you said 30 sec I know I know come on let’s go almost there
fighting with a gasps fighting with oh all right taking a breather not much
though okay we have a stiff leg deadlift next I’m gonna keep using my bar
Claudia you got to go up yeah yeah sorry nobody saw that
hungry saw that’s a little late yawn hey when you got a toddler you gotta do what
you gotta do probably to work out after you put her
down who knows what time it is it’s a big time anyway this let’s grab those
here I’m gonna add a an additional five to each of Claudia’s hogs gonna come
Dioner oh thanks hey some of us we’re all pennyroyal bills yeah again use what
weight is comfortable for you so stiff leg dead lifts weights back in your hips
a little bend the knee to start all the way down keeping your back straight
pretty much go as far down as you can while maintaining that straight back
once you get up when we start slouching over you’ve gone too far
get that back straight shoulders back head up weight back in your hips I
usually like to find a focal point and just kind of keep my eyes on it
definitely keeping your eyes up definitely helps you to keep your back
straight okay on this one okay let’s get into it hope you really get you got your
weight ready to go okay I’m gonna use the barbell and a double
overhand grip nice hips back hips for it’s like lock using those hips as a
hinge as a lever good all right I’m gonna be honest that’s pretty light for
me so I’m gonna get one more wait oh I’m as a de masochist I like it I like the
punishment if you want to feel free to adjust your weight as well I’m gonna
walk 50 pounds here see if I can get this I’m good he’s going to give this
weight at about go uh-huh all right it’s time to go you got it you
got two more of these let’s do it guys let’s do it together working it give
these guys a side view here hips back his four cool get back straight listen if you haven’t
noticed yet this one doesn’t only work out your
lower body works out your grip yeah at the same time having a hold vote for
that extended period of time I don’t know about you but sometimes
when I’m like holding a fork or like trying to eat usually so I notice things
when I’m eating and my hands just cramp out do you ever get that me usually when
I’m on the computer editing these thing videos
well again oh yeah how could we do water I do a lot of eating so we all can do a
lot of grip training yeah it’s true works are good okay last set is hidden
get it going guys let’s get it going together hit it almost there ah all right so go we got
next okay I’m gonna start lowering my weight
I’m gonna use a barbell for the next one is significant lower though Oh reverse
curl don’t what you do not able to go why with the ten go back to attend okay
you want shit just telling what you’re doing share with them what you’re doing
I’m going to be uh reducing my weight for vertical uh for a reverse curl
so how’s helping asking for some help from Claudia guess I’m out of breath I
can’t tell well I couldn’t get my wife couldn’t catch a clue sorry I’m actually
just gonna move the power block over because I have just 10 pounds set up so
just in case I need it for the next leg movement I’m just gonna keep it intact
and just move it over so I’m gonna do a cheaper one two for one movement so I’m
gonna do a clean hang clean on the way up and then I’m going to do a reverse
curl down so I’m gonna clean up reverse curl down so the great thing about this
movement is it allows me to overload with more weight than I would normally
be able to do on that reverse curl because I can clean more weight than I
can reverse curl you’ll see so if you’re following along with this one you can do
this one with the dumbbell yeah and if you do this with a dumbbell use more
weight than you would on a controlled reverse curl if you’re like man I don’t
know what this guy’s getting ready to do but I want no part of it follow Claudia
yeah reverse curl so I’m gonna go hang clean and with my elbows in
controlled reverse curl that’s it right there okay show Chloe and I’m just gonna
have a little bit of a bend in my knees just keep them nice and soft and I’m
just going to keep my elbows close to my body first curl up and down so this way
if you’re doing this one should be easy for you to clean but how are you to
control on the way down yeah one more for me I’m on five ah oh it’s burning me
out Oh two more I think I chose too much weight
yeah you’re down oh say what the real pain about working with a barbell is
having to switch it out oh you could come up with an adjustable barbell I’d
pay you do it that’s a good idea you just had a million-dollar idea right
here don’t you take my idea I see you so I’m gonna go down that was a little and
see laughs I was a little ambitious for me after those uh stiff leg deadlift
so it’s okay you see I’m adjusting right sometimes I’m going up so I try to go
back down got about being right about getting it right so let’s get it right
next set like let’s hit it two more sets of this one first girl
soft knees and oh yeah it’s a lot better for me that I can actually control this
one on the way down keep my wrist straight yep those restraints halfway last one for me ah Oh one more thought two more oh whoa
