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5 Most Common Boarding School Interview Questions –

5 Most Common Boarding School Interview Questions –

(guitar strum) Dov: Hi, my name is Dov, and I’m the Director of
Logistics and Operations here at Top Test Prep. Today I like to go over with you the five most common
questions that are asked during the Boarding School Interview. The interview is a crucial part of the application process. It really gives the school a great way to get know you as a person rather than just to get to know a type of student you are base on your grades alone. The first question we have for you is what aspects of school
are important to you? This question helps the
interviewer understand what your motivations
and expectations are. This will also help them decide to see if you are a great fit
for this certain school. The second question we have is what activities do you enjoy and what is your level of skill with this certain activities? Boarding schools wanted
to facilitate growth and help students nurture their talents. So this question helps
enable them to get a better understanding of what your strengths are so that they can place you in a program that really challenges you. The third question we have are what are your goals
for the next few years? Helping students achieve their goals is really an important priority for most boarding schools. So understanding what
your specific goals are will help them help you
obtain this certain goals. The fourth question we have, what class or subject
do you enjoy the most and which class or subject
do you enjoy the least? This question is strictly
asked to really to get a better reading of you as an individual. Boarding schools have
a variety of students from various backgrounds and they like to get to know each one of their students
in a more personal level so that they can make
the learning experience as great as it really should be. The fifth and final
question we have for you is, what or can you describe
your perfect teacher? Boarding schools are dedicated to improving the service to their students, so your feedback is extremely important. This not only gives the
boarding school an idea of how they go about
training their teachers, but it also gives them
an idea as what kind of learning environment you best respond to. For more information about the boarding school application process, Give us a call at 1-800-501-7737 or visit our website

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  1. In a lot of boarding schools they ask "what will you contribute to this school".

    How do I answer that?

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