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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Failed To Cash In Their Money In The Bank Contract

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Failed To Cash In Their Money In The Bank Contract

At WrestleMania 23, Mr Kennedy became Mr Money
in the Bank when he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. Mr Kennedy was given the go
ahead by WWE officials to take the title off The Undertaker by cashing in his Money in
the Bank contract as The Undertaker was injured in real life and needed surgery, however,
before this could go ahead Mr Kennedy unfortunately suffered a real-life injury during a house
show. It was revealed that he had torn his bicep and was told that he would be out for
7 – 8 months. This meant that he had to lose his Money in the Bank opportunity and
he did, against Edge. The Rated-R Superstar was given the go-ahead to do what Mr Kennedy
was supposed to do and won the title off The Undertaker but just as this happened, Mr Kennedy
found out that he had not torn his bicep and it was just in fact a massive haematoma. He
returned a month later but what an opportunity he missed of becoming the World Heavyweight
Champion, an accolade he has never achieved during his time in the WWE. John Cena isn’t a guy who normally loses
so it was pretty shocking to find out that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to cash
in his Money in the Bank contract when he won it back in 2012. Or was he? Well, as it’s
John Cena he did win in fact. But, it was by disqualification. It’s a bit of a weird
one because although he did cash in his Money in the Bank contract against CM Punk, he did
not win the WWE Championship off CM Punk due to The Big Show interfering in the match.
So, he was unsuccessful in that regard. This made Cena the first Money in the Bank winner
to fail to win a title, which is essentially the point of winning the Money in the Bank
contract – to win a title! Now I know what you all may be thinking; “didn’t
Daniel Bryan cash his Money in the Bank contract at WWE TLC 2011 by pinning The Big Show?”
Well that’s actually true, however, this was not his first attempt. In an episode of
Smackdown, Mark Henry (who was the World Heavyweight Champion at the time) was involved in a segment
with The Big Show which ended up with The Big Show delivering his knockout punch to
Mark Henry. With Henry completely knocked out in the middle of the ring, Daniel Bryan
seized this opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. After struggling to
roll the big man over, Bryan eventually pinned Henry in a three count which saw him win the
World Heavyweight Championship. But this celebration was cut short when Smackdown GM at the time
Teddy Long came down to the ring to overturn this decision based on the grounds of Henry
not being medically cleared to compete. This news basically gave commentator Michael Cole
an orgasm. Now let’s listen to the same clip again but this time with your eyes closed. Damien Sandow was always a fan favourite due
to his overwhelming charisma. Whether it was The Intellectual Saviour of the Masses, Damien
Mizdow, Macho Mandow, Bret Sandhart or Vincent Kennedy McMandow he was always highly entertaining
to watch even if it was a little cheesy. Damien Sandow won his Money in the Bank contract
by turning on his partner Cody Rhodes thus ending Team Rhodes Scholars. This enraged
Cody Rhodes who proceeded to damage Sandow’s briefcase by throwing it into the Gulf of
Mexico. Plus, we got to witness 10/10 acting from Sandow! But this only caused Sandow to
create his own custom Money in the Bank briefcase which he used to cash in to none other than…
John Cena. John Cena took a hell of a beating before the match and still managed to defeat
Damien Sandow therefore relinquishing Sandow’s Money in the Bank briefcase. This match was
quite possibly one of John Cena’s most disgusting burials in professional wrestling history. In the episode of Smackdown just before Summerslam,
we saw what was potentially the biggest screw up in Baron Corbin’s career. I literally
felt so bad for him when he failed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. WWE creative
screwed him up big time! And John Cena, don’t forget John Cena! I mean he has been involved
in 3 of the 5 failed Money in the Bank cash ins so that does say something, right? But
it is actually rumoured that the decision for Baron Corbin to lose his Money in the
Bank contract may have come from his Twitter account activities. It’s no secret that
Baron Corbin can be a bit of a dick on Twitter, to which I say he is just being a very good
heel to be honest. But, it’s safe to say Corbin messed up in WWE’s eyes when he tweeted
at respected journalist Dave Meltzer in a disagreement he had and in another incident,
called WWE fan Mike Gilbert (who serves in the military) a “loser.” His Twitter activity
caused him to receive a lot of heat backstage which likely resulted in the finish where
Jinder Mahal used a roll-up pin to defeat Baron Corbin after John Cena distracted him,
thus causing him to lose his Money in the Bank contract.

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100 thoughts on “5 WWE Wrestlers Who Failed To Cash In Their Money In The Bank Contract

  1. Braun Strowman is now on the money in the bank cash in failed. John Cena, Damien Sandow, Baron Corbin, and Braun Strowman are the superstars who failed their money in the bank cash ins.

  2. I see what the WWE did. So during the match(money in the bank) cena wasn't supposed to win at the point that he did. He was supposed to win the match, but accidently grabbed it too early. Hence why he has that "oh shit, i messed up face". Vince got back at him by having him not win the title against punk. And then rectified them not giving cena the belt, by having him beat sandow on his cash in. That's some bullshit.

  3. pretty sure Mr. Kennedy had to drop it because he was facing suspension for steroids or some sort of PED’s. think he said it in a shoot video somewhere

  4. Ok if u want to include Daniel Bryan ok fine but if that's the case then that means we had 6 failed cash in's like say Braun Strowman

  5. At first before watching this video I thought the 5 superstars who failed to cash in their mitb briefcase were mr kennedy john cena damien sandow baron corbin and braun strowman I completely forgot about daniel bryan's failed attempt.

  6. I saw the sandow thing when I was 4

    When I was 8 I looked up “Seth Rollins drowning in slime money in the bank”

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