5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Yet To Win A Main Roster Title

We would just like to thank you all for helping
us reach 300,000 subscribers. The love and support has been amazing, and we cannot thank
you enough. After spending three years in NXT, Tye Dillinger
finally made his main roster debut when he appeared as surprise entrant number 10 in
the 2017 Royal Rumble and what a reception he got. Unfortunately for The Perfect 10,
that momentum was quickly lost and instead, he’s been wasted backstage as R-Truth’s
translator, or whatever he’s been doing… Dillinger is wildly popular with the WWE Universe,
especially his infectious “10!” chant, reminiscent to that of Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!”
chant and in the ring, he’s not too bad, some might say he’s “perfect”. Dillinger
should have won like “ten” championships by now, but he is yet to win his first. The
“perfect” thing to do would be to give Dillinger a run as United States or Intercontinental
champion and with the WWE now listening to their audience, it might actually happen. Apollo Crews, Apollo Blues, or whatever you
want to call him, is a prime example of a talented WWE superstar who is being underutilised
each week. His unusual combination of speed and power makes him one to watch and he is
truly underrated in the ring. But, while he may be a gifted athlete, Apollo Crews has
not a single championship to show for it. After spending a little under a year in NXT,
Crews made his way over to the main roster, however, he struggled to connect with a larger
audience. This led to him joining “The Titus Brand”, later renamed to “Titus Worldwide”,
or Titus WorldSlide… we haven’t forgotten about this. Crews never reached his full potential
under the guidance of Titus O’Neil and just when we thought he was finally getting a push,
it sadly didn’t last very long. With this “new WWE” where we apparently matter now,
hopefully guys like Apollo Crews will finally get their chance to shine. Sami Zayn was hugely popular and successful
in NXT, becoming a one-time NXT champion. But, since being called up to the main roster,
Zayn has accomplished nothing, winning not a single main roster championship in the two-years
he’s been there. He’s an incredible performer in the ring and highly underrated on the mic,
but for some reason he’s been stuck in pointless feuds against the likes of Braun Strowman
and how could we forget, Bobby Lashley. Even after turning heel, Zayn continues to be horribly
mis-used, but with us now being The Authority, hopefully that will all change. Sami Zayn
has been deserving of a title for a long time now, so once he returns from injury, hopefully
we’ll see him holding the Intercontinental championship, or even the WWE or Universal
championship. Elias has gone from being one of the most
booed WWE superstars to one of the most loved with everyone now wanting to “Walk with
Elias”. He’s got the charisma, the in-ring ability and he sure knows how to work a crowd
with impressive mic work and musical performances. Not only that, but the guy has his own album
and documentary, so what hasn’t he got? I know… a WWE championship. It’s surprising
that a wrestler so over like Elias hasn’t won a single main roster championship in the
one and a half plus years he’s been on RAW. As much as we love seeing the likes of Corbin,
Rush and Lashley getting smacked with a guitar, Elias should be competing for championship
gold whether it’s the Intercontinental championship, or even the Universal championship. He has
the qualities to make a great champion and with the resounding support he has from the
WWE Universe and Michael Cole alone, surely, it’s only a matter of time. Whenever Samoa Joe shows up, you know things
will end badly. They call him “The Destroyer” for a reason as he’s a cold and calculated
heel, who just wants to see his opponents suffer both physically and mentally. For a
man of his size, he’s great in the ring and his mic work is on another level. Throughout
his professional wrestling career, Joe has captured titles in some of the top promotions
around the world, except for one place, the WWE. In fact, like all others in this list,
The Samoan Submission Specialist has not a single main roster title to his name since
being called up two years ago and Jeff Hardy was sure to use that against him. When Joe
arrived in NXT, he dominated the scene and became the first-ever two-time NXT Champion,
but since joining the main roster, he has fallen short of victory in every one of his
challenges for championship gold. He has been unlucky with foot injuries, but now that he’s
back, hopefully this time we’ll see him with a title around his waist. As of now,
even a 10-year-old kid has more main roster titles than he does.

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