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Hi guys! We were really glad that you liked
the previous part of the mysterious crime riddles we did. And because you were asking
for more, here’s the second part. Now you will see another five criminal riddles that
will blow your mind! A criminal is brought into a prison for major
crimes. The warden informs him that he will be shot in the middle of the prison by 20
of his men. The prisoner is fine with that but he asks for some conditions “All of your
men must stand 20 feet away from me and I must be able to select where each of them
stands. If I survive, I get to leave.” The warden thinks about it and knows that all
of his men will still have an open shot at the criminal, so he agrees. The next day immediately
after the firing squad is positioned the criminal walks out untouched. How did he do it?
Answer: He set up all of the warden’s men so they are standing directly across from
each other. None of them could fire at the criminal because they would risk hitting another
man. A young woman was found dead in her California
apartment. There were traces of a powerful, deadly neurotoxin in her blood and an empty
bottle of the poison was found on the bedside table beside her bed. She was found sprawled
across her bed, nearby the bottle of poison. Beside her bed were a fully packed suitcase
and plane ticket for a flight later in the day she died. The coroner ruled the death
suicide, but one detective pointed out how this death had to have been murder. From what
did he draw this conclusion? Answer: The woman had a suitcase packed and
a plane ticket set out by her bed for a flight later in the day. If she was planning to die,
she wouldn’t have bothered packing for a flight she wouldn’t take. A man found out that his wife had a lover
and that they wanted to kill him. Therefore, he decided to outsmart them. One day he returned
home from a work trip ahead of time, found the lovers together and killed them with a
knife. Obviously, he knew that he would be the main suspect, so he tried to find a way
to confuse the police. If he had simply wiped off his fingerprints from the knife, it wouldn’t
have helped. So he managed to leave a set of fingerprints whose owner could never be
found. How did he do it? Answer: The killer was a forensic investigator
and left fingerprints from the person whose corpse he was dissecting. Then the corpse
was cremated, just like the relatives of the deceased wanted it. A man and a woman live peacefully in a house
together. But one day the woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for
over five minutes. Finally, she hangs him, but ten minutes later they go out and enjoy
a wonderful dinner. How can this be? Answer: The woman is a photographer. She shot
a picture of her husband, developed it and hung it up to dry. A man is found dead one Saturday morning.
He was killed while his wife was sleeping. The wife tells the police all that she knows.
She tells them that the cook was cooking breakfast, the maid was cleaning and the butler was getting
the mail. The police immediately arrest the person who is responsible. Who is responsible
and why? Answer: The wife because she was sleeping,
how could she know that all of that happened?! And now the correct answer to the question
on the thumbnail)))) Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more!

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100 thoughts on “5 CRIME RIDDLES YOU WILL NEVER SOLVE vol.2

  1. Number four can be solved in two ways!
    The first option:
    The one mentioned in the video.
    The second option:
    The woman has an lover, therefore she shoots her husband. That way will the man still be alive. You didnt mention anything about the husband bring alive!

  2. do u have to say answer like that why can't u just say the answer is bla bla bla I mean like it's anoying

  3. Jews own three New York skyscrapers and an aircraft security company. Three planes are hijacked, and three skyscrapers are brought down with explosives. Jews claim Muslims did this and that the US needs to invade the enemies of Israel. Who did it?

  4. The cops lined up could have just leaned slightly to the right to get out of the other cops' way.
    Also he never said that they can't turn around in place.

  5. The fifth one:
    She could have known their schedules so it could have been anyone.

    Fourth one:
    it said she drowned "him", not his picture. Big difference. So this question is not legitimate with that answer.

  6. I got all of them right.
    But #s 1, 4, and 5 for different reasons since those 3 were retarded af with their currents answers and/or explanations.

  7. This kind of riddles is very stupid, you can't possibly know who dies unless you know weight of balls and force they are being pushed with. As far as I know these are baloons and they will bounce off of their heads ^^

  8. A guy watches a crime video that details homicides in the form of a riddle. Why is he watching this video in the first place?











    Cuz YouTube

  9. Someone stole a bag of chips and there are two suspects; John and Johnny, who is holding a bag of chips. Who stole the bag of chips?

    Answer: it was David because his middle name is: "I have three nipples" backwards.

  10. just show me an animation of the thumbnail… or tell me what is it call… I just want to know the right answer

  11. The one with the wife cheating was bullshit…how in the world could anybody know that he was a forensic expert. Are we here to assume any kind of shit that we wish to? in that case i would say that the man in the 1st one positioned the shooters facing him backwards

  12. OK is it just me or do I think it's kind of weird how he used the call of duty black ops two beginning

  13. it's ridiculous, on the woman shooting his husband my answer was the woman has a delusion and she made a pork his husband, she got hungry so she shoot it then boil it and cooked it for dinner at night 😛

  14. the 2nd one is wrong
    if the bottle was closed that means that someone else closed it. she couldn't have closed it herself if she was dead

  15. Supeer boring!If someone dies after watching this video, it wont be a puzzle as to what killed him.

  16. The one where the answer is "forensic investigator" is a pure cop-out. There was no information given that would lead anyone to that conclusion.

  17. That thing with the ball there all set up in the same place so how could they all do different things also you don't know witch way the ball might go if it lands without hitting someone

  18. wtf is this none of those five answers are likely and two of them are impossible how can the lever trow the ball higher then the initial ball just no went like twice as high in one of them ….

  19. #1 No problem to shoot the guy. The guards were placed by the prisoner, but he could not stipulate how they should be turned or how they should stand. Place everyone with their backs to the prisoner, have them all bend all the way forward until they can shoot the prisoner from between their own legs. The shots are now angled upwards and the guards are only half the height. Weird situation, but doable.

    #2 This assumes all people who commit suicide are logical people who plan out their suicide a long time in advance. But what about this. She was depressed to the point of suicide, but decided to give a renowned therapist in another city a shot. The therapist calls her on the day she's supposed to travel and tells her the meeting is cancelled. This pushes her the final small bit over the edge.

    #3 This is not only a blatant deus ex machina, it is also incorrect. If he just did a forensic investigation the persons fingerprints would certainly be in a database, meaning they would pop up pretty quickly. And if we can just make anything up in the answer, the correct one would be that he knew a person from a remote djungle tribe who was visiting and borrowed that persons fingerprints.

    #4 There are so many different answers to this, it's just stupid to try to solve it. She shoots him up with drugs, he has a bad reaction and she holds him under water in a bathtub to help him through it. He doesn't die because he has a snorkel. She helps him up again and lets him hang on the edge of the bathtub to recover. And technically, he isn't held under water ur hung; his picture is.

    #5 Why would you give the police information it's clear you don't have? And why would you not ask the staff if they heard or saw anything in the morning while waiting for the police? Especially since you need to know if you have to eliminate any potential witnesses.

    Thumbnail: Why do you keep changing what happens? And why would the first stone go to the second see-saw? It should fall down on the first one, the person standing on it would die and the rest would survive. That's all.

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