arms are feeling good at that one oh my gosh I’m being in the pump I feel it how
about you guys my fora that kills my forearm yeah that’s what it’s me I mean
well the great things about this movement they’re either one this it hits
both your forearms and then your opposite bicep head of a traditional
like alternating curl so sitting different forearm and bicep muscles than
a traditional crew one more ever did I like it whatever these is working
because I can feel it so for the reverse coil you also just want to keep your
elbows talked in tech when he gets target is when it gets harder you want
the like easy bills elbows up flare flare out yeah technically that’s
cheating a little bit but you know when you’re pushing the weight you have to
kind of find a happy medium between form and you know kind of pushing yourself on
the weight okay let’s hit it by side of these ah arms are gonna be done after this one
that’s a good thing ah so I know it worked halfway guys if you’re following
me whoa ah last one for me get it Claudia get it you guys out there get it
come on fighting together all feeling well all feeling it so guys are doing
great yep we got three more exercises three
more today keeping the same pacing and sequencing so Claudia I’m going to grab
this bench for you and the next one okay we’re going to do two different
variations of a one leg squat we’re they’re gonna do all right you go maybe
just move to that side yes I’m saying yes oh I thought you
meant like move it over here no I’m sorry I mean I was just moving this
anyway barbells in mind of its own it’s okay I’m done with it so call you want
to show you bring that bench own what you’re doing yep sorry about that guys
okay so coming out she’s gonna do one leg on the way down two legs on the way
up weights back in her hips some one leg squat this leg up yeah hips
come back sit back and then two on the way up good so opposite now going to
alternate claw going back pull back too on the way up so I’m just going to go
one leg squat so now I’m gonna go one leg on the way down opposite hand
touches that opposite toe back up switch so we’re alternating alternating so
we’re doing 16 in total right eight on each all right thank you yes so sit back
so that was two for me right bending over equal parts knee and hip
takes a couple to kind of get your balance on these you get the rhythm of
it all so this is one of those ones that helps you find a focal point for your
eyes anyone that requires some balance helps not to be looking all over the
place good so sixteen in each eight on each leg is one set almost sir that’s one all right good
my movies back a little bit yeah this we got a little more room ty
feeling good for me on these it’s really important for me to be mindful uh not
letting my knee come in when I’m going down on the squat so I’m just trying to
focus on keeping my knee out or just this from different easing it’ll happen
one is a weak glue booties medius a lot of people have another is lack of ankle
mobility yeah so you know numerous reasons but you want to try to keep that
knee out and strong and not let it collapse in so sometimes you want your
toe up just a little bit it can help you with that yeah if you find this to be a
problem okay time to go again that time already
hmm here we go good one of the next you see one well her
both didn’t really focus on this one keeping our balance almost there all right
got one more these are brutal is deep into or guy
we’re not that they’re not bad all the time but especially brutal is steep in
the workout because when your legs are already fatigued it’s just that much
harder to stay balanced stay stabilized so it’s nice to test them you don’t just
want to do your stabilization stuff when you’re fresh but when you’re fatigued is
of course that’s wonderful you need it the most
again just focus on the movement and your breathing don’t hold your breath
true finish a top over okay last set guys
let’s hit it come on keeping that energy up fighting through it not one right now
the next did one leg on that one control that eccentric negative downward motion
don’t just fall down jump up so controlling both ends of this one nice last set last set it easy fighting
through mm-hmm oh no more so I got to one more
each leg huh oh man mmm good job ah good job
I feel no time job everybody yes I’ll be one that one of my ankle to say yeah
trail run the other day oh ah feels good though okay
two more we got a bent over row next you need oh you’re using the barbell right
so we’re gonna do a bent over row well I’m getting my barbell can you show in
the movement Claudia so your dumbbells just gonna bend over at a 45 degree
angle back straight palms facing forward and you’re just gonna pull back on your
elbows and squeeze squeeze that squeeze it back recked
squeeze your yep and pull back on your elbows and squeeze you keep your back
straight so I’m gonna do the same movement though with the barbell so
again just watch I’m gonna try 15 pounds we’ll see how it goes so if I on your
weight or whatever sets you’re into you know we’re doing I’m sorry whatever reps
