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While Zack Ryder may not be getting much TV
time as of late, it’s not all bad as it means he gets to spend more time with his
now fiancée, NXT competitor, Chelsea Green and get a daily scare in the process. Some
of you might remember Chelsea Green as Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist during Brie Bella’s
feud with Stephanie McMahon. Just two days before Ryder and Hawkins challenged The Revival
for the tag team titles at WrestleMania 35, Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green got engaged near
the Empire State Building. Ryder and Hawkins went on to win the tag team titles at The
Grandest Stage of Them All and they even broke the “Ryder curse” by successfully defending
them the following night on RAW. What is it they say? Gratitude! Shawn Spears as he’s now known by, better
known in the WWE as Tye Dillinger, scored a “Perfect 10” with Peyton Royce of The
IIconics. Back in February 2019, Peyton Royce posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram,
thus confirming their relationship and the caption read: “My biggest supporter. The
love of my life. Happy birthday handsome”, followed by a ring emoji and on her wedding
finger, a ring can be seen, hinting to the fact that they became engaged together. Dillinger
and Royce very recently tied the knot near the end of August 2019 in a marriage the WWE
described as “nothing short of… IIconic”. We first learned that Finn Balor is in a relationship
with Fox Sports Mexico host, Veronica Rodriguez, after he drunkenly confirmed it when interviewed
by her at the 2019 UEFA Champions League Finals… Oh, Finn you romantic! The two have since
posted several photos together on their Instagram accounts and according to a number of reputable
sources online, they got engaged just a few months after they became official. As of this
video, Balor is on a much-needed break following his loss to The Fiend at SummerSlam 2019,
but I don’t blame him since The Fiend nearly killed him. While on his break, it seems like
Balor tied the knot with Rodriguez, as he posted a photo on his Instagram of what appears
to be the two of them in a private wedding ceremony in the jungle. This is a WWE power couple nobody expected
but Charlotte Flair and Andrade officially came out as an item after Charlotte confirmed
it in response to a tweet that speculated the two were dating. Since making their relationship
public, the two have posted many pictures together and have even enjoyed a romantic
trip to the Dominican Republic. A few months into their relationship, eagle-eyed fans noticed
that Charlotte was wearing a ring on her wedding finger, indicating that the two are engaged.
It can also be seen in this picture too. Their engagement could be the reason why Andrade
was sent back to SmackDown Live despite being drafted to RAW during the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up.
Charlotte has already been married twice, so let’s hope that she has finally met her
King and that she doesn’t end up like her father when it comes to marriages. When news broke out that “The Man” was
dating “The Man”, the internet went crazy apart from this guy… Shortly after their
relationship was made public, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins became involved in a storyline
together, which got awkward real fast. The WWE’s newest power couple teamed up together
to take on Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans at Extreme Rules 2019, where this happened…
Just six months after seeing each other, Rollins and Lynch announced their engagement after
Lynch shared a picture on Twitter of the two of them on a rocky beach with the caption:
“Happiest day of my life. For the rest of my life. @wwerollins”. So, when it comes
to their wedding, will they be pronounced man and wife or man and man? I guess we’ll
soon find out…

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88 thoughts on “5 WWE COUPLES Who Got ENGAGED This Year

  1. LV1 crook baron corbin
    END OF DAYS!!!!
    END OF DAYS!!!!
    END OF DAYS!!!!
    LV 100 Boss Baron corbin
    Good video and keep your good editing style 🙂

  2. Charlotte has denied the reports of her engament as she said they are not engaged. Why put a couple in this that not comfirmed being engaged. the other four did comfirm getting engaged

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    This video is full of hard work and dedication
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    1. Man & Wife.
    2. Man & Man.
    3. Or Man & Bitch…because Lynch will own Rollins and make him just that.

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