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5 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

5 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

what’s up ladies and gentlemen Dan Whitmer of Sun dude fitness and today we’re doing a five-minute beginner jump rope workout you guys want the jump rope that we use in this video and all of our videos that is the cross rope it’s the best one out there 10% off linked in the description you guys also want for three weeks of workouts and direct daily access for accountability to Brandon and myself check out our free four week challenge that is also linked up in the description ladies and gentlemen let’s get after it all right Zen dude nation we are doing a five minute beginner jump rope workout mainly focus on calisthenics and some basic moves with the jump rope but as you can see here I’m just starting off regular regular bounce regular bounce is pretty simple this is the form and the move that you have to and must have down in order to do all the other moves so make sure that you guys you know focus a lot of time on the form is when I’m trying to set be up on your toes knees are slightly bent elbows are in at the hips and sorry wrists are controlling the entire movement next up guys we have jumping jacks jumping shot like everyone loves jumping jacks you know they’re great I love doing jumping jacks personally they’re fun they’re not too crazy look like I want to get down and do a burpee but if I do jumping jack I still feel like I’m moving my body and sweating but it’s a much more pleasurable experience so just make sure you guys go as intense as you possibly can as you can see here the speed of my jumping jacks is pretty pretty rapid that’s what we want for sure but you guys it’s always a good day to do the thing so depending on if you’re a beginner or advanced does not matter just complete this workout as much as you can if you can only do one circuit that’s totally fun what you want to do is work your way up to being able to do more circuits so if you have to do all the workouts that are on this play channel if you haven’t go check out our workout playlist just focus on doing one circuit of those and you know see how long you can do that and then move up to two circuits three circuits and so on for those of you who are more advanced I want you doing this workout a total of four to five times preferably five just do five you should do five but right now guys we’re finishing up the jump rope box with skip just alternating the feet be sure to check out that tutorial on boxer skip we have that link duck as you can see so click on that if you need to learn how to do any moves we also have tutorials on every single jump rope move well almost every single jump remove that we’ve done so be sure to check out our tutorials as well next up guys sumo squats sumo squats you just have a wide stance and you’re going down now you’re still trying to go down below that 90 degree angle but my feet are pointed out to open up my hips a little bit and as you can see here I’m coming down a little bit below that 90 degree mark which is where you want to be [Music] good and rest ladies and gentlemen now I know this is a beginner workout so that’s where we did some basic moves we didn’t do anything too crazy but even if it’s a beginner workout like I was still very sweaty after this so that’s what you guys should be as well okay push yourself to the max whether it’s an advanced workout beginner it does not matter all right guys jump rope regular bounce we’re back at it going fast very good very good ten seconds left guys you know leave it all out there leave it all out there I know you guys have stuff that like more fun stuff that you want to do in your life and with your time so don’t make exercise like a huge part of your day you know just do 30 minutes and by that only works though if you’re gonna get intense so be sure to do that this one this is one of my favorite exercises it’s called speed skaters and I love this because it focuses on balance and that’s awesome because balance is a really good thing to have you know that helps you be really athletic so this right here is you are pushing off your foot really far to the right or the left side and the goal is to land on one foot and just hold that and then push off with it again again I love this exercise because it’s challenging and helps with stability and next up ladies and gentlemen we have jumper a boxer skip once again and boxer skip like I said we have the tutorial linked up boxer skip is just alternating the yeah the feet your your alternating the weight of your feet sorry as your feet come down so as one foot both feet are tapping the ground but one foot is carrying all the weight whereas the other is just lazily tapping it very popular amongst boxers as you might have seen from its name but it’s kind of like the general look cool skipping rope trick that you can do so I suggest that you learn for sure last up guys we have a squat hold nothing fancy about a squat hold it basically just means we are gonna sit down in in that position right there just kind of kind of sit there and let the exercise now what you guys should be doing is focus on something straight ahead focus on something straight ahead and just count the breaths 1 through 5 is good you guys like this video and want more like this go ahead and give us a subscribe every single one counts and we appreciate it and also check out some other workouts that we have linked here and right here Dan Whitmer from Zen dude Fitness ladies and gentlemen thank you for hanging out with us and we’ll see you on the next workout

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40 thoughts on “5 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

  1. I’ve been watching and following your workouts daily for the last two weeks. I started at 63 kgs and now I’m down to 60.5 kgs. After only two weeks of doing 5-10 minute workouts daily. Your workouts have been the most effective I’ve experienced and I’ve done a lot of workouts, classes, boot camp, etc. You guys are amazing! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I have weights and intense cardio in the morning. But I still want to jump a little in the evening just to make it a habit. Suggest me a time frame.. I am a beginner by the way

  3. Hi I just came across your videos I just ordered my jump rope I have 2 question does it matter what type of shoes you wear? And also the front of my shins hurt and burn when I jump is that my stance is not correct or could it be because I’m over weight right

  4. I’ve been doing 10 minutes instead of 5 and I already lost a good amount of weight from this it’s only been 6 days!
    Now I’m at 15!

  5. I thought this would truly be a 5 min workout until I saw "Complete 5 of these" 😂 I still did the 5×5 and felt it was just challenging enough for a beginner 💪 Thank you

  6. wowww it looked easy but it is a hard one, butttt i did it ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷

  7. My first ever jump rope workout! Manage to do 3 circuits! Looking forward to improving! Thank you for the video guys, keep up the good work!!!

  8. I've been aiming for 500 jump ropes a day (fast/regular) + however many extra calories I ate if I went over my limit and this video still kicked my butt lol I can't do a boxer shuffle for shit lol

  9. Not bad for a beginner. I actually made it to set 3. Will work toward completing 5 and more series. Thanks and love from Malaysia 😘

  10. Em I gonna Lose weight if I do this 5 minutes workout every day???? Please answer me I need some hope

  11. Thank you for this amazing starters work out😀I forgot how really happy I honestly felt back in those days when I did THE THING….as a child…now I did THIS THING again and yeah still have it…feels soooooo gooooood😆!!! Thanks for doing the THING guys😚

  12. This week I jump rope four days 20 mins and lost three pounds I am trying to keep this going it’s time I can feel it this is my year to lose weight last week I was 202 now I am 196 keep it up me yay

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