you’re gonna do you know we’re doing three sets in total get it ready here
starting in 15 seconds in position okay you got it Claudia readies we’re over be
right uh-huh okay back is straight pull you know they’ve all gonna hurt you that
one done yeah yeah feelin it feel it it ah making sure read on this one cousin
you’re holding in that isometric position it’s really easy to hold your
breath don’t forget to breathe ah you’re so sweaty I’m so sweaty oh it’s warm in
here these lights think you’re really warm
yeah that’s my excuse I mean granted well it could be off it’d give you 50
degrees in here that’s still probably flat but you know makes me feel bad
fastened to blame it on okay let’s hit it
next set keeping the pace up guys how much left nice so if you want to rights
also working yeah also working your core legs oh yeah
everything just hold you in that position just keep it all tight right in
here as you pull back yes and don’t get a lot of momentum into it I mean if I
were using momentum I’d be able to use about twice as much weight I’m trying to
do a good job of only using the arms and not use my robot doing this correct
sounds like a row but uh almost like a clean yeah
sound Olympic les yeah so I want you to be controlled on this one not like the
power pole we did earlier where that was more power
okay last side of these let’s hit it ah let’s get it whatever it is you’re
working on whatever it is your goal is whatever you wake up thinking about go
to bed dreaming about it think about it right now
why are you here ah oh my gosh only one more left last
exercise ha what’s the next one or two per one uh yeah that’s her excited face
if you can’t tell them okay we’re gonna do a floor press plus either knee raise
or leg raise I’m gonna use the barbell claudi’s just gonna use dumbbells she’s
gonna use a weight that she can perform a floor press from so I think what is
that that’s 15 15 I think go up let’s go 20 so I was gonna use 20 let me use what
I have here get out of angle so we’re going down to the ground again whether
you’re using your barbell or you’re using your dumbbells go ahead and get to
the ground with them we’re going to press and then we’re going to do either
a leg raise or we’re going to do a knee right okay so here’s my starting
position with the barbell you see I just crawled underneath it but could also
have somebody hand it to you or place it in a rack so I lays you down arms go
down and I press back up close you do the same thing with the knee raise can
you get out of angle for me please yep here we go there are you a traps or 1012
Jever one you decide good put your chest shoulders triceps core all at the same
time good control your legs don’t bounce them off the ground oh goodness only two more sets guys yeah
that’s it we’re we’re getting there notice for me I was only bringing my
knees up to my chest yep so modified version and just bringing them back down
if I’m feeling froggy I’m a straight leg dude straight knees bent is definitely
easier version correct and of course I was not resting my feet but if you need
to say bring your feet down all the way down in between your shoe in between
each poop and bring it back up we got two more let’s get into it let’s go
right now come on we’re don’t save anything let’s put it all out there
pushing through have to come back up and grab mine ah a few more homo sir come on get it
girl get it girl nice one last set everybody that’s it
one last set almost there fighting with us this last one gonna excellent workout
so far let’s fight to that end oh man fight through that last set
let’s get it going here five four three two one
if you are using heavier weights like myself just to show you how I get him up
over my head I just put my dumbbells on my knees use my legs and kick them back
it’s a good trick who taught you that well I don’t know
some dude Oh some dude err on YouTube oh man come on look at guys here it is last
set fighting through not much left nice yeah Oh monster aah oh my god aah
whoa whoo yes oh nice work good job guys come on up girl aah aah no
you sweaty dang that’s all married eyeful dude right there thank you so
much for working out with us I hope you enjoyed working out with us if you did
make sure you give this video a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube
channel yeah through the big thing that helps us keep this great service free
tell your friends about us if you can get them to come do a workout with you
follow us I’m any in every social media platform and he doesn’t say all we’re
all they’re putting out motivation workouts I really bit of our family life
if you’re into that kind of thing cute little girls come on you want to
see her anyway thank you so much for working out with us today I’m coach
Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout all right

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  1. this episode was more to watch eating popcorn than doing exercise hahahah love you guys finish stroooooooooongg!!!

  2. Really enjoyed this workout emphasizing heavier weight and longer rests. Will look for more like this in the future!

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