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5 Unbelievable Animals That Saved People’s Lives

5 Unbelievable Animals That Saved People’s Lives

The MAGNUM presents: 5 Amazing Stories of
True Animal Heroes Saving People from Certain Death
Winnie the Wonder Cat “Winnie the Wonder Cat” sprang into action
when the house filled with carbon monoxide. The mother says Winnie started meowing and
scratching her to get her to wake up. When she did, she was barely able to call 911 and
delusional when the police arrived. Winnie’s owner said “If it wasn’t for
Winnie, screaming and hollering and carrying on, we wouldn’t be here today.”
The family thinks the carbon monoxide came from a broken gas powered sump pump in their
basement, and officials said if the cat had waited another 5 minutes, the outcome would
have been horrible and most likely a coroner case instead.
Toby the Golden Retriever Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his
owner choking on a piece of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman’s chest.
The dog’s owner believes the dog was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved
her life. Debbie Parkhurst, 45, said she was eating
an apple at her home when a piece lodged in her throat. She attempted to perform the Heimlich
maneuver on herself but it didn’t work. After she began beating on her chest, she
said Toby noticed and got involved. The next thing she knew, Toby was up on his
hind feet with his front paws on her shoulders. He pushed her to the ground, and once she
was on her back, he began jumping up and down on her chest. That’s when the apple dislodged
and Toby started licking her face to keep her from passing out
Mila the Beluga Whale A 26-year-old diver was taking part in a free
diving contest without breathing equipment among the whales in a tank of water more than
20 feet deep and chilled to Arctic temperatures. When she tried to return to the surface, she
found her legs crippled by cramp from the freezing cold.
At that point Mila the beluga started pushing the diver to the top of the pool with her
leg in Mila’s mouth. Thankfully belugas, which live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic and
feed on small fish and squid, have only small teeth and the diver was uninjured.
Officials said she’s a sensitive animal who works closely with humans and that the
diver owes Mila her life. The diver, reliving the moment, agreed that she thought it was
over for her until she felt a force pushing her up from the bottom.
Kilo the Pit Bull Justin Becker and his girlfriend were returning
home from running errands when they heard a knock at the door. A man dressed as a FedEx
delivery man told Becker his scanner wasn’t working and asked if he could go inside and
grab a pen to sign for the package. Just minutes later this would turn into a home invasion
robbery attempt, shots would be fired, Kilo — Becker’s 12-year-old pit bull — would
go after the thug and take a bullet to the head to save his owner.
The bullet ricocheted off the skull and went straight down and exited at the neck. Miraculously,
after veterinary care, Kilo was up and going for walks just three days after being shot.
Kerry the Horse Fiona Boyd, a 40-year-old mother of two, was
alone at home on her family farm at Chapmanton, near Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, when
she heard the cries of a young calf in distress. When she went outside, she saw the calf had
become separated from its mother and could not find her among the other cows in the herd.
She decided to move the calf and its mother into a shed together, but as she approached
the calf, its mother finally heard its distressed cries and charged at Boyd, knocking her to
the ground and stampeding over her. As she scrambled for cover, she saw her 15-year-old
chestnut mare Kerry, who was grazing nearby, kicking wildly at the cow. As the horse hit
at the cow, Boyd managed to crawl 20 feet to safety under an electric fence.